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September 24, 2012

Fbi and police use social media to solve crimes

Social Media sites could be the latest police resource in the fight against crime. In this informative post we highlight the power of social media and the vital importance of using social media to enhance your online reputation and online brand presence.

The social media news sources are saying that social media could be the word-of-mouth help that the police now use to track down criminals. It’s not just local, but international as well with the broad scale of worldwide users utilizing the social media sites. The FBI, police force and various other government agencies are capitalizing on how they can benefit. With this new breakthrough, solving crimes and gaining support could be a click away.

FBI Search Social Media Sites To Target Users & Terrorism Keywords

The FBI has a driving purpose to offer a fast response to a crisis, as well as uncovering unlawful activities. For the Federal Bureau of Investigation to competently serve as an investigative body, they need to maintain the best form of technology to do the job adequately. The power of social media is rapidly expanding and the FBI has recently announced their plans to get involved. The Bureau is hoping to gain access to material from social media websites that is publicly available. This will give them the opportunity to discover emerging threats, particular incidents and alerts. This evidence will be layered on a map created by the FBI as a way of incorporating additional data, which will let them track movements of potential problems. Social media is could be the link that governmental bodies need to react and respond to situations before they turn into emergencies.

Police Provide Information & Engage Community Members With Social Media 

Communities everywhere have been waiting a long time for the police force to announce their involvement in social media. Undoubtedly, Facebook, Twitter and other networks, which are made use of for communicating, will hold the necessary functions to act as a tool for the prompt delivery of news and information. Furthermore, social media news can create a major presence for police, which in turn can result in awareness and the reporting of crimes.

What is impressive about the police deciding to be a part of social media is that the traffic and attention targeted towards the pages can transpire into an abundance of visitors for the police website itself. This allows community members to learn more about what is happening and how they can help.

Recent Social Media News Leads To Solving Carjacking Incidents

A further breakthrough for social media  relates to incidents such as carjacking, and how social media websites can make a dramatic difference in catching the perpetrators and helping the victims. This is sure to be the beginning of reporting incidents online, and both government authorities and the public are staying fully aware of how to do so in a timely manner, which could make a big impact on the time it takes for cases to be reported and solved.

With the significant advancement of various social media websites nowadays, the possibilities are endless for crime fighters to make communities a safer place. Without a doubt the government authorities will be putting plans into action, as a way of deterring the chances of crime rather than responding to it. Suspects and possible terrorist threats can be tracked down with social media management, and hopefully, progressive social media can help the police and FBI to learn more about regular associations, analysis, trends and probable developments.

The use of local police forces making use of social media is just one more instance of the global village and the interconnectivity in the worl. From a marketing perspective, the advances in social media mean that you have even more avenues and ways to reach your audience and increase your online brand presence.

February 28, 2012

When developing one’s online marketing strategies it’s tempting to stick to a handful of social media sites rather than diversify to really bolster enhanced online visibility.  Rather than sticking with what is comfortable we challenge everyone to step outside their comfort zone and experiment with new types of social media.  One social media tool that too many people tend to avoid when trying to improve their enhanced online visibility is Google+. Although they may be the new kid on the block there are a lot of benefits to using Google that Facebook and Twitter just don’t offer.

For starters, Google+ has a great way to share information, just a little different from its competition.  That difference is huge though when trying to network with a world of people most of them unknown.  Simply put, anyone on Google+ can share a post from anyone else.  This is a great way not only to pass on valuable and interesting information to one’s own circles of friends (great for enhanced online visibility), but also create new relationships with those from whom the information is originated.

When sharing an interesting post there are a few rules to follow. First, always add a new and original title and introduction.  Included in the introduction should be a teaser about the information like a quote or simple bullet points.  Also, one should always give credit to the person who posted the information originally.  By first placing a plus sign (+) directly in front of their name Google+ will add a link to their profile and notify them of the share. It might seem like a little thing to do but flattery will get one everywhere, as they say.  Getting on the radar of important movers and shakers in one’s industry is priceless for building one’s enhanced online visibility and Google+ now makes that much more likely to happen.

Before one shares just anything they may want to create a circle of people who routinely right interesting things related to one’s own industry.  This will simplify the process of acquiring information that is relevant.  One can also ask for recommendations for those quality people from their trusted Google+ friends.  Again, flattery goes a long way.

While there is no sure-fire way to guarantee success with social media within a larger online marketing campaign with a focus on enhanced online visibility diversifying is always a good place to start.  With Facebook and Twitter getting so much attention it’s easy to overlook Google+ even though their numbers are growing quite impressive.  Building an enhanced online visibility takes time and patience plus a lot of networking.  Google+ now makes that networking easier than ever before making the sought after enhanced online visibility closer to becoming a reality.


February 23, 2012

Every smart business owner understand that social media is directly linked to online brand presence.  These days the two cannot be separated.  With this being the case many get disheartened when their well planned social media campaigned seemingly stall after a short time.  If goals aren’t being met, analytics are less than exemplary, the online brand presence is virtually nonexistent, and one has no idea what is not working, going back to the beginning is probably the best solution.

When going back to the drawing board with a social media campaign a re-examination of the social media marketing goals is the first step.  In many cases goals are lofty, ambiguous and not measurable. That is a recipe for disaster and will not bolster online brand presence. Unless there is a clear way to measure a goal’s success or failure it doesn’t belong in the campaign. When looking at goals every business should also take the opportunity to consider goals from non-tradition sources.  Sometimes thinking outside the box when dealing with social media and online brand presence gets the best results.

After clear and measurable goals have been established some type of metric must be created for each goal.  These can be simple like measuring hits on a webpage or blog or they might have the type of complexity that only a program devoted to social media analytics can handle.  No matter what the metric is it must be used to measure goal progression at all times.  Without accountability of one’s goals and their progress online brand presence will not grow.

Finally, in order to get a fresh start in a social media campaign a sense of humor must be adopted.  Too often businesses start a social media marketing blitz riding high on hopes and dreams and then crash when the results and online brand presence they believed would be forthcoming are not.  In order to combat this ‘blah’ attitude which most definitely seeps into social media and damages the already established online brand presence every business should diversify formatting (photos, videos, text, etc…), use different writers and remember to laugh.

The majority of social media users approach websites like Facebook and Twitter as well as blogs as a fun hobby and if a business is not a partner in that fun they hold no value.  Before giving up on social media marketing and the stellar online brand presence guaranteed to accompany, reviewing one’s entire social media marketing campaign is due. 

January 26, 2012

As more and more small businesses begin to realize the benefits of launching an online marketing campaign with social media as the primary strategies to increase their enhanced online visibility a new industry has been created.  Social media tools are now available for a variety of tasks to aid the small to mid-size business owner in streamlining their social media marketing tactics and interpreting analytics.  For a business to truly see an enhanced online visibility taking advantage of these tools would be most beneficial.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Adding Multi-Media

There are a slew of new social media tools aimed at helping account holders integrate music, video, pictures and even voice recordings into their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media accounts.  Research has proven that pages rich with multi-media generate more interest and engagement with the community.  With so much at stake in online marketing businesses would be wise to use every tool at their disposal to help create their enhanced online visibility.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Time Savers

As a small business gets more fluent in social media and their audience grows they will quickly find themselves devoting a large amount of time to the websites.  Best practice dictates that to have a successful social media marketing campaign a business must be constantly available to respond to comments and post comments regularly.  If successful this will require a lot of time especially if several sites are being utilized.  There are many new and exciting social media tools on the market now aimed at this time issue.  They streamline the updating and monitoring process by funneling all activity from multiple websites into one, easy to understand dashboard.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Analytics

After all the hard work small businesses put into their marketing some form of analytics must be available for review.  This could not be truer for those wishing to affect enhanced online visibility through an online marketing campaign.  Several social media tools provide customizable analytics ideal for the small business.  With information presented in easy to understand formats one doesn’t have to an expert to make sense of the information. 

After a company becomes comfortable with social media (one site at a time, please) they should investigate social media tools and determine which could benefit their business and make social marketing goals more attainable.  With so many tools available now and the number increasing regularly there is a social media tool available to help any business in any stage of growth build their enhanced online visibility.

January 10, 2012

During the last five years or so a big trend in marketing has been creating and maintaining an online brand presence.  In fact, so many companies (across all industries) are so focused on building their online brand presence that an entire industry has popped up as a result dedicated to making that online brand presence a reality.  While there are definitely many paths a company can choose to create an online brand presence some have proven results while some are a gamble. 

Any company ready to commit to the creation and ongoing maintenance of their online brand presence can begin by turning to professionals who know the necessary steps to establish a productive online brand presence. For those companies with an established brand and ready to move to the next level, there are several seemingly small tricks to follow that will reap major results.

As the internet continues to grow there are more and more websites devoted to questions and answers.  This is a great way to spread the word about one’s company.  Every company should commit to being an expert in their field.  Part of the responsibility of being an expert is answering questions.  By visiting such sites as Yahoo! Answers frequently one can give thoughtful answers to industry questions while furthering their online brand presence.

Frequenting question and answer sites accomplishes more than just increasing online brand presence.  It keeps the proverbial ear to the ground.  By reading common questions and common answers to issues linked with one’s industry one can begin to see trends in information and misinformation.  This can be useful for one’s own marketing campaigns.  Also, if one is in the business of selling products question and answer sites provide valuable reviews.  There are a number of ways a smart company can use such information to their advantage.

Cruising the internet looking for questions about one’s industry seems like a relatively simple way to build an online brand presence.  The truth is, though, that it takes time and dedication.  Companies unable to dedicate the appropriate amount of time necessary to maintain an online brand presence should not be ashamed to admit as much and leave it to a professional specializing in online marketing and search engine optimization.  As with anything else  to create an online brand presence of substance time will have to be devoted to have it done right.

January 02, 2012

I’ve mentioned in previous posts the importance of keeping on top of updates on a company website and social media like Facebook and Twitter.  There is nothing more devastating to an online brand presence than an outdated and irrelevant web page.  With that said and already established I want to emphasis the responsibility of every company in maintaining the website in an effort to continually build online brand presence.

With the New Year now upon us it is the perfect opportunity for every company to set themselves apart from their competition less dedicated to maintain an online brand presence and update their websites with 2012 information.  This goes far beyond changing the dates on the website.  One would be surprised to realize that the year pops up quite frequently on a website and social media pages.

Here are a few places to check for updating if creating an online brand presence is important to one’s company:

1)      Web Content - The first is the most obvious.  Make sure that all of the web content on a website says 2012 instead of 2011.  This is especially crucial for the homepage which is often the center of any online brand presence campaign.  Even though it is only a few days difference it appears to be a year different to anyone visiting the site.  That equals sloppy and an out of date website.

2)      Pricing Lists - Pricing lists cannot be forgotten!  Most companies update their pricing lists at some point during the year but not always on January 1st.  If the pricing list says 2011 prices it should immediately be changed to 2012 prices.  If the pricing schedule runs on a different schedule than the calendar year it should clearly state the dates, i.e. June 2011 through June 2012.

3)      Social Media – Many businesses are catching on to the unique marketing power and creation of online brand presence that social media allows and advertise specials via Facebook, Twitter or Google+.  At the beginning of the New Year every social media page should be gone over with a fine tooth comb to ensure all the 2011s that need to be updated to 2012 are.

Rather than enjoy a few easy days at the office during the first week of the New Year businesses should take advantage in the usual lull in activity and clean up their online identity.  Building and maintaining an online brand presence takes time and an ongoing commitment to being better than average.

November 08, 2011

Enjoying an enhanced online visibility means that you have to make use of every aspect of social media marketing and not just rely on one aspect to help increase your enhanced online visibility.

Enhanced Online Visibility – How many social media networks are you on?

If you’re serious about reaping the rewards of an enhanced online visibility, you need to make sure that you are visible on line. Everyone has a Facebook page or Twitter account, but how effectively are you using them? Are you just using the giants of social networking, or are you continually looking for new opportunities? While Facebook and Twitter are huge in English speaking countries, have you considered the rest of the world? There are a number of social networks that are bigger than Facebook that cater to people around the world. Don’t you think it’s time to employ an SEO specialist who really knows how to get your name out there?

Google Plus – Enhanced Online Visibility for Sure

Many companies spend thousands of dollars on making sure that they achieve a sustainable ranking on Google and the other big search engines. This is all a part of achieving an enhanced online visibility, but the new social media network that was recently introduced by Google could impact your ranking even further if you know how to use it effectively. When you are looking at the aspects of social media that could benefit your brand, you need to make sure that you’re active on G+ right now to enjoy an enhanced online visibility.

G+ Gives You Extra Enhanced Online Visibility

Make sure that your SEO or online brand expert is wired into Google+. You can add the Plus1 button to every piece of content that you publish and let your public add to your user reputation on Google easily and without having to sign into their Google account. It’s a simple method of sharing your content that will help get your name out into the World Wide Web, which is exactly where you need it to be.

Having an enhanced online visibility means that you have to keep active on ALL social networks. You can’t just have a page with your name and hope that people will find you.

Traditional marketing has a limited reach when you consider the amount of people who use the internet every day. The biggest advantage of internet marketing and in particular, social media marketing is the ability to speak to people who fall into your customer demographic. The more relevant content you put on your social media pages, the more people will be inclined to share your message with their personal networks. The power of viral marketing is the key to all aspects of your online brand presence and enjoying an enhanced online visibility.


May 04, 2011


There are many different ways to do public relations online, but real-time public relations is a whole new ball-game. While press conferences have become more popular online, today will mark the first ever real-time performance of a play!

A remake of a Shakespeare play, Much Ado About Nothing, will become the newest social media experiment and will bring facebook fans together to view the play. This real time experiment is also a great way for the two founding organizations to generate positive publicity, reach out to new potential supporters and bring attention to the important issue of privacy -- especially on facebook. 

According to Read, one of the sponsoring organizations, this is the plot synopsis:

Much Ado is a romantic comedy that showcases villainy at its most vicious as an innocent girl’s reputation is damaged by lies and deception. The play also features the memorable characters of Beatrice and Benedick, who start out at each other’s throats and then act out a romantic plot of their own.

In addition to showing the play online, the group has created facebook profiles for each of the characters and gives them an online persona for fans to interact with. This is a great way to fictionalize facebook and a new way of using social media -- always exciting and buzz worthy for online users and a great way to build a positive reputation online

Lastly, the project asks users to be super interactive and change their facebook news feed settings to show posts from all your friends and pages -- this will insure that users get the "full theater experience" and is a great way to insure that their message will get into other supporters news feeds. 


March 04, 2010

We at LookupPage are delighted to announce the latest upgrades available for LookupPage users.

Personal users can now enjoy the added benefit of being free to promote their business address details and a Google map on the same page at no charge.

Google Maps For LookupPage Users

In one simple step, by logging in and clicking on the update button next to “My Business Details” you are invited to add important information for potential clients. This service has been eagerly awaited by many of our customers and we feel sure that this will provide added value to your site.

In order to fully promote your business it is recommended to upgrade to our Pro package whereby you are able to edit your profile freely, adding a logo, business information and links at will. To upgrade simply follow these 4 easy steps:
  1. Sign into your account.
  2. Click the "My Account" tab.
  3. Click the "Upgrade / Renew your subscription" link.
  4. Choose the "Pro" package and purchase.
We hope to see you take advantage of this new and improved service and will be bringing you more news on online image management soon.

February 14, 2010

Google Buzz
Last week when Google released its new social networking feature, Google Buzz, to compete with other popular social networking and micro-blogging services like Twitter and Facebook, the media giant set up their new social network to automatically enroll tens of millions of Gmail users. While having millions of new users instantly is a competitive advantage the only online giants like Google can enjoy, the company's unilateral actions have resulted in a large and vocal Google Buzz backlash.

As angry users have noted online, automatically opting-in people and intimately connecting them with their email contacts oversteps the social boundaries that many users have worked to create online. Today people have multiple identities online that they manage through distinct avenues--they know that they must carefully craft each of their online reputations depending on what social network or online community they are a part of. For example, many people use facebook to connect with their friends and LinkedIn for establish relationships with professional contacts. When Google Buzz stepped in and suddenly, without much of a pre-buzz, intimately connected users with their distant and disorganized email contacts, users responded by giving Google buzz a reputation management problem that they’ve been scrambling to correct ever since.

What’s to be Learned from Google’s Buzz Backlash?

As internet companies continue to provide powerful technology and communication solutions for businesses and individuals, they must keep a balance between meeting their users needs and their needs. It’s also very important, as Google’s users noted, to understand the social distinctions between different types of media--social bookmarks are clearly less intimate than social networks, and social networks far less intimate than email. Each type of media has different social norms that companies must recognize and attempt to blend slowly. Coercing millions upon millions of users to allow their private information to be used by a new technology that breaks the current online social norms is bound to result in a backlash bigger than your new products buzz.

How To Prevent Buzz Backlash

If you want to prevent buzz backlash or are looking to manage your own online crisis, LookupPage can be one of the best places to find highly effective online reputation management strategies, brand reputation tips and crisis management tools.

November 18, 2009


Twitter is testing out a new way for all of us to retweet the content we like. In the video at the bottom of the post, Chris Voss reviews the new feature that will soon be available to all Twitter users.

The new retweet button tracks who has retweeted your content and allows you to see it within the original tweet. It also saves you time by  presenting any tweets mentioning your name at the top of the screen as they occur so you no longer have to refresh the page or click on @yourname.

LookupPage was invited along for the beta testing of the new Retweet buttons and here are our reactions:

  1. While we agree that the button completes the task of re-tweeting extremely fast, we wish we still had control over the message itself. Up until now, we could shrink the original message and insert something of our own into the retweet whether it is our opinion or summary. The new feature only allows for   a retweet of the entire message as is.
  1. It is fair to assume people are going to be happy with the ability to hide someone else’s retweets. This is similar to an option that has long been around in Facebook If someone retweets a lot and you want a break from seeing them in your timeline, a single click will hide that person’s retweets all together.

Twitter is an excellent tool that helps quite a bit with establishing an online brand and generating business leads. LookupPage Blog has recently explored quite a few  aspects of twitter use that you are welcome to read:

What is Twitter and why following LookupPage on Twitter is a good idea

Twitter for business – Does it work ? 

NFL is wrong for going after twiitter use

September 23, 2009

LookupPage Statistics Page

We all know that having a LookupPage enhances the online visibility of businesses and professionals. Premium subscribers have access to comprehensive analysis that allows them to monitor when and how many views their LookupPage receives as well as other valuable metrics. The statistics tool can determine what country, city and IP address the search originated from as well as what the search term was. It can also indicate what website or search engine referred the traffic over to the respective LookupPage. 

This data is vital for anyone who is trying to improve the online visibility of a business or a brand since it can determine where the interest originates. This is beneficial because targeting becomes cheaper and more effective as a result of focusing a campaign at a smaller more engaged audience. Leads and conversions are easier to track with LookupPage statistics; once again providing the decision makers with data that will help determine a marketing approach in the future. The LookupPage statistic tool is effective because it allows users to make decisions based on actual metrics. 

Free LookupPage subscribers are welcome to view their statistics up to 3 times at no cost, so if you have not yet tried LookupPage statistics we encourage you to have a look at this useful feature. In order to view your statistics all you have to do is login to LookupPage and click on the view statistics button.

LookupPage Basic and Professional users enjoy unlimited access to the statistics tool. Upgrade your account today so you can benefit from it as well!

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