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January 04, 2012

Often companies turn to building a blog to create their online brand presence.  If nothing else they believe it will attract a few more customers.  While blogging can have quite an effect on increased online brand presence it must be done right.  One of the issues those new to blogging are guilty of is only including text in each post. 

Of course the text is the most important part of a post and a lot of focus in the area of SEO marketing in regards to crafting one’s online brand presence is spent fixating on the content of a blogpost it is not the only thing to include in a post.  Each post should have at least one non-text item like a photo, multimedia item or video. 

Online Brand Presence and the Blog – Pictures

Adding a picture to every post is easy and effective.  The Google Panda loves pictures and it will, if other components of a great blog are in order, raise ranking on Google search. While any picture will do try and choose one that best suits the material being discussed.  If a photograph of merchandise is a good choice, throw it in.  Otherwise, there are plenty of great free pictures available on the internet life

Online Brand Presence and the Blog – Video

 Not only does adding a video to a blog post add ranking value but it also adds quality and a level of professionalism.  If one adds just any video to the post in an effort to increase ranking and online brand presence it will probably get flagged and suffer a penalization from Google and other search engines.  More importantly if customers of a company take the time to read the blog and then are subjected to a pointless video they feel used.  It’s just not worth it.

Instead only add a video if the video adds value to the post. Most companies keep video of conferences, meetings and how-to guides for products.  Even a commercial may fit a particular post.  The main thing to remember when incorporating video into a blog is that one must think creatively and put the readers’ interest as top priority – not Google rankings.

All in all, any company serious about beefing up their online brand presence through blogging should take the time to do it right.  Adding video and pictures is a great and easy way to start.  If one does not have the time or desire to devote the required effort to creating and maintaining an effective blog they should hire a professional well-versed in SEO marketing to deliver a stellar online brand presence.

September 26, 2011

Social media icos

Over 100 000 new domains and websites are registered every day. That’s a lot of new competition on the World Wide Web, and getting just the right amount of enhanced online visibility is critical if you’re just starting out.

Enhanced Online Visibility Right from the Start

Smart businesses know that doing business on the internet can be a massive percentage of total business. The key to making money online is to have enhanced online visibility from the very start. Many businesses do not realize the massive potential of their products and services and often give up soon after they have started. Their website becomes a dusty shop window to the world and no one visits. It can be discouraging, but harnessing enhanced online visibility through good SEO is the key to small business success online.

What is SEO and how does it give me Enhanced Online Visibility?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is a technique that is used to ensure that your website and brand is seen by as many people as possible. Creating an online brand presence is one of the tools of the SEO expert and it can be done in a number of ways:

·      Pre-optimization. Start as you mean to go on. Websites that have pre-optimized content stand a far better chance of being ranked than websites that look good. Choose an SEO professional to write your content. They have a good understanding of what is needed and how to work your content so that it looks good for Search Engines and users.

·      Use  social media. Right from the start you need to establish an online brand presence by utilizing the giants of social media: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Having an active presence on social media sites can give you a massive amount of enhanced online visibility. You can drive traffic to your website in huge numbers if you use an SEO expert to handle your social media feeds.

·      Work your keywords. Make your keywords work for you. Being ranked on the first page of Google takes time and effort. You can’t do it by submitting your site to a few directories or going the way of trying to manipulate the search engine algorithms. Fact of the matter is: You Can’t! Rather start your online brand presence the right way, focus on keywords that bring traffic to your site. Ask an SEO professional to find you keywords that will send potential customers and clients to your site immediately.

·      Use the tools of the SEO gurus to maintain enhanced online visibility. Having a blog is just as important as having a website. Great content makes fantastic websites that really SELL.


Using reliable and trusted techniques with SEO you create a buzz around your new website, and your products. You can create valuable links, and raise your ranking and enjoy enhanced online visibility in just a few months.

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