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February 11, 2011

A Blackberry is good for much more than making phone calls and checking your emails. With the addition of more and more apps on the market, you can run most or all of your business from it as well. Using Blackberry apps to improve your business is the way to go if you want to be successful. Below are the top 5 must-have apps for the blackberry to help run your small business. 

1. Blackberry Messenger

This messenger app offers more than just being able to chat with your friends. With Blackberry messenger, you can improve your business by being able to keep in constant contact with clients, business partners and employees in order to organize work tasks and get work done. 

2. Evernote

Evernote is another perfect tool to use to improve your business. Whenever you have an idea that you need to save, you can use Evernote to instantly write it down. You can also use it to take notes, make memos and lists, tag pictures and much more. 

3. Google Sync

If you use both a computer and your phone to make appointments and keep track of clients, then you know that it can be hard to keep both of them up to date. With Google Sync your contacts and calendar are automatically synced together so you can easily keep everything up to date.

4. Wordpress

Another way to improve your business is by having a blog that offers you a way to exhibit your business and give people info on what you do and offer. The Blackberry version is just like the web based version, allowing you to manage content, add posts as well as moderate comments. 

5. Skype

Everyone should know that in order to improve your business, face time is important. Thankfully, now you can do face-to-face chatting through your phone. Skype offers users a free way for businesses to interact with their clients and partners through web and text chat very easily.


June 17, 2008

The Corporate package is unique for many reasons, and has a lot to offer businesses and companies alike.  The Corporate package includes all the Free, Standard, and Business-Pro features, not to mention its own suit of innovative and powerful tools.  Amoung its shared features with the other packages, the Corporate package is uniquely a league of its own and is aimed at clients looking to promote their corporate identity through the enhanced reputation of their employees. 

In today’s world, establishing an online identity, consistent branding, and a solid reputation are proving to be a challenge to businesses and companies worldwide.   More and more consumers, clients, partners, employees, and customers are looking at companies/businesses in a wholesome and all-encompassing perspective to form a positive impression for establishing a partnership or relationship.  Based on these very principles, the Corporate package is suitable for companies who want to leverage the reputation of their employees and their own brand image. 

Apart from the Free, Standard and Business-Pro features, all of the following are available for Corporate LookupPages:

  1. RSS Feed: This feature enables you to include an RSS feed with news and updates about you, your company, your industry and your business on your LookupPage.
  2. Automated Employee Link Exchange: Quite simply, this feature enables our corporate users to have each employee automatically listed on the LookupPages of their colleagues in order to enhance corporate branding, visibility, search engine rankings and interconnectivity.
  3. Interconnected Search Engine Results: Get automated results on the search results page of search engines, which connects you with your colleague’s and/or peers. This enables people who search for your name to find your page listed at the top of Google search results, alongside your colleague’s pages.
  4. Full Account Management: Our team provides our Corporate users with the full range of client account management services - we handle everything on your behalf and allow you to focus on the results, while we manage all the details.
  5. Multiple Company LookupPages:  Multiple pages are a powerful and effective tool that we use to help strengthen the brand of our corporate users. Since these pages are connected to each other, they provide one of the key mechanisms that deliver significant search engine optimisation results to our corporate users.  Any search for an employee’s name, or a search for the name of the company itself, will yield top ranking results that display all the LookupPages for all the employees of that company.   
  6. Page Layout Design Options: This feature enables our corporate users to define or choose from unique and personalised page layout designs for the LookupPages of their employee’s.

June 03, 2008

This past month, we have been working on some very exciting developments that will change your overall experience here at LookupPage.  Along with hard work and new releases, this month has brought much anticipation for our biggest release as of yet.
We have been receiving comments from our users on launching a free version of LookupPage – and to help spread the free love we have done just that.  From now on, anyone and everyone can Sign Up to LookupPage for free!   It is easy, simple, guaranteed, and best of all – FREE!

You will find that a whole lot has changed in the past month – with our main priority and goal being to improve our users overall experience with us.   We have a newly designed homepage, and a main page for you to login and control your page with different options.   To experience all the changes firsthand, you will need to login to your account and see for yourself.

A summary of new changes for the new LookupPage:

  1. LookupPage is now free for everyone to Sign Up
  2. We have redesigned our homepage.  We tried to create something that stays true to the very essence of LookupPage, and in addition, we have taken a strong and positive stance defining the LookupPage product at a first glance.
  3. LookupPage has expanded its package options to four newly designed packages that were shaped to suit individual or company/business needs and specifications.  You can read more about each package, with explanations for all the features available.
  4. LookupPage now lets its users manage their own accounts with ease. For example, you can view your page statistics, upgrade your package, and renew subscriptions and more.

We would love to hear your thoughts, feedback, and comments, so please don’t hesitate to write us at and tell us what you think.

February 20, 2008

We have recently changed the overall design of the LookupPage Blog.  You may take notice of the new blog image, sidebar content, and our “People at LookupPage” feature.  We hope these changes will make your LookupPage experience more enjoyable and interactive when reading the blog.  On a weekly basis, we will discuss LookupPage related developments and announcements.  We will also delve into interesting and compelling topics associated with LookupPage, such as: web presence, online visibility, professional identity, promoting your name on the web, people search, and much more. As part of our efforts to make LookupPage the best possible, we hope that you will share your feedback with us along the way. 

We value your opinions and comments, and look forward to sharing and collaborating together.  Feel free to write to us at any time.

December 11, 2007

Last week we released the beta version of LookupPage, and so far it is looking good.  The three-step sign-up process is now in place, and it is just a matter of minutes to set up your own page.

If you would like your own page, just click here or on the "Join" button on our homepage, and get started on your own LookupPage.

November 01, 2007

Recently we changed the name of our service from MyLookUpPage to LookupPage, which we think is a shorter, catchier name.  And along with the new title we have incorporated a colourful new design, which is much easier on the eyes than the old one.

With the initial LookupPage service beta release just weeks away, our team has been working hard to improve all aspects of the product, and above all the user interface.  Our goal is to make the three-step setup process as easy as possible.

It's not to late to get your own free trial LookupPage.  If you're interested write to and include your personal details.

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