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June 10, 2012

Online brand presence
Does the humble Press Release have a role to play in your online brand presence? Today, the internet has become a modernized market place. Search engines own the topmost part of the internet pyramid and articles are being written to achieve high ranking status; one might think that there is no room for press releases on the internet; quite the contrary, today’s online press releases have become more integral and more important for bringing traffic to a company’s website. Not only are the press releases more fun and more interactive, because of the added animation, videos and colors, compared to the traditional press releases, but using the internet to promote press releases is much more beneficial to companies.

Use Your Press Release For Enhanced Online Visibility 

An online press release is in some ways similar to a traditional one but the addition of SEO for extra online brand presence is the way by which companies can convey information of recent events that are transpiring inside your company. Writing an SEO Press Release makes sure that more people see it. The important part is that it should be written in a way that makes it rank highly in the search engines through keywords and essential back links. With the use of press releases, you can create a back link from informative sites to your website, thereby increasing your ranking in the search engines. It can increase your visibility in blogs, news sites and RSS headlines. However, all these advantages can only be acquired if the writing of the press release is done correctly.

To be able to create an effective search engine optimization press release, here are a few tips to remember. The first is to know what keywords to use; keywords are the phrases typed in by users on various search engines when seeking information online. It is important to get these keywords correct to be able to focus your press release to the right audience and to get higher visibility on the website.

Technically, there are five parts of successful SEO press releases that focus on increased online brand presence. The first is the title, which should include the keyword phrase. The second is the summary, which gives a concise paragraph of what you’re talking about and typically consists of one or two sentences. The third is the body, which gives the recent happenings in your company that you want the readers to know about. The fourth part is two to three sentences that give the writer a chance to talk about the company; while the fifth part, the press contact, provides the contact information for your company.

The most important part of writing SEO press releases is to write something that the readers can relate to, meaning no highfalutin words and absolutely zero jargon. If you want to enjoy enhanced online visibility and an increased online brand presence you need to explore every avenue of internet marketing that you have available to you.




June 06, 2012

Social media

Can you use the new Facebook timeline for increased online brand presence on your business pages? For all the published benefits when utilized correctly, some companies are still hesitant about embracing all of the Facebook features that are available for business pages. One of the reasons that so many businesses outsource their social media content is the lack of traditional marketing awareness surrounding social networks and marketing. You cannot judge the importance or effect of a new application by user adoption levels.

Facebook Timeline For Business Pages – What Do You Get?

The changes and the new timeline give brands even more control about what is said and published on their pages. Great news for your online brand reputation drive. It also provides for much more user engagement and product branding possibilities. Whereas  once Facebook business pages used to look a little drab, now you can have a massive banner at the top of your Facebook timeline for business pages. It’s in your face, full color advertising for your brand. What more could you ask for from a network with over 500 million potential customers?

Enhanced Online Brand Presence Through Social Media

It's easy to see the advantages of brand promotions using Internet marketing promotions like surveys, contests, discounts and prizes. Social media service is not new and thousands of businesses, from multinationals to startup home businesses, have already profited from using networking sites, tweets, blogs, v-blogs to put their brand on the map. As previously noted, some companies have been slow to jump on the social media service bandwagon. A general concern is they couldn't control the message since the medium is too unpredictable compared to traditional advertising platforms. This unpredictability is too vulnerable to external influences and that's just a very high risk to take. It's easy to see where these companies are coming from because social networking sites have empowered the public to voice their own opinions.  Without filtering mechanisms, the power is prone to abuse.

Enhanced Online Visibility

Lost among the din is the fact that social media marketing is a platform with which to deliver your message. The latest changes introduced by Facebook provides companies more control over how they can deliver their message without compromising too much of the ability to interact with their customers. With the new Facebook timeline for business pages, information is not constrained by the shackles of a one-way exchange peddled by traditional advertising. The connection to the customer is almost instantaneous and the feedback is tracked in real time. No amount of money can substitute the feeling of customers that they have a stake in the company. Rather than be intimidated by the engagement allowed by the new Facebook timeline for business pages, companies instead should harness this new found closeness with their customers to promote an increased online brand presence.


June 03, 2012

Seo links

To enjoy an enhanced online visibility you need to keep track of and respond to the constant changes in search engine tools and algorithms.Google  has changed the way that it ranks content that is presented on some of the directories that publish and distribute materials. The claim is that this is the new wave of weeding out bad materials. While it is true that unique content is the way to better ranking, you need to be careful that you are not caught in the Google vs. Yahoo crossfire in the war for web domination.

Google Vs. Yahoo For Enhanced Online Visibility

Farms like Associated Content and E-zine are all a part of the Yahoo family, which makes it impossible for anyone putting an article on their website to get the recognition that once was given out by Google. Instead, those who publish on these websites will constantly be placed further down the ranking. There are two major methods that you can use to help increase your online reputation and be ranked by both search engine giants.

Online Brand Presence and SEO

The first part of the solution is to make sure that your content is direct and to the point. Leave out the extras that lengthen your content but don't add value. Readers are interested in the who, what, where, why and when. They can spot a repeated phrase and sentences that have no meaning. Secondly, using keywords and synonyms is vital to every article or blog, just be sure they are used correctly and not overused.

​If you’re interested in Google local SEO for your website and enhanced online visibility, you must not forget the giant of all web crawlers that works for the Google Farmers. We know very well that it is important to be picked up by Google. When you place articles on Yahoo! through Associated Content, do not ​expect them to be picked up by Google. For an individual to be picked up by Google you need to get a Google email account, create a blog site, then place your blogs and articles on your own website.

Valuable content is produced by contributors who are knowledgeable about their subject matter and know how to infuse their content with Google local SEO friendly content as well as know where to place it on the World Wide Web. There are many different sources of traffic on the web that allow people to find you and for your to capture enhanced online visibility. All these sources look for content that is concise, engaging, and informative.


May 30, 2012


​The best way to ensure enhanced online visibility is to get more traffic to your website. In order to be highly ranked in your area you need to invest in some local web marketing. Local search engine marketing tips can show you how to increase your online visibility to ensure that you are right at the very top of the search engines.


10 Ways To Ensure Enhanced Online Visibility

  1. Invest in Google Webmaster Tools. It will be a useful tool for you to check on the search traffic for your site. You can use the data to increase and modify your local search engine marketing campaign. You do not have to pay for the program and it provides a wealth of information and analytical data.
  2. Use latent semantic indexing to create better SEO. The search robots pick up the words around the keywords if they are synonymous with the keyword. For local search engine marketing and enhanced online visibility you need to create excellent geomodified words that tell the search engines exactly where you are and what you do. It’s not easy – get a professional to help you with this.
  3. Internal links are important in creating visibility. It also helps the robots to crawl your site and helps users to find relevant content. Content is still king whether you’re a plumber from Jersey or a multinational corporation in Japan. Hire the best.
  4. Avoid using shared server hosting for your website. Rather invest in a private server or cloud computing.
  5. Ensure that you always use ALT tags for all of your images. They describe the content and can be used to include keywords for enhanced online visibility.
  6. Get in touch with other professionals that fall into the same market as you. Link to their blogs and websites.
  7. Title tags are very important to ensure that the search engine will find your information. Make sure that all title tags contain your keywords. Local search engine marketing for enhanced online visibility needs to be performed with care to make sure that you’re picked up by the search engines.
  8. When writing content for a website or blog, always write for the users not the search engines. They have different needs but it will be the users that buy your product.
  9. Submit your website to the big search engines. It might take time but it will be worth it with the increase in traffic. You’ll only get noticed and enjoy enhanced online visibility from your local search engine marketing if you get your website out there.
  10. Use anchor text that is keyword rich. This is text that should be used in your hyperlinks. Always surround anchor text with the keywords that you have targeted. This will increase the visibility and the SEO value. Target your keywords for those that are most searched. There is no point in using keywords that no one searches for.

Increased and enhanced online visibility does not have to be expensive if it is done right. Look at investing at least six months of time and energy to the campaign to get the best results for your online business.



March 30, 2012

Maximizing online brand presence with engaging content is one of the best strategies that will work for any size business in any type of industry.  It doesn’t even really require you to do much more work than you are already doing.  The idea is to step away from discussing you and your brand and move toward always talking about your customer.  This applies to blog posts and social media most of all as these are the venues in which customer interaction is crucial to success. 

  • Be available to your customers – If you aren’t there when your customers leave comments they will take it as an insulting gesture quite possibly costing you valuable online brand presence.  Of course you can’t be monitoring your social networks and blog around the clock but you can adopt software that notifies you of comments.
  • Ask questions – This is perhaps the best way to engage your customers.  People love to be the stars of the show and by asking questions you are turning the focus away from you and onto them, the customers.  The questions don’t have to be just about your product or brand but they must fit your brand’s personality.
  • Utilize photographs – Pinterest is proof that people love looking at pictures.  When posting photographs remember to make them original, unique and include other strategies, like asking a question, with them.  A perfect strategy would be to post a picture and then ask people to complete a sentence about the picture.  Instant engagement equals instant online brand presence.
  • Enjoy a good debate – Another proven strategy for engagement is to present a debatable topic in a blog and then be ready to stand your ground when readers comment their different beliefs.  In order to increase rather than decrease online brand presence make sure that you remain polite and respectful when debating ideas.
  • Be funny – Humor is a universal engager.  Online brand presence can quickly grow if people associate your brand with good times and good laughs. Be careful though when using humor that you don’t offend and that your jokes don’t go on for too long.  Think short and simple when adding humor to blog posts or social network comments.

These are just a few proven suggestion you can begin immediately to improve you online brand presence.  None of these tips are revelations and probably they’re tricks you’ve either used or considered using in the past.  The key to successfully maximizing online brand presence with engaging content is to always use it with no exceptions, ever.

March 20, 2012

It’s easy in this age of social media for companies to forget to focus on the website to improve online brand presence.  No matter how strong the company Facebook page may be and no matter how many Twitter followers it may have if the website is poorly designed online brand presence will ultimately be lost.  It’s best at least once a month for all companies, but especially small businesses, to step away from social media and focus on the website to improve online brand presence. Below are some components to check on the company website when reviewing its productivity.

Online Brand Presence and Audience Review

When a small business first creates their website a lot of time is spent determining who the audience is.  Then, the website creators build the site around their needs.  Over time, however, the audience for any business changes.  Businesses must periodically review their website to make sure it is still relevant and appealing to the current audience.

Online Brand Presence and Keywords

By now every small business understands how important keywords are to search engine optimization and how they must be strategically placed into every page of content writing on the company website. That is much easier said than done and if a content writer is a little too keyword crazy search engines will ding the website considering it to be spam, in essence, destroying a business’s online brand presence.  To prevent that from happening content writing on the website must be updated regularly with current keywords and done so by content writers or a content writing service agency skilled in SEO.

Online Brand Presence and Page Flow

In order for a website to attract and keep visitors it must flow.  Each page must naturally and logically link to other pages on the site.  To accomplish this most small businesses will have to hire a content writing company specializing in website development.  As time goes by and content changes the website must keep up with the changes to ensure page flow.  Visitors who navigate one’s website easily will build online brand presence.

Even if a small business has contracted their website design and updating to a SEO content writing service they must devote regular time to reviewing it to check for characteristics that can make or break online brand presence.

March 15, 2012

In a world of countless strategies to get your brand in the spotlight we’ve discover four proven tips to build online brand presence.  These tips are magic tricks and they aren’t necessarily easy, but businesses choosing to follow them will be rewarded with an increased online presence and a great brand reputation to boot.

1)    Always be consistent – One of the markers of a great brand is consistency.  For this reason those companies just starting out have an opportunity to create an image that is well-planned and easy to maintain.  Companies with an already established online brand presence are not to despair.  Consistency can be repaired though it may take a little time. 

2)    Stand your ground – If you make a value statement, judgment or recommendation stick to your guns. Of course before making any such recommendation or statement you will undoubtedly research the issue or product thoroughly to prevent having to eat crow later.  With that being the case companies shouldn’t be afraid to make opinionated statements and recommendations lest they offend.  Online brand presence requires some personality, opinions and all.

3)    Share when you can – Everyone in the world likes a sharer. The online community is no different. One of the best ways to build online brand presence is to share with other businesses and customers.  If you stumble across a great idea or industry tip offer to be a guest blogger for another industry blog. Sharing tips with customers via social media is popular and catapults online brand presence.

4)    Eat crow when you must – People make mistakes and companies are made up of people making mistakes commonplace.  Instead of trying to type one’s way out of a blunder companies should apologize when necessary, admit wrongdoing if appropriate and then move on.  Both a brand’s reputation and online brand presence are influenced by how a company handles such indiscretions.

These four tips will not make your company as popular as Coke or Nike but they will set the course for dominance in your industry.  One of the best things you can do to build online brand presence is become an authority in your field.  These steps are habits authorities adopt.  Before integrating a slew of new online marketing strategies consider these four proven tips to build online brand presence.

March 14, 2012

No matter how hard one might try it is impossible to separate content writing and online brand presence.  The two are married.  With that being the case spending a good amount of time focusing on improving content writing on one’s blog is well worth it and will increase online brand presence naturally.  There are many online marketing strategies related to blogs and keywords and so forth, but at the root of all successful blogs are well written posts full of meaningful and useful content.  Below is a checklist bloggers should use before hitting the publish button on any post if online brand presence is the end goal.

  • Is it useful?  All bloggers should be asking themselves this question first.  If the content they are providing is not useful then why would anyone want to read it, much less share it?  To build online brand presence posts must be useful.
  • Does it solve a problem? When someone performs a search they have a problem.  If your post does not answer their question they will find one that does.  If your post does answer their question they will very likely begin following your blog and sharing your advice – both online brand presences builders.
  • Is it interesting and insightful?  No one wants to read recycled content with no new spins.  While it may be true that there is a limited amount of information available to write about in your field you can always put a fresh and interesting spin on old news.  This is how online brand presence is created.
  • Is it relevant? Keeping on top on breaking news is a great strategy for increasing blog hits and building online brand presence but if the news is worthless tomorrow the post was not worth the time.  If reporting news you should always make sure to tie it into a larger idea that will not fade over time.

These are only four questions that should be asked every time you write a post for your blog.  There are many other questions that can and should be asked and you are urged to create a personalized checklist to ensure that your blog is helping build your online brand presence.  While it’s always beneficial to optimize keywords and utilize other SEO strategies keeping the content well written is step one when expanding your online brand presence.

March 02, 2012

Unlike traditional forms of marketing online marketing allows businesses the opportunity to form relationships with customers while promoting an online brand presence.  This difference is crucial to understand as traditional marketing strategies do not always work when moving online.  Below are a few online strategies that will help your online brand presence grow and are unique to social media marketing.

Online Brand Presence Builders - Focus on Feelings

All good marketing campaigns take customers’ emotions into account but social media is poised to keep up with changing attitudes as they are influenced by trends.  Also, social media allows brands to appeal to more than one group of customers at the same time.  Experts recommend that when developing social media marketing goals with a focus on building online brand presence a focus be determined. This focus should not be the brand or product one is selling but rather a feeling or attitude target customers share.  An example would be a business offering cleaning services might choose their focus to be on simplifying.  This would drive all of their marketing strategies.

Online Brand Presence Builders – Easy Does It

Customers on social media websites do not want to work hard.  Rather, they want to relax, chat with some friends, catch up on news and gossip, and possibly do a little shopping.  The easier one can make the social media experience for the customer the more likely they will take part.  Building an online brand presence depends completely on convincing the customer it is worth their time to share one’s brand with others.  To convince them without overburdening them requires finesse.  Some examples of strategies include social media only deals and giveaways.

Online Brand Presence Builders – The Latest Gadgets

People who will respond to a business’s online marketing campaign are tech people. This is something to take advantage of!  Technology is constantly changing and there is no way any business can always be on top of the hottest trend but they can catch up as quickly as possible.  To build online brand presence business’s must make their brand synonymous with the hottest technology whether that be by having really cool apps or being available on the most operating systems.

Social media marketing with a focus on growing one’s online brand presence presents both challenges and rewards unlike ever seen before in marketing campaigns.  Companies ready to jump on board and ride social media to the bank will adopt strategies that embrace the differences in marketing styles and as a result see a huge increase in online brand presence.

March 01, 2012

Every company aims for their online brand presence to grow infinitely larger.  Unfortunately as the online brand presence increases in size the likelihood of being the recipient of a negative social media post or comment increases as well.  Since it is likely only a matter of time till a company with a thriving online brand presence gets hit with a negative comment it’s best to be prepared in how to handle it.  Protecting one’s online brand presence is not about preventing negative comments but rather handling them with style.

The first thing that needs to be done when confronted with a negative comment or post on a blog or social media site is for the business to react calmly.  In the majority of cases negative comments are driven by anger.  If the business responds angrily or defensively not only does it add fuel to the fire but it makes them appear to be guilty of whatever allegations are being brought against them.

Next, a business should respond to the comment, online, in a respectful manner, acknowledging any wrongdoing and making an apology if need be.  If the comment is not true then a business should express a sincere appreciation for the commenter’s feelings but not admit wrong doing.  The only exception to this rule would be if the commenter is threatening violence or if they mention sensitive topics or confidential details that do not belong on a social media page.  If that is the case the problem must be dealt with offline and immediately.

If the negative comment and reply goes further than a few posts the business should politely ask the commenter if they would discuss the issue privately.  This will most likely solve the problem, appease hurt feelings, and let the rest of one’s followers see that problems are handled with respect and discretion.

No one can keep all bad comments away from their social media sites.  Part of growing an online brand presence is taking the good with the bad.  More important than avoiding negative comments is showing one’s online community that the business is respectful of its customers and employees and handles problems in a professional manner.  That is how online brand presence results in more sales and customer loyalty.

February 29, 2012

When small to mid-size business owners set out to create and grow their online brand presence they are often met with a lack of enthusiasm by their employees. Anyone whose job falls outside of marketing usually does not care much about how the company’s Facebook page is doing or how popular yesterday’s Tweets were.  That must change, though, for a social media marketing campaign to take off which will ultimately be what grows one’s online brand presence the most.

First, whether a business has two employees or two hundred they must be educated in social media marketing and how much it influences business decisions.  The assumption that employees understand social media is a bad one and even if every employee has a Facebook or Twitter account it does not mean they understand the marketing angle of social media or how to use social media websites to their fullest capacities – all strategies for building an online brand presence.

Employees must also be trained in how to correctly post onto the company blog and company social media accounts.  This training must be customized to meet the needs of people on a variety of competency levels rather than one generic training.  A company’s online brand presence will only grow if everyone involved knows what to do and how to do it.  Training is essential.

After a successful kick-off to the revamped social media marketing campaign to build online brand presence the head of marketing (or business owner depending on the size of the business) must individualize social media assignments so that all employees can be involved directly.  This is important for taking the load off of one individual and for diversifying social media accounts.

Everyone needs a pat on the back to keep their morale high and that is why a social media newsletter is recommended.  A newsletter allows employee praise for hard work and keeps employees focused on the task at hand – building the company’s online brand presence.  It also is a vehicle for announcing changes which occur often when dealing with social media.

There is no perfect formula for getting an entire company on board when creating a social media campaign but the steps listed above are a good jumping off point.  Online brand presence takes a lot of time and devotion and should not be the responsibility of one employee or business owner.  By enlisting the help of the whole team the one holding the reigns can focus on expansion and new ways to build online brand presence.

February 27, 2012

Your company worked hard to create and continually build an online brand presence yet you may be neglecting to monitor that brand to make sure that it is performing as it was intended.  To monitor your online brand presence all that is needed is some regular care and subscriptions to online tools.  With your online reputation so critical to the success of the online brand presence you can’t be diligent enough in monitoring. Below are some online tools that are free and will help you begin to monitor and maintain your online brand presence.

Online Brand Presence Monitoring with Google

Google offers Google Alerts which automatically notifies you via email when a new Google result pops us with the requested topic or search words you tell it to keep an eye out for.  Since Google is the largest and most popular commercial search engine Google Alerts should let you know about what others are saying about your brand fairly quickly.  Depending on what is being said your online brand presence may be strengthened or damaged. Either way, you’ll know and be able to react quickly and properly.

Online Brand Presence Monitoring with Technorati

Technorati is the largest blog search engine in the world.  When you register with Technorati you can be notified when anyone (also registered) mentions your brand in a blog post.  This is ideal for building online brand presence as many people rely on blogs to get first-hand, honest accounts of a brand.  Keeping tabs on what people are saying about your brand will help guide your decisions in reputation management.

Online Brand Presence Monitoring with Backtype

This service goes hand in hand with Technorati and keeping tabs on your online brand presence as portrayed in blogs.  Backtype monitors blog comments opposed to blog posts.  When anyone mentions your brand name in a comment you will receive an alert notifying you.

Online Brand Presence Monitoring with YackTrack

With so much of your online marketing campaign happening on social media sites keeping up with what others say about your brand on those sites is crucial to online brand presence monitoring.  Yacktrack combines the best of the best to let you know when any comment is posted on a social media website about your brand. 

With so much at state reputation management cannot be stressed enough.  If you’ve put all the hard work and time into carefully crafting your brand, releasing it to the online world and as a result creating an online brand presence, you’ll want to monitor and protect that brand as much as possible.  With just a little extra work your online brand presence can remain strong and vibrant through these online services.

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