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August 08, 2012

Affiliate Marketing
You need to harness every aspect of internet marketing when you're trying to boost your online brand presence. Many people have heard about affiliate marketing, but not everyone understands how it works. Wikipedia defines it as “a marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate's own marketing efforts.” Essentially, you’re able to earn money with an affiliate marketing business by sharing unique links to other business’ websites. the most important part though, is that you're able to forge links with other businesses.

There are several ways to use affiliate marketing to help you improve your online visibility. The most common affiliate marketing business is created through a blog. You can create your own free blog account through services such as or Another option is to create your own unique website based on a specific topic. If you're using a blog to help increase your online brand presence you need to make sure that the content is interesting and informative.

Think about a topic that interests you (health and fitness, nutrition, funny stories about your kids, cooking, etc.) and then start writing blog posts or articles about it. Next, you’ll want to create a following. The best way to do this is to share links to your blog posts or articles through Twitter, Facebook, or by posting comments on other blogs related to similar topics.

Another important consideration is related to what types of businesses and what specific links you feature. If your blog posts or articles are related to health and fitness, you’ll want to include links that interests the same people who are interested in health and fitness topics. So, in this instance, links related to gym memberships would be more appropriate than links to pet supplies. By featuring links related to your audience’s interests, you’ll receive more affiliate links and increased online brand presence.

Money Matters

You typically either get paid every time someone clicks on a particular link, or every time someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase. So, featuring the right links will increase the number of clicks from the members of your audience. One often overlooked aspect of affiliate marketing  and link building is trust. You need to create trust with your followers.

So, by acting as an expert on a specific topic, or generating good content that people want to share with friends and continue reading on a general basis, you begin to build trust with your audience. When your audience trusts you, they are more likely to click on offers or links featured on your page. Trust plays an important part in establishing credibility and increasing your online brand presence.




June 26, 2012

Tips for online branding

Your online brand presence should not be left to chance when you want to utilize the internet as a business tool. As an entrepreneur who is serious about doing business online, you know just how important it is to have a recognized and trusted brand that your customers and potential customers can relate to. Branding on the internet is just as important as branding offline, but you'd be surprised at just how many businesses don't have a cohesive online brand that is promoted across all aspects of their internet business.

Design, Logos and Your Online Brand Presence

Look carefully at your online logos and make sure that they are a true reflection of what you are selling and what your company is all about. It may be that you have to change your logo slightly to reflect your online business. Sit down with a graphic designer who is experienced with logo design for the internet and discuss your needs and requirements. Not all logos translate from one medium to the other, and you'll need to take professional advice as to whether or not your logo is right and will enhance your online brand presence.

Websites, Social Media and Blogs For Online Brand Presence

Every aspect of your online brand presence must be cohesive. This is probably the single area where entrepreneurs and small business owners fall down. You can't have a different logo and different branding for each aspect of your online brand presence. Your website, blog, social media pages and even your video channel should be a reflection of who you are and what you are selling. It may be nice to have a website that has all of the 'bells and whistles', but is it carrying a cohesive message to your customers?

Ask yourself these questions and take a good look at  your online brand presence: 

  • Do your social media channels work for you? It's important that you carry your online brand presence into all aspects of your social media. Your online brand presence needs to sell your business for you.
  • Is your content contributing to your online brand presence? You can't just assume that your logo will attract traffic to your website and online business. Make sure that your content is original, informative and able to compete in search.
  • Is your online brand presence effective? Make sure you work with a company that uses empirical data and analytics to help you decide which aspects of your online brand presence need to be changed and which ones are working for you.

Your online brand presence can have a masive impact on your reputation and your ranking, which in turn will affect how much traffic you attract to your website.

June 06, 2012

Social media

Can you use the new Facebook timeline for increased online brand presence on your business pages? For all the published benefits when utilized correctly, some companies are still hesitant about embracing all of the Facebook features that are available for business pages. One of the reasons that so many businesses outsource their social media content is the lack of traditional marketing awareness surrounding social networks and marketing. You cannot judge the importance or effect of a new application by user adoption levels.

Facebook Timeline For Business Pages – What Do You Get?

The changes and the new timeline give brands even more control about what is said and published on their pages. Great news for your online brand reputation drive. It also provides for much more user engagement and product branding possibilities. Whereas  once Facebook business pages used to look a little drab, now you can have a massive banner at the top of your Facebook timeline for business pages. It’s in your face, full color advertising for your brand. What more could you ask for from a network with over 500 million potential customers?

Enhanced Online Brand Presence Through Social Media

It's easy to see the advantages of brand promotions using Internet marketing promotions like surveys, contests, discounts and prizes. Social media service is not new and thousands of businesses, from multinationals to startup home businesses, have already profited from using networking sites, tweets, blogs, v-blogs to put their brand on the map. As previously noted, some companies have been slow to jump on the social media service bandwagon. A general concern is they couldn't control the message since the medium is too unpredictable compared to traditional advertising platforms. This unpredictability is too vulnerable to external influences and that's just a very high risk to take. It's easy to see where these companies are coming from because social networking sites have empowered the public to voice their own opinions.  Without filtering mechanisms, the power is prone to abuse.

Enhanced Online Visibility

Lost among the din is the fact that social media marketing is a platform with which to deliver your message. The latest changes introduced by Facebook provides companies more control over how they can deliver their message without compromising too much of the ability to interact with their customers. With the new Facebook timeline for business pages, information is not constrained by the shackles of a one-way exchange peddled by traditional advertising. The connection to the customer is almost instantaneous and the feedback is tracked in real time. No amount of money can substitute the feeling of customers that they have a stake in the company. Rather than be intimidated by the engagement allowed by the new Facebook timeline for business pages, companies instead should harness this new found closeness with their customers to promote an increased online brand presence.


February 15, 2012

While a company may be utilizing social media, a blog and including fresh content in their campaign to create an online brand presence they many want a little extra something to improve their game.  For many small to mid-size businesses the little extra something that gives a great advantage is charity work.  Not only does it help a good cause and the local community, it is also a proven winner at building online brand presence.

Online Brand Presence – Community Involvement

Everyone likes to help with a good cause.  Whether it is walking to raise cancer awareness or raising money for a local family whose home burned down, people come together for charity events.  Smart businesses realize their target audience is most likely among those helping and advertise accordingly.  With the advances of online marketing businesses can take local causes to the masses via the internet. 

Online Brand Presence – Online Fundraising

Small businesses with even a modest online audience have the capacity to do a lot of good when working with charities.  There are online auctions, prizes given away to all who donate and a myriad of other online fundraising opportunities.  People almost always share positive social media and blogging comments with their friends making online charity work a great way to spread word of a small business.

Online Brand Presence – Reputation Management

Most small business owners understand that reputation means everything in a competitive marketplace.  One bad comment on a blog or social media site and a lot of time and effort must go into correcting it.  Working with charities and local non-profits is a great way to strengthen a good reputation, a task that does a lot for increasing online brand presence.

There are many local charities in every community that anxiously wait for small and mid-size businesses to show interest in helping.  By focusing on only one cause and putting all one’s effort into advancing that cause through fundraising, awareness campaigns and donations a business’s name can become attached to the charity which will create awareness and ultimately bolster online brand presence.

January 24, 2012

In part 1 of this post we looked at three very basic rules to remember when building online brand presence through social media accounts.  These rules apply to businesses of all sizes in all stages of their social media development.  Online brand presence is carefully cultivated over time and with thorough plans, not just appearing overnight to a few lucky chosen. 

With that in mind we can jump right back into some basic rules all businesses must follow if they hope to reap an increased online brand presence through social media use.  Today focuses on three rules that are unique for social media marketing but no less important.

Be Active

Online brand presence is such a finicky thing as are one’s customer base.  If one were to study the companies with the largest, most influential, online brand presences they would find they were constantly doing something.  Of course a small business can’t compete with the likes of Coca-Cola or Playstation but they can make themselves available to their customers by responding quickly to comments and posting interesting comments which leads to the next rule.

Initiate Conversations

Facebook and Twitter are vehicles for conversations, not an arena for sales pitches.  Customers can turn to a business’s website if they want to learn about how wonderful a product or service is.  Online brand presence is, also, not directly about sales.  It is simply getting the word out about one’s business.  By posing thought-provoking questions and posting intelligent, interesting questions customers will respect and admire one’s Facebook or Twitter page resulting in the highly coveted online brand presence.

Take the Time

This cannot be stressed enough.  When businesses complain that their social media accounts are not building the online brand presence they were expecting time is usually the reason why.  Businesses need to post a comment at least once a day and respond to comments within a maximum of twenty-four hours.  There are a variety of online solutions for being notified when a comment is posted.  If a business cannot make the time to do social media correctly then perhaps they should explore other ways of building online brand presence.

The rules set forth in this two part post are very rudimentary yet still highly accurate in creating an online brand presence using social media.  It’s easy to get distracted with all the applications and customizations Facebook and Twitter offer a business, but at the end of the day if the goals aren’t met and online brand presence isn’t gained the job just wasn’t done right. 



January 19, 2012

For small businesses wishing to build an online brand presence participation in social media is a great way to do it while keeping the costs low.  In fact, the only cost involved with social media as an online brand presence building strategy is the time it will take.  Anyone who has ever been involved in a small business understands just how valuable that time can be which is why there are some simple guidelines to remember when taking that leap into social media with marketing as the goal.

1)    Start Small and Slow – Before biting off more than one can chew in regards to social media marketing for online brand presence they should commit to one website.  It doesn’t matter if the person updating has personal experience with the website or not when starting a page for a small business all the rules change.   We’ve talked in other posts about what should be included in social media posts and how to best attract and keep fans.  Learning to look at social media through those lenses takes some time to get the hang of.

2)    Update Often and Concisely – The often part of this tip is simple.  People want instant gratification and they love fast. Honestly, a small business should be posting at least once a day for maximum online brand presence growth.  The concise part of this tip is a little more difficult.  Communication is a skill that comes naturally to some and not so naturally to others.  One would hope that the designated ‘poster’ in a small business would have stellar communication skills but that cannot always be accomplished.  No one wants to take the time to read a rambling post.  Say what you mean and say it in as few words as possible to build online brand presence.

3)    Keep It In-House – It may be tempting to immediately contract out the work of building and maintaining an online brand presence to another company specializing in online marketing.  While there are plenty of successful and highly qualified companies one can turn to for these services it’s recommended that small businesses try to do it themselves first.  Social media is a very intimate means of marketing and customers and target customers want authenticity that can only be given by one of the team.  An essential part of online brand presence is authenticity.

These are only three tips to help small businesses kick-start their online marketing campaigns in an effort to further increase online brand presence.  The most important tip of all is to remember that social media is only one aspect of marketing.  It is a communication medium that helps the business connect with customers and future customers.  It does not make sales happen.  If social media is viewed as an opportunity to build online brand presence and not as a one-stop-shop of marketing it can be a success for any small business.

January 17, 2012

Let’s just assume that everyone has their blog up and running, is posting on it every day and makes sure to make the posts thoughtful and well planned – all in the name of building an enhanced online visibility.  Maybe the numbers aren’t as hot as you’d hoped they’d be or you’re running dry on content.  Whatever the problem may be you’re feeling frustrated with the whole blog process starting to wonder if enhanced online visibility is ever going to happen and if it does is it even worth it.

Don’t fret. Yes developing your enhanced online visibility is most definitely worth all the hard work you are putting into the blog whether you realize it today, tomorrow or months down the road.  In an effort to give a new perspective to the company blog this post is devoted to increasing your enhanced online visibility by focusing less on yourself and more on others.

I know it seems counter-intuitive to say that but in reality it works.  Enhanced online visibility depends on others being interested enough in your product or service to know you exist.  A blog is a great way (as we’ve established many times) to accomplish this.   But not all blogs are equal.  One of the ways a blog fails miserably is by focusing only on itself. 

“Look what we are doing.” 

“Aren’t we cool?”

There is only so much of that kind of posting that people can take.  That is why focusing the majority of posts on other companies, other providers of service, other anything related to your industry will beef up the enhanced online visibility.

It doesn’t end there though.  Part of focusing on others is responding to comments.  If a fan of your blog takes the time to comment it is only polite to pay notice.  Not all comments are relevant but many are.  By just checking the comments once or twice a day and making a quick comment back blog traffic will increase followed by enhanced online visibility.

These are not difficult tasks to perform for someone already posting daily or every other day.  Sometimes it is even easier to stop trying to think of more wonderful news to write about your own company and look instead for advancements in the industry.  Enhanced online visibility is not easy to create and time must be dedicated for it to be done right but in the end it is most definitely worth it.

January 16, 2012

By now everyone understands the importance of social media for companies and their marketing campaigns if online brand presence in any way is desired.  No matter how big or small a company may be their presence in social media is a must.  But just designing a Facebook page is not enough to increase online brand presence.  Devotion to a brand’s page requires the same amount of effort as one’s personal page.  There are several ways to constantly improve one’s brand Facebook page, one of which being keyword optimization within the confines of Facebook.

Now that Google recognizes Facebook posts in its algorithms many marketing experts focus on using the social media giant to improve Google rank and therefore increase online brand presence.  While there is no hard in doing that companies should devote as much energy into improving their rankings within Facebook.  Keywords are also used for search on the website and companies maximizing keywords related to their industry will invariably create a stronger online brand presence.

When using social media companies have been told to keep it fresh, update daily, and find ways to keep their fans engaged to increase online brand presence.  This is great advice and is definitely the way to keep fans coming back, but how do companies get fans in the first place.  Part of building an online brand presence is roping in new target customers.  Not every customer is going to search for one’s company by name.  For them keywords are how they land on one’s Facebook page. 

Just like when writing original web content for one’s website social media comments must have keywords and phrases that will rank them higher in the internal search results thus building online brand presence.  Obviously the same rules apply as with web content – don’t overdo it.   The more natural one works key words and phrases into their comments the more effective it will be.  If one is a veterinarian in Peoria they would need to use phrases like ‘Peoria vet’ rather than ‘our office’ in comments. 

Thinking about what customers and potential customers will use as key words and phrases is only the first step to utilizing search engines for the maintenance of online brand presence whether they be Google or Facebook.  A lot of time and study goes into such processes and it is often in a company’s best interest to contact a professional in the industry of online marketing and development of online brand presence to get the ball rolling.

January 13, 2012

Now that we are squarely in 2012 everyone must begin to look to the year ahead and how to better their enhanced online visibility.  New reports of what to expect in every industry are coming out by the bucket loads.  After reviewing the predicted trends in industries related to enhanced online visibility we’ve pulled a view that are worth mentioning.  The biggest prediction we have noticed has to do with Google and the changes predicted in its algorithms used to determine rank. 

Google is going to battle in 2012 with those who manipulate the algorithms to get ahead.  They are focusing on the quality of web content rather than the quality.  Up until this point to raise one’s rank and enhanced online visibility in the process more pages needed to be added to a website.  Google interpreted that as good because obviously a company who has many pages has a lot to say.  Well, we all know that necessarily isn’t the truth.

There is a fine line between manipulating search rank algorithms and using guidelines to increase one’s likelihood of receiving a higher rank creating a more vibrant enhanced online visibility.  We have tried within the posts of this blog to feature tried and true ways of competing in the brave new world of online marketing by building an online brand presence and enriching enhanced online visibility.  These trends noted in the 2012 predictions (not the end of the world predictions) are in concurrence with our advice.  In short, to achieve an enhanced online visibility companies must devote the time and experience necessary to get the job done right.

Now that the Google Panda is onboard with this ideology we expect some big changes in 2012.  First of all, things are going to get more competitive.  As Smartphone activations are growing exponentially more and more people are utilizing search engines making those top ranks even more coveted than ever.  As Google and other search engines are realizing the underhanded schemes to improve rank through less than honest methods and begin cracking down on such practices new less than honest practices will emerge confusing companies even more.

Again, we fall back on do the job right.  There are no shortcuts to creating an enhanced online visibility.  There is no magic trick that one can do to become an overnight search engine sensation.  Creating a viable enhanced online visibility is possible for any company if they stick to the tried and true methods and heed advice given by the experts in the field.

January 11, 2012

This entire blog is devoted to helping companies and individual business owners develop and maintain an online brand presence.  Contained within pages and pages helpful articles are all kinds of tips and strategies gathered from some of the best marketing and SEO marketing firms and specialists in the world.  Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis has by this point recognized themes – advice we repackage and reword time and time again in an effort to stress their importance in building an online brand presence.

Well, we feel vindicated.  Recently PRWeb reported in an article the top SEO tips and trends for 2012 as predicted from some of the world’s best companies.  Within the list are topics we just can’t discuss enough in this blog aimed at helping create an online brand presence.  Here is a simplified summation:

1)    Keyword Optimization and Research – companies must do thorough research into what keywords customers and potential customers are sticking into search engines when looking for services and products.

2)    Linking – There is simply no easier way to build an online brand presence than to link, link, link. 

3)    Social Media – Companies expecting to compete in this day and age must develop a strong online brand presence through social media.

4)    Forum Commenting – Perhaps one of the easiest and most affordable ways to promote an online brand presence is through participating in online communities by commenting on forums and other blogs. 

5)    Review Submissions – Providing well-written, thought provoking reviews of products or services in one’s industry is a great way to link.  Most of the time the reviews will be posted with a link back to one’s company.  Online brand presence is built and rankings are raised.

These are just five of the recommended best practices for companies wanting to improve their rankings on popular search engines and in turn increase their online brand presence.  Although all of these tips seem relatively simple they do require time and dedication, something many companies honestly do not have available.  To get the job done right hiring a professional may be the best decision.  After all a strong online brand presence will bring in far more revenue than the cost of any SEO or marketing expert.

January 10, 2012

During the last five years or so a big trend in marketing has been creating and maintaining an online brand presence.  In fact, so many companies (across all industries) are so focused on building their online brand presence that an entire industry has popped up as a result dedicated to making that online brand presence a reality.  While there are definitely many paths a company can choose to create an online brand presence some have proven results while some are a gamble. 

Any company ready to commit to the creation and ongoing maintenance of their online brand presence can begin by turning to professionals who know the necessary steps to establish a productive online brand presence. For those companies with an established brand and ready to move to the next level, there are several seemingly small tricks to follow that will reap major results.

As the internet continues to grow there are more and more websites devoted to questions and answers.  This is a great way to spread the word about one’s company.  Every company should commit to being an expert in their field.  Part of the responsibility of being an expert is answering questions.  By visiting such sites as Yahoo! Answers frequently one can give thoughtful answers to industry questions while furthering their online brand presence.

Frequenting question and answer sites accomplishes more than just increasing online brand presence.  It keeps the proverbial ear to the ground.  By reading common questions and common answers to issues linked with one’s industry one can begin to see trends in information and misinformation.  This can be useful for one’s own marketing campaigns.  Also, if one is in the business of selling products question and answer sites provide valuable reviews.  There are a number of ways a smart company can use such information to their advantage.

Cruising the internet looking for questions about one’s industry seems like a relatively simple way to build an online brand presence.  The truth is, though, that it takes time and dedication.  Companies unable to dedicate the appropriate amount of time necessary to maintain an online brand presence should not be ashamed to admit as much and leave it to a professional specializing in online marketing and search engine optimization.  As with anything else  to create an online brand presence of substance time will have to be devoted to have it done right.

January 09, 2012

Companies dedicated to creating an enhanced online visibility are always looking for interesting and unique ways to do so.  One way that helps one’s own company as well as makes friends with other companies is to write a positive review of a product and allow the company being reviewed the freedom to use it as they please.  This creates friendly relations as well as increases one’s enhanced online visibility.

The idea is simple, really.  Within one’s industry an expert in a company finds products or services that are good, novel or compliment their own products and services and rights a glowing review.  Then, the review is posted on the company website for all to see (and is used to build an enhanced online visibility).  A link to the post is sent to the company (of the reviewed product) with a note giving permission for them to link back to the review as they please. 

The important part to remember in all this is that the review must be sincere to truly help a company’s enhanced online visibility.  The only thing worse than a bad review is a generic review of no real substance.  If a product or service being considered isn’t worth much or one’s company sees no substantial value in it they shouldn’t write about it.  This falls under the old adage of ‘if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all’.

If, on the other hand, there is a product or service that has really wowed a company they should explain to the masses why they believe in that product – even if it is a competitor’s product. Yes, that is right.  If a competitor is really doing something right and one’s company writes up a review saying as much the competition will undoubtedly post the review (and the link back) everywhere possible helping create an enhanced online visibility for the company writing the review. 

Many companies feel that they have their hands full already trying to maintain a blog, a website and other marketing materials.  Between advertising online and through traditional methods companies may not see the benefit writing reviews would have considering the time required for completing.  The benefit is very real, despite many beliefs, and will surely help build an enhanced online visibility if done honestly and thoughtfully.

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