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January 06, 2012

No matter whom one asks about ways to build an online brand presence the suggestion of commenting on articles and forum posting keeps popping up.  While in theory this seems simple enough in reality it is much harder if one really wants to utilize it as fully as possible. Thanks to less than honest comment posters flooding the internet in embarrassing campaigns to bolster online brand presence it has gotten harder for real, legitimate companies to utilize commenting.  It can be done, though, with a little patience and hard work.

The first point in comment posting to understand is that there is a fine line between not enough posting and becoming a menace.  To truly understand and learn where this line is located in regards to maximizing online brand presence I’d recommend that any blogger pick an online article in which they are interested and read the comments.  I can almost guarantee three-fourths, if not more, are selfish promotions.  They add nothing of quality to the article and simply take up space.

Now, I’m guessing anyone reading this post does not desire to be in that camp. With that assumption in mind there are a few rules and tips to follow to protect one from becoming a nuisance to blogs and forums while trying to build an online brand presence.

1)    Praise is a wonderful thing to dish out if an article or forum post is truly appreciated.  Be specific in the praise. WHY did you like the article? There is nothing worse than a generic “This article is great!”  If you’re going to take the time to type a comment when creating online brand presence make sure it has some grit.

2)    No promotions needed to create an online brand presence unless your company is truly relevant to the article or topic (in the case of a forum).  For example, if your company makes jewelry and you are posting on a forum for men wanting ideas for gifts for their wives, by all means drop a link to your website.  If, on the other hand, your commenting on a industry article about marketing jewelry, do you really need to promote your website? No, you don’t.  Leave an interesting comment about the content of the article.

3)    Comment often.  This cannot be stated enough.  One comment left on an article, blog post or forum will not establish your online brand presence.  It may take a little extra time to revisit the article, but find the time and keep commenting! It will be worth it when you become a valuable member of the community.

January 05, 2012

At this point everyone serious about increasing their enhanced online visibility should be working diligently on their website and blog giving a large chunk of time and devotion to smart web content.  Key words and URLs are important but there are some even more, basic, good housekeeping rules that need to be followed to really make the most of a web site and send one’s enhanced online visibility into the stratosphere.

Develop Enhanced Online Visibility through Organization

For anyone who has performed any management task, no matter how big or small, the concept of good organization is not new.  Unfortunately many forget to apply organization know-how when working on the company blog.  Archiving posts is a crucial part of a successful campaign to create an enhanced online visibility.  Most archives are organized by category, date and perhaps key words (which is different from category).

Develop Enhanced Online Visibility through Link Baiting

Link Baiting refers to the deliberate posting of articles intended to draw a lot of attention to one’s website.  Obviously not every article can create a sense of urgency and compel people’s interest.  A good rule of thumb is to create a link bait post for every twenty to twenty posts written.  Since these are designed to attract attention they need to well-written (really show what you’ve got), have a hook, and a great graphic if at all possible.  Some ideas for link bait articles would be an interesting video or picture, breaking industry news, or secrets from within revealed.

Develop Enhanced Online Visibility through Analytics

All companies have access to their blog analytics.  This is tool that often sits unused in the company toolbox.  Through careful examination of analytics bloggers can see which posts were most popular and cultivate categories to match.  Also, trends in times of high traffic can be discovered through careful observation.  Lastly, analytics provide where the click originated from allowing companies to tweak their marketing to those locations producing the highest quality visitors.

With a little bit of time any size company can improve their website’s traffic thus building enhanced online visibility.  Organization cannot be stressed enough as it will ultimately make or break a site.  Even the best web content is worthless if visitors can’t navigate a site easily.  Companies can further their website’s success through a careful analysis of statistical information provided by analytics and well-placed link baiting.  If done properly enhanced online visibility will be increased with immediate results.

December 30, 2011

At times companies spend so much energy developing their online brand presence that they regretfully forget some very simple marketing strategies that still work, even in today’s digital age.  Alongside a great brand is a great tagline.  Companies electing not to develop one of their own are being neglectful in their marketing campaign.  When a tagline is combined with strategies to build an online brand presence companies can see an exponential growth in customers.

Taglines are everywhere.  Nike and “Just Do It” are synonymous.  Taglines are used so often and invade our subconscious associations with the product they represent so well that we rarely even notice them.  That is exactly why every company should develop their own tagline to coincide with developing their online brand presence.  There are professionals in PR and marketing whose whole professional existence depends on creating custom taglines for companies while simultaneously building online brand presence and usually companies are well advised to hire them rather than try and develop their own. 

For those choosing to try creating their own tagline independently there are a few guidelines to follow.

1)      Be original and unique

2)      Articulate the company’s mission and qualities

3)      Associate with the target customer base

4)      Accentuate the company’s advantage over the competition

5)      Communicate the goals of the company’s product or service

Once a tagline is created it should be used online for all marketing.  The company blog should incorporate the tagline into every post.  Every forum post or comment post done in the name of marketing should include the tagline.  Every email signature of every employee should proudly display the tagline.  Not to beat a dead horse, but once a successful tagline has been created it cannot be used too much.  The more a target customer associates that ideal with one’s company the more likely they are to remember the company. Online brand presence depends completely on customers thinking of a specific company for a specific need.

While many companies love to micromanage their PR and marketing teams to truly create and maintain a success online brand presence the two teams must work together. Even if a company consists of two employees and all the marketing is farmed out, every single member of the team must work together in every strategy to make an online brand presence be big and be real.


December 28, 2011

By now everyone understands the power social media can give a business in terms of marketing and creating an enhanced online visibility. Facebook, being the most popular social media site to date should be the focus of your company’s social media campaign.  With that said there is no better time than this week between Christmas and New Year’s to do some remodeling of your Facebook page. 

Enhanced Online Visibility – Comment on Fans’ pages

Most employees don’t have a lot to do this week and busy work is a chore but necessary to any successful marketing campaign.  Unlike the typical office Facebook is hopping this time of year as people are sharing pictures and comments about their holiday festivities and New Year’s plans.  To really jumpstart your company’s enhanced online visibility for the upcoming year utilize this week by commenting on your Fans’ pages.  Once that is done every one of their Friends will see your comment and your company by default.  This is a great way to interact with your Fans showing that you value them and spread the word of your company.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Offer Something Spectacular

With everyone giddy with gift giving and getting they will jump when your company offers an extraordinary deal available only to Facebook Fans.  Of course, add a caveat that they have to comment on your company’s page or on their own page or invite Friends to either get said great deal or be eligible for winning it (in an effort to boost your own enhanced online visibility).  To make the offer enticing and stand out in a crowd of many companies vying for your customers’ money and mouse clicks, make the offer appropriate and worthwhile. Most people aren’t going to waste their time for a lousy 10% off their next purchase.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Have a Relevant Gimmick

With so many holidays packed into this time of year it’s easy to come up with a unique way to project your Facebook page into other’s lives.  Throw an online New Year’s party.  It’s easy and free and will attract attention from your Fans.  Add several reminders each day about the online New Year’s party and make sure to add promotions and discounts.  One idea is to give out prizes for the best New Year’s photos posted to your page. 

Regardless of what your company does with its Facebook page, do it now.  By utilizing this downtime during the holidays your company has an opportunity to seriously boost its enhanced online visibility and gain new customers.  


December 27, 2011

In previous posts I have talked about certain characteristics websites need to possess in order for search engines to rank them higher creating, in turn, an enhanced online visibility.  The top-dog of search engines, Google, released its Panda updates to the Google algorithms in early 2011 knocking the SEO world on its back.  The changes in how they ranked pages was huge and if the April release of Panda was the megaquake then the six minor changes since then have been aftershocks.  Thankfully, Google announced in December 2011 that Panda was taking a vacation until January 2012.  At last, a chance for everyone trying to increase their rank on Google and build their enhanced online visibility can breathe for a few weeks.

We say, no! This is not a time to rest.  This is the perfect time to revamp one’s website checking for anything and everything that may be lowering the page rank and reducing its ability to cultivate an enhanced online visibility. By spending a few weeks while Panda is away (and getting ready for the next attack) cleaning up a company’s website, they’ll increase their enhanced online visibility and be in a better position to fight new changes when they come around.

Enhanced Online Visibility and Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is when an unscrupulous website identifies keywords pivotal to their enhanced online visibility and then fills fluff pages with said keywords.  The result is page after page of useless words used to lure unsuspecting searchers to a website.  Panda really cracked down on such underhanded methods of increasing rank and now companies must be mindful of the amount of keywords used per page of content.

Enhanced Online Visibility and Broken Links

Links break. Unfortunately search engines use broken links against a website featuring them.  While most broken links are unintentional and companies don’t even realize they are there, they will be a detriment should the Panda find them.  This is the perfect time to test every link to ensure that they are live and functional. 

Enhanced Online Visibility and Professional Clean Up

While these are just a few suggestions for companies wanting to build their enhanced online visibility in 2012 they are important.  To really make the most on a website and launch online visibility into the stratosphere a company’s best bet is to turn to professionals.  They have the knowledge and resources to stay on top of problems, anticipate changes to search engine algorithms and make subtle changes to websites should the need arise.  When committing to increasing one’s enhanced online visibility trusting the work to a professional is usually the best choice.

December 09, 2011

Today as we are earnestly working to establishing an online brand presence it is becoming harder and harder to separate our personal lives from work. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have been God-sends as far as getting our product out to a massive audience at virtually no cost to us, the producer, but it comes at a price. Consumers are savvy creatures and can spot a fake a mile away. Authenticity
is key
to a product or company’s survival in the virtual world.

Take for instance a start-up company ready to embrace their online brand presence and go to the next level. They hire specialists, marketing experts and web designers all to ensure more people see think of them when they need a product they produce. One of the start-up team also has a solo career and is promoting himself and his solo services. If the two clash and even a hint of dishonesty or plurality in message is detected by potential customers, both are dead in the water.

Authenticity means being aware of one’s brand and its values twenty-four-seven in all venues. The goal of online brand presence is for more and more people or broader and broader demographics to recognize a particular company as the expert in their field – the go-to for that service or product.
Of course, with different demographics different marketing strategies will be utilized, but they must remain constant in message and value.

Before customers ever visit your shop, call your number or order online they will be searching your website, blogs, and reviews. Haven’t authentic, consistent content on the web (regardless of its ormat) is the way to reassure customers before they even become customers. In some instances, savvy customers will search actual persons in the company before committing. That is why all employees being aware that online brand presence extends to personal lives is so important. One broken link in the chain of authenticity is all it takes to lose a potential customer.

Many people do not live the invasion of privacy building an online brand presence requires. It quickly begins to feel like Big Brother is always watching. While some may see it that way another view is that the more people are looking, the more they are buying. Online brand presence isn’t just about being noticed, it’s about gaining customers and convincing them that your company is worth their hard-earned money.

November 16, 2011

What are you saying about your business when you start investing in marketing tools to increase your online brand presence? Establishing a reputation on the web and increasing the amount of business you do via the internet is a multi-faceted discipline, and you need to look at what you are trying to say.

How To Increase Online Brand Presence Through Promotion

The first aspect that you have to consider is what you are promoting. Sometimes your online brand presence marketing will be about the promotions and sales of specific products. At other times, you have to use your marketing to establish a strong business presence through the generation of authoritative content for your website or blog.

You never really know how people use the internet and the search engines to find you, although your analytics programs will give you a good amount of information that you can use. The key is to make sure that your business name is as well represented as your products. Don’t lose sight of the fact that creating authority on the World Wide Web is your first goal. If users think that they can trust your brand name, they will be more inclined to look at what you are selling.

The danger of approaching your online brand presence from a retail and selling point of view is that you may come across on the internet as too promotional. This can affect you more than you realize. The way that websites are ranked by the large search engines is through the excellent creation of original content that provides a service for internet users. Never forget that your website, blog, Facebook page and any other internet marketing device should be used to provide a service to internet users.

Can your potential clients get good, relevant and useful information from your website or blog? Is there anything of value on your site apart from a sales promotion?

Potential clients and internet users are able to compare your brand to others on the net and will make a decision about whether or not to use your services in a matter of minutes. If you don’t have anything good to give them, they will go elsewhere.

Don’t let your online brand presence become tarnished through the use of obvious promotion. The internet is the gateway to the age of information and the worst that will happen is that you’re relegated to a lower ranking and your clients will not be able to find you.

Choose a Professional for Online Brand Presence

Traditional marketing may not be the answer when it comes to online brand presence and enjoying an enhanced online visibility. There are so many different ways of establishing authority on the web that will guarantee increased traffic and sales, so carefully consider using a professional online marketing expert to help guide your business brand to the top spot.


October 07, 2011






When you are trying to create or maintain your online brand presence, the last thing you want to do is spend your SEO time playing catch-up with the search engine algorithms. Considering the fact that Google has admitted to making, on average, at least one change to their search engine program every day, you can waste a lot of time trying to keep up with change.

Online Brand Presence – Adapt or Die

Is it enough to use your SEO tools for damage control? No. You need to be reacting to change in a positive way and looking for SEO techniques that will improve and maintain your online brand presence and give you the enhanced online visibility that you need.

Instead of using trend SEM which offers you a different technique for each day of the year, why not invest in solid SEO tools that produce real results? If you implement a good SEO campaign it will take time, it will take effort and it will take a bit of money, but the results will far outweigh any ‘fly-by-night reactionary efforts.

Online Brand Presence – Basic Sustainable SEO

The first place to start with a good SEO campaign is to make sure that your website is optimized for all of the search engines. Follow the rules and guidelines laid down by the big players and they will reward you accordingly. Basic SEO for websites must include excellent keywords based on strong research. You need to ensure that your URL’s contain at least one or two of these keywords and do the same for all of your page titles, Meta tags, descriptions and the headings on your web pages (H1 tags).

Using a web analytics program you can easily see which pages rank for which keywords as well as track your traffic to certain pages. This is very important information to have when you are optimizing your website.

Online Brand Presence – Links and Linking

Links could be one of the most important ways of maintaining a good online brand presence and getting higher ranking. When people link to your website it is a sign to the search engines that you have something important to offer. The key to getting quality links is to have content that people want to use as a resource. Buying links is not always successful and a paid-for link will never provide the ranking like an earned link will. Promotions, syndication of content and originality will all help you promote your site as a leader in a target market. Link creating or link baiting is an ongoing strategy and must be a part of your budget. An SEO expert will be able to craft content that attracts links from other websites and writers to improve your online brand presence.

​​In our next post we will be discussing the importance of establishing your website and your business as an authority and how to create fresh content for a better online presence.

August 09, 2011


Social networks are real-time news platforms that are transforming the way journalists work. Many people have joined in exploring Google+ as a tool for public relations. Since it is relatively new, features of this social network have yet to be explored and media persons and public relations professionals are still looking for ways to enhance the information they are disseminating. The media has yet to see what Google+ has to offer. In fact, because Google+ is so new it is not yet clear who is on Google+ and what impact it can have on journalists. However, we have derived a few simple ways to capture the attention of Google+ users and media professionals that can help propel your Google+ persona.

Be Experimental
Some companies and organizations have decided to create new profiles, while others have simply adapted their existing profiles on other social networks. At this point, experimenting with new approaches allows companies and organizations to test the best possible features of each social network and choose what is most appealing to the audience that they have cultivated, or wish to cultivate, on the social network. 
Combining Your Online Identities
A good way to get a jump start with Google+ is to bring your Facebook activity into your Google+ account. It is also very easy to get information from your Twitter account and to transfer your contacts to Google+. Like Facebook, this makes it incredibly easy for you to jump start your online reputation and social networking in Google+ by integrating both accounts.  There are also many benefits to using Google+ over Facebook and Twitter. For example, a discussion that starts on Twitter can easily get off topic. However, on Google+ conversations can be more effective because of the way the social network is designed, making it a better tool for public relations and new dissemination.  
More Effective?

Public relations can be more effectively achieved through Google+ since interactions allow journalists to see many conversations related to different news worthy items in one place aggregating the content. This is much more effective than Facebook, which doesn't allow you to search for content across all streams, and is similar to Twitter but allows for more information about each user, making it a more detailed and robust platform for public relations.
Beyond Twitter and Facebook
Another not to be missed feature of Google+ is video chatting. This feature has created a whole new way for people to interact and manage their online reputations via social networks, especially since neither Twitter nor Facebook offer this capability. There have a been a number of new developments that have popped up thanks to this feature and it is taking social networking to a new level, making it just a small bit more personal.
Going from Personal to Professional Creates New Opportunities
Lastly, because Google+ is being used as a professional tool, many journalists are now moving from Facebook to Google+ -- giving them the ability to separate their personal lives and create personal-professional personas on Google+. This gives organizations and companies who want to capture journalist's attention the ability to know a little more about the journalists and target them more accurately. 

May 24, 2011


As more and more people spend time online and on social networks like Facebook, the private and the professional are continuing to collide. In response to this collision, institutions are establishing policies about how professionals should conduct them online. Most recently, the Ontario College of Teachers released a report over their concerns that teachers are establishing relationships with their students on social media sites like Facebook.

Even though Facebook has many privacy settings that enable you to group different people together and change your settings based on the group, the teachers association is concerned with how electronic messages will effect students' relationships to their teachers inside the classroom. Facebook messages and other online activity don't allow for people to communicate as clearly as in person, and this online communication can effect how students learn, the association argues. 

At the same time, cyberbullying between students has become increasingly monitored by schools as online student relationships spur offline reactions that school officials must deal with. In some severe cases, students have been bullied so badly online that they have committed suicide -- increasing concern for school officials over social media activity. However, teachers participation in online discussions with their students are still seen as blurring the lines between professional and private and are in general still frowned upon. 

However, students are incredibly tech savvy and young people use text messages and Facebook to communicate some of their most important social actions. This means that their is also a necessity for schools to find a way that they can use social media and teach their students how to act professionally online. Many schools are now starting to have Facebook pages and increasing online presences -- making it more important than ever that they also educate their students in the classroom about how to effectively and professionally use social media to manage their professional and personal online reputations.

April 27, 2011


Managing your reputation can lead to lots of good publicity and connections with other businesses and potential clients. But some company's reputations can take them even farther, and now Google has been given the status of "The Best Reputation in the World" by Harris Interactive, a US based company. 

According to Harris' sophisticated rating system, Google beat out Johnson & Johnson for the best reputation, as well as 3M, Apple and other highly well regarded brands and companies. The status of "Best Reputation" was awarded by Harris after conducting a survey of 30,000 Americans on their opinions of the 60 "mot visible companies" in the USA. The survey groups responded to six categories that mattered most to the firm's reputation "emotional appeal, products, services, social responsibility, vision and leadership."

The technology sector had increasingly high reputations, with Apple and Facebook, among others, coming in the top 50. Over the past decade, the technology sector has become one of the most favorable as people interact with technology brands on a daily basis and many of the companies have some element of democratic participation. Additionally, unlike other companies that produce hard products, technology companies have less chance to create reputation disasters like oil and gas companies or other companies that's work negatively impacts the environment. 

One of the best ways to improve your company's reputation is surely to enter different competitions for best brand, best product and other categories. These kind of competitions can be found easily online simply by searching and can provide your company with an opportunity to compete, beat out and shine other competition. Additionally, people love to see quotes from former and current clients and testimonies from their experience with your company. This boosts consumer confidence and improves your company's online reputation.


April 25, 2011

Today, writing comments on facebook is just as important as commenting on blogs. While it doesn't improve your SEO like writing comments on high ranking websites, it certainly can bring a lot of targeted traffic to your website and if done right, improve your online reputation. However, sometimes, when commenting on facebook their is a mistake in posting. Previously, the entire comment had to be deleted and re-posted -- until facebook updated its modification rules. Now users can edit their own comments on facebook immediately. 

To edit commentss, simply press the "x" icon in the upper-right hand corner of the commenting box and select "modify". However, this modification option only lasts for 10 seconds, afterwhich you'll have to delete the whole comment and start again -- the old way of commenting on facebook. 

Even though their is a time limit for modification, facebook's email system still sends two notes to all of the people who have commented on the post and the owner of the post -- first with your original comment and then with the edited comment. Edited comments also don't appear instantly and instead, users will need to refresh their facebook page before they see the changes made to the comments. 

While this new feature doesn't work perfectly, it is a small improvement from the past and can greatly help you to improve your online reputation and insure that each comment that you submit is perfect. If you're interested in learning more about this new feature, you can watch the quick tutorial that facebook created here:



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