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August 28, 2012


Social media optimization is the key to increased online brand presence. If it’s on the internet; get it optimized and that includes making sure that you are on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and a host of other sites. You need to make sure that you’re on target, effective and consistent. Your business tactics and marketing will not work online if you’re not using social media optimization tips to get it done properly. To get conversion rates and traffic to your website, you need to specifically optimize all the marketing you implement to benefit your business. By constantly focusing on these ways to accelerate conversion figures, you can construct strong leads and recurring sales.

Boost Credibility With Social Media Pages

Social media websites are a popular resource for people to turn to, as a way of communicating with friends, family and work acquaintances. There are great possibilities for marketing and gearing attention towards your business on these sites. The only way to do this though, is to have a desirable level of credibility so that potential and interested consumers will want to spend time visiting your profile. You can increase your credibility and online brand presence by integrating social media optimization into your business web page, as well as live streams from social media sites such as Twitter. This will make other people who visit your site have a higher trust level with you, as they can see you have a major social media following.

Constantly Improve Your Social Media Content

You cannot optimize just once and hope for the best. Look at your social media web page and look at your business web page. Both need to be constantly updated and improved, so that people can see you are consistent and current. Personalize and tailor your landing pages so they are enticing and professional. This will ensure a frequent flow of visitors, increased online brand presence and potential conversions for your business. Post updates and links on your social media sites, as well as interactions with your followers as a way of establishing bonds and a good attitude.

Your leads are the people who will be most likely to have an interest in your merchandise or services, and when you continuously increase the growth rate and diversity of these leads, the success potential for your business has no boundaries. Put the time and effort into utilizing social media optimization to track down new and interested buyers, as well as those that you could possibly sway. Appear friendly and as though you really have something to offer those who view your social media page. Get your message across to a target market and this will allow word of mouth to spread for your business. Do not forget to encourage lots of interaction on social media so that others will want to learn more about your company, outside of social media or your business website.

Social media optimization makes sure that your message is heard by people who are interested in what you have got to say. That’s the optimal way of doing business online and increasing your online brand presence.

August 24, 2012

Stay on Top of Social Media Trends

Staying ahead of social media trends is even more important in 2012. We live in a dog-eat-dog world. When you’re at the top, you just can’t settle at the top. You have to strive harder, break more boundaries and step up a notch if you want to continue to enjoy enhanced online visibility. These rules of business are even more pertinent to the world of internet marketing and social network marketing.

There are millions upon millions of websites and indexed pages that are fully-functioning on the web. The goal to achieve high rankings in search engines for enhanced online visibility is becoming tougher for website owners.

Do You Understand Social Media Trends?

Far too many marketers engage in social media without having a firm understanding of the basics. Social media sites are a web-based platform that provides a chance for people to build social networks with other people online; it's about building communities. It provides opportunities for organizations and individuals by giving a supplementary channel, meant to address customer comments and needs. This is also a way to achieve both the customer, and the competition’s perspective.  To turn concerns or previously held service issues customers raise, to be able to retain customers, convert them to community members socially. It's also a check for business partners and joint ventures to be able to manage the reputation, activities, blogs, and show it all in one place for enhanced online visibility.

The good thing about using social media for website marketing is that the customers and the readers are able to relate to its value.  Having conversations and giving them a sneak peek into the foundation and the strength of your company, and new business that's being done. The strength of a company’s foundation can be utilized as a platform.  They can focus its information and update their contacts and current customers into the recent events that are taking place in their organization through various social media communities.

Company blogs are also a smart tool for lead generation, and one of the most cost effective methods of marketing.  Site promotion using social media trends along with video and photography communities like Flicker and YouTube are all connected by blogs and networks, so that all your promotion is located in one place.  Customers can access any portions of which they choose; more or select information your company has posted.

Another important tip in website promotion is to write reliable content and to update it regularly on your pages. Brilliant content that is unique on the internet will reel in more traffic. However, it is also important to produce regular and continuous content to give the readers something to look forward to and to keep them coming back in your website.

Trends in social media are important to follow for enhanced online visibility. The better you are at SMO, the better able you are to read trends and become proactive rather than a reactive marketer.

August 20, 2012


It’s best to think of your businesses online brand presence as central to the image you wish to portray to the market as a whole. Your brand is what will distinguish you from the rest of your competition. It’s also important to remember that a brand often develops a personality of its own, and it’s one that people will identify with on a more subconscious level too. Consider a company like Apple, whose brand has become synonymous with innovation and quality. Or a company like Disney, whose brand has become synonymous with wholesome family entertainment.

While these are brands that have been built over years, an online brand presence can be developed far more rapidly and at much lower cost too. Building an online brand presence is not much different to building a brand in the traditional sense, although the approach one will take will differ when compared to more traditional methods of brand marketing and advertising.

How to Build Your Online Brand Presence Effectively

Building an online brand presence is about trust first and foremost. You want to build trust in the specific market segments you are targeting. It’s crucial that you focus on creating an online profile for you and your business by positioning yourself as an authority in your market segment. Once your audience begins to view either you or your business as an authority in a specific market, trust develops.

At the same time, it’s equally important to remember the little things.

Ensure that your logo is always visible in all your communications. Be it website, blogs, emails, newsletters, your logo must always be clearly visible. You also want to ensure that your logo and the image you present to the world complement the image you want your business want to convey too

You also always want to be clear and concise about your services, products and offering as a whole. For customers to associate a particular service or product with your brand, they need to understand your offering.

An excellent way to build trust with your customers is to make use of social media. Online communication through your own sites is a great way to start. Also worth considering would be active participation in the broader community as a whole, which will help establish you as an authority in your specific market, thus building your online brand presence on a firm foundation.



August 17, 2012

One of the biggest obstacles that we face in building an online reputation is the ability to provide continuous exposure without overwhelming our audience. Bombarding people with images and advertising can be effective, although it can also be detrimental if the delivery does not appeal to the intended audience. Building an online brand presence is not much different in that we want consistent exposure online; however we never want to appear too invasive either. There is a fine line between the two, and one of the most effective ways to ensure you are not being invasive is to allow your audience to “opt in”. Not only is this less invasive, it provides a more qualified base for future marketing efforts too.

This can be achieved in many ways. For example, many websites offer RSS feeds, where users can subscribe to news feeds and alerts from that website. This is an example of an "opt in" strategy where users willingly make the decision to receive updates and new content. Another example would be a social media site like Twitter, where users decide whose comments and updates they will follow.

When it comes to building an online brand presence, one of the most effective ways to do this is by offering newsletters. The online newsletter is an example of an "opt in" service, and it’s one that is incredibly powerful given the control you have over content. It’s a great way to push content to your audience and at the same time it provides you with the constant exposure you are looking for.

Equally important is the quality of the content you provide. If the content you provide is both valuable and informative, people tend to remain subscribers for far longer. Over time you develop a reputation with your user base, enhancing both trust and your online brand presence too. It also builds up a great deal of loyalty in your base, providing an excellent platform for further market research or marketing drives.

There are online newsletter services which will help you manage your newsletter delivery. Companies like Mailchimp and Aweber provide a mix of free and paid services, with easy integration into your online profiles, blogs and websites.  Building an online brand presence with newsletters should be considered if you are looking to engage with customers and potential customers over the long term



August 15, 2012

Enhanced Online Visibility

If you are starting to market your business on the internet, you may want to get some of the best online brand presence information from offline sources. One of the best ways is to perform a survey. From your budget to the audience you are aiming your business and services at, you need to make sure that every element is incorporated and every section covered. A survey is something that every business will benefit from, old and new. When you are in the early stages of your business creation a survey will give you a good idea of what your potential clients are looking for.

Make Sure Your Online Brand Presence Is Strategized

Not all customers or web visitors fto your business will tell you how they feel. More often than not, this is because they never have the outlet to do so, rather than them not having the confidence to tell you. Opinions really matter and without opinions, it will be difficult to make improvements and gain insightful feedback from your loyal customers. By offering an opinions section on your page, you can get comments from people with truthful answers. It may be worth naming everyone as anonymous, so that nobody feels pressured into giving their name. Use these opinions and grow on them to expand in your business and entice more customers, much like many big brands have like McDonald’s, Adidas and Ford have.

With the opinions you have received from the surveys and customer feedback, you can then work to add new services. You may feel a bit uncertain about including particular services into your work, because you might think that customers will not like them. A great way to get your head around this is to either include a section on the survey regarding services the customers would like to see in the near future or alternatively, you can create a survey based solely around the service you would like to implement. This is a sure fire way to get advice that will guide you in the right direction for your business, both online and offline.

Expand Online Brand Presence With Customer Service

The most important part of any business will be customer service. Customer service is something that will play a big role in your business reputation as it will lead to positive reviews and comments as well as social media 'sharing'. A customer service survey will show you the areas you need to improve on, better ways to interact with people and also, if you hire people you can pay attention to how they are helping your business grow.

Feedback from your market is one of the most important ways of making sure that you maintain and even increase your online brand presence. If your clients think that you're actually listening to them, half the battle is won.



August 13, 2012

Keywords and Content


Creating useful and engaging content for your website or blog is one of the fastest ways to improve your online brand presence. The words that you choose are as important as your subject. As important as it is to actually pick out the correct keywords when creating articles, so that the search engines pick up on the most frequently searched words and phrases, it is equally important to check the keyword density. While keyword stuffing used to be a very popular way to storm the search results, this is no longer allowed, and in fact it is penalised, making it important that you know how to sort out keyword density before publishing articles.

Don't Use Keywords To Try and Beat Google

Until the changes ot the Google algorithm, many webmasters would try and 'beat' the system by placing lots of keywords in each piece of content. This was called keyword stuffing and it involved throwing in a bundle of keywords throughout the entire post. This would then get picked up by Google because it had the strongest amount of keywords. Despite it working for some time, it has now been banned and for those who attempt it, it is possible that Google will penalize you and your hard-earned ranking will diminish. 

Word Counts & Keyword Density

What you may not know is that the amount of words you have in an article affects the keyword density. So if you have a piece that is 450 words long, it will require less keyword implementation than an article that is 1000 words long. This is important to know if you are a creating the content for your business. 

How Many Keywords?

Once you know the amount of words in your content, you can start to determine the amount of words that should be used for keyword implementation. With the word count noted down, use Microsoft Word and click on the tab that says ‘Edit’. You can then click ‘Find’ which will allow you to find the keyword you are using. You can try this on a practice piece before you craft your own, to get an idea of what is right and what is wrong. Write down the number of times the keyword has been used in the article and divide this number by the word count. 

Remember that your online brand presence is determined by a number of features and factors. Getting them all right and all working together is the key to enhanced online visibility and a better reputation.


August 10, 2012

Building your small business brand is just as important as building a massive corporate reputation. With the right brand message, your business has a competitive advantage and added online brand presence. So, ask yourself the following questions to begin the process of building a successful brand:

  1. Who is your customer? The first thing you need to do is understand your target market. Describe the person who you view needing your product or service. Is your perfect customer a male or female, a person with or without a full time job, or someone in a particular income bracket? Does s/he have kids? Where does s/he live? Identify the customers who you want to deal with, and then begin building your brand around that person. It's important to know who your content will be aimed at online. Increasing your online brand presence needs to be targeted and focussed.
  2. What are your customer’s needs? Once you know who your perfect customer is, you need to list all of their needs, including all of the reasons why your product or service will help satisfy their needs. For example, if you have a home daycare business, does your perfect customer need detailed feedback on what their child did that day, do they need extended hours for late meetings or a long commute, or do they need to know that their children are in a learning environment? Understanding your customers’ needs will help you build your small business brand in a way that makes you the obvious choice for your customers.
  3. What makes you remarkable? What can you say about your business that’s different from your competitors? In order to be remarkable, you need to do something really special. In the same home daycare example, could you consider offering a more flexible schedule? Most institutional daycare centers are open from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM. What if you offered customers a fee based on the number of hours they actually need? So, families who need care from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM would pay less than those who need care from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM. What if you offered evening or weekend care? Would that make you remarkable? Think about what do that’s special and different and your brand will stand out.
  4. What messaging targets your customer’s needs and highlights what makes you remarkable? Once you describe your perfect customer and identify your competitive advantage, you need to develop messaging that focuses on how you can meet your customers’ needs in a unique way. You need to do something different and more valuable than what every other business in the industry is doing, or your business will just fade into the background. Maintaining your online brand presence on the internet needs constant work.
  5. What is your company’s voice? Is your company fun and whimsical, or is it serious, professional and knowledgeable? It’s a good idea to make a list of 5 adjectives that describe how you want your business to be viewed and then make sure your messaging and brand (including your writing style) is portrayed in a tone that reflects those adjectives.

The exercise above should take you just a few hours, but it will be invaluable as you build your small business brand to make sure that your online brand presence is working for you. 


August 08, 2012

Affiliate Marketing
You need to harness every aspect of internet marketing when you're trying to boost your online brand presence. Many people have heard about affiliate marketing, but not everyone understands how it works. Wikipedia defines it as “a marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate's own marketing efforts.” Essentially, you’re able to earn money with an affiliate marketing business by sharing unique links to other business’ websites. the most important part though, is that you're able to forge links with other businesses.

There are several ways to use affiliate marketing to help you improve your online visibility. The most common affiliate marketing business is created through a blog. You can create your own free blog account through services such as blogger.com or wordpress.com. Another option is to create your own unique website based on a specific topic. If you're using a blog to help increase your online brand presence you need to make sure that the content is interesting and informative.

Think about a topic that interests you (health and fitness, nutrition, funny stories about your kids, cooking, etc.) and then start writing blog posts or articles about it. Next, you’ll want to create a following. The best way to do this is to share links to your blog posts or articles through Twitter, Facebook, or by posting comments on other blogs related to similar topics.

Another important consideration is related to what types of businesses and what specific links you feature. If your blog posts or articles are related to health and fitness, you’ll want to include links that interests the same people who are interested in health and fitness topics. So, in this instance, links related to gym memberships would be more appropriate than links to pet supplies. By featuring links related to your audience’s interests, you’ll receive more affiliate links and increased online brand presence.

Money Matters

You typically either get paid every time someone clicks on a particular link, or every time someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase. So, featuring the right links will increase the number of clicks from the members of your audience. One often overlooked aspect of affiliate marketing  and link building is trust. You need to create trust with your followers.

So, by acting as an expert on a specific topic, or generating good content that people want to share with friends and continue reading on a general basis, you begin to build trust with your audience. When your audience trusts you, they are more likely to click on offers or links featured on your page. Trust plays an important part in establishing credibility and increasing your online brand presence.




August 06, 2012

Seomoz-increased traffic
Your online visibility can always be improved and there is always work that can be done to make sure that your business brand is getting the most visibility and reaping the rewards. The best way to see where you need to improve is to use analytics to highlight your strengths and weaknesses. There are a number of excellent frre tools that you can use to check your ranking and your traffic. 


SEOmoz.org For Online Brand Presence

SEOmoz.org is a website that a lot of people are now using to check their ranking and to gauge the effectiveness and ROI of their SEO efforts. This site enables you to check your rankings, so that you can figure out how well you are performing. This is especially useful for if you want to overshadow the competition, because you will be able to find out who is ranking for a particular keyword. If the keyword you are searching was once dominated by someone else and is now dominated by you, it is obvious that you are doing something right. If your rankings are lower, you should make an attempt to improve on your efforts.


If you are new to SEO or run a small business, you may want to consider Sitening.com as a free tool to use. This site provides you with a detailed list of SEO-related components. These components are focused on what can be improved for a website and this is a fantastic way to learn about what you are doing right and what you could improve on. If you are on the move, it is possible to use this site on your cell phone, so long as it supports PDF documents. These updated PDF documents will then act as a source of inspiration, so that you can make changes and tweak certain areas of your website or your content to make it search engine friendly.

Firefox For Enhanced Online Visibility

If you use Firefox for the Internet, you could benefit greatly from SEO for Firefox. This tool is also free of charge and because it links in with Firefox, you get a clear indication of how well you are doing in getting work to the top of results with the Firefox web browser. Acting as an overview of your work, SEO for Firefox will provide you with SEO details such as the page rank, the domain age and the cache date, allowing it to be used for other people’s sites as well as your own.

Maintaining your online brand presence is essential for maintaining traffic and your conversiona rate. Enhanced online visibility doesn't come about by accident - the harder you work at it, the better reputation your brand will have online.




August 03, 2012

Maybe you’re a website owner who wants to get more hits. Maybe you’re an internet marketer who wants to promote a company or a product. Either way, you are going to make use of SEO to try and get the most online brand presence to attract more traffic to your website and to your company.

Website Design For Increased Online Brand Presence

Business owners often tend to focus on what the website looks like, but your website design is much more intricate than the graphics and colors. Your website deisgn should always focus on the content, because it is content that will affect your search engine ranking and increase online brand presence.

Sure, your website may look technologically-savvy with its beautifully-scripted fonts, blinking text, high-definition photographs and interactive videos ,but what good will it do for your search engine rankings if its content reads like it’s been written by a third grade pupil? You may get a few clicks here and there due to your visually interesting website, but the most important audience will be ignored. 

Excellent content and client interaction is the way to build rankings for increased online brand presence. Most people assume that the way to expertly manipulate search engine rankings is to add as many keywords that they can in a paragraph. If a website owner takes the as-many-keywords-as-possible advice and wants to get their website known for Chinese food, their website content would probably look a lot like this. "Chinese food is a delicious Chinese food in the market of Chinese food."

Although that sentence seems like a successful SEO content for most people, it may actually drive traffic away from your website instead of towards it. The sentence above is an example of keyword stuffing which are usually placed on lower rankings. The delicate balance between sensibility and keyword density is vital for enhanced online visibility. Keywords may be important for an article to rank first in the search engines but the number of keywords and their placement in the article is just as important for a flourishing website. 

To enjoy enhanced online visibility, you need to make sure that you constantly monitor the web for any possible mentions and reviews of your business. Responding and reacting fast to any negative comments is also an important part of being able to enjoy enhanced online brand presence.


August 02, 2012



How can you leverage social media for enhanced online visibility? Creating compelling social media content is a challenge that almost all internet companies and marketers face on a regular basis.  This is due to the simple and pretty straightforward line of thinking that the more the target market sees and understands your content, the more sales you will be likely to generate. 

Though this is true, a successful marketer does not settle with  social media content that is merely talking about his or her company’s product; instead, a successful marketer makes social media content that promotes and sheds light on the company brand through effective use of persuasion, factual presentation, and social proof. 

Knowing what social media content is and how beneficial it is if used effectively is entirely different from actually knowing how to effectively use it.  Basically, one of the most important steps in making sure that your social media content gets noticed is by knowing where and when to begin. 

Social Communities For Better Online Brand Presence 

First, let us deal with the “where.”  Initially, you have to pick and choose first a social community that you believe will benefit you well and provide for increased online brand presence.  What it means by this is that you have to understand your product first and determine which crowd will probably benefit from it the most.  For example, if you are marketing computer software and computer utilities, you are most likely to get consumers if you join a social community that deals with information technology and other related topics.  In short, be a member of online social communities that are well suited to your business and provide for the most opportunities for increased online brand presence.  

Now, let us deal with the “when.”  At this point in time, you are now probably excited in just getting out there and letting the world know what you and your company have to offer.  However, just like anything important in life, you must only act if you at the right time and at the right schedule.  Rushing something, oftentimes, only leads to disaster. Contribute little by little by joining the discussions and by posting helpful tips and tricks about the topics that are related to your venture.  Study what content gets the most attention from the members and from there, build your online brand presence up along with your online credibility.  

Once you have understood what catches the attention of your social community, you can then start providing the members with social media content that is not only promoting your business, but is also relevant to what the social community needs.  You can start providing them with lists, with stories, or even with simple informative posts regarding your product.  The most important thing is that the content must always be relevant and delivers what the headline promises.

Using social media content effectively is probably one of the biggest keys in enjoying enhanced online brand presence

August 01, 2012

Online reputation management, or brand reputation monitoring as it is often also referred to, is the result of the popularity of online media and ease of public accessibility, coupled with the rise of integrated and interconnected Web 2.0 systems.

Suddenly the Internet is more functional and easier to use than ever before. There’s been a dramatic shift in focus from traditional print and broadcast media which simply aren’t as three-dimensional, interactive and convenient as the Web.

Today’s consumers are encouraged to create and share their opinions online for free – a function not normally associated with conventional media. This allows for more consumer consciousness, freedom and advocacy - providing a soapbox for consumers to express their opinions.

Good or bad, sometimes these user viewpoints go unnoticed, but a lot of the time they are the active, uncontrolled voices of the authoritative members of the online public.

There’s no need to fret. By following a few simple tips towards setting up your reputation management tools, you’ll soon beware of any buzz about your brand and building your Google CV all the while.

Choose Your Reputation Management Keywords Wisely

Select which keywords you would like to monitor with your reputation management tools. These should include your brand names, employees’ names, unique product or services names and any other noteworthy terms.

Get An RSS Reader – It’s Really Simple

Before deciding which areas of the Internet you’d like to monitor, find an RSS Reader (Really Simple Syndication) to concentrate the incoming information from the various information sources into one channel.

Two of the free RSS readers include:

Google Reader: This easy to use RSS aggregator compiles your important feeds into one destination – all within your browser.
FeedReader3: Once downloaded and installed, FeedReader3 provides convenient filing of incoming data. Add your key phrases and click which suggested search services you’d like to utilise (e.g. Technorati, YouTube etc.).

Using Your Reputation Search Spotlight

With your key phrases and RSS Reader ready, it’s time to decide where to listen out for mentions of your brand. Your initial setup will probably return a long list of results for your keywords due to a backlog of online information. You may also need to redefine your search terms to narrow down your results.

The following websites can be used for manual search (e.g. meta search with KEOTag) or added to your RSS Feed, and are just a few of the essential monitoring destinations:

Which do you use? Drop us a comment.

We’ll be exploring online reputation monitoring and management over the next few weeks, so be sure to keep an eye out on this blog.

Remember that you can use LookupPage to keep track of where visitors to your profile are coming from. By ensuring that the link to your LookupPage profile is listed on any piece of communication that you submit online, you will get more visitors to your profile. By being able to track where they are coming from you can gain insight into what and where you should target in order to increase your online visibility.