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July 31, 2012


Social media

Social media is a strong tool that many internet marketers are now taking advantage of. With millions of people in the world now using social media platforms to communicate, there is no better way to promote your business and enjoy enhanced online visibility

The Role Of Social Media For Brand Promotion

Your social media marketing must be able to deliver quality content with a very fast turnaround time. The content must be original and meet the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) standards. Your internet marketing department must have a wide understanding of the search engines and how to implement keyword research, as a way of boosting the rank of content on the Internet. 

Sites such as Twitter, Facebook and also bookmarking social media sites like LinkedIn and Digg, are now being used by business people and everyday individuals on a regular basis. These websites are ideal for promoting services because they reach a wide audience in a minimal amount of time. Social media for enhanced nline visibility is immediate. You can use social media to inform, promote, educate as well as respond and reply to you clients and potential customers. 

To ignore social media as a way of protecting and promoting your brand, or to diminish the effect of social media for business development will mean that you miss out on many valuable marketing avenues.

Whether a company is new to social media or trying to figure out what they have been doing wrong in regards to building their online brand presence, turning to Facebook is probably a good idea.  Facebook is free. Facebook is popular.  Facebook probably has your target customers already actively using it. You can use this channel to actively develop relationships with your target client base.

There are, however, some unofficial rules to Facebook posting that should be religiously followed by companies hoping to increase their online brand presence, not destroy their credibility.  Facebook users range in age, cultural background, interests and just about every other distinguishing factor.  Finding one’s target audience is a challenge, but once it is found a company has the opportunity to subtly (if done well) inject their brand and a need for their brand into the daily lives of that deep potential customer pool.


July 30, 2012


Every part of your content plays an important role in establising your online brand presence. Most people are attracted to an article by its title that is why the choice of the title is so very important. Blog posts are found when someone tweets them or they are posted by a Facebook user who stumbles across it or it pops up on a Google search. However it is found, it will invariably be the title that captures the initial readers attention, and perhaps a snippet of the post itself. It is the title that causes a click through to the entire post and once this most difficult task has been accomplished, content then becomes King.

The gateway to content is the title, if the gateway is not interesting, who would bother wandering in? You need to pay attention to every aspect of your content to ensure maximum enhanced online visibility. The title must be valid, the title is like the big sale banner in the store window that begs attention, the title must fulfill the promise that it makes. The steps to writing titles are actually quite simple, but to understand the concept you have to understand people.

People are looking for information. There is an old saying that a day without new knowledge is a like a day without sunshine. Make your title quantifiable, make the content compelling. “5 steps to writing killer blog posts” will get the attention of a budding blogger. So will “5 tricks that every blogger should know”.

Titles that make you part of an elite insider group are more than compelling, they are like an invitation to an exclusive club. You know you must know “The secrets to successful blogging” or “Do you want to know why the Jeep Wrangler is the worlds best off road vehicle”?

A blog post with the title “Warning, read this before you wash another dish” will attract readers because we all wash dishes and we are all aware of chemical hazards and the likes, put two and two together and you have a compelling blog title.

I call these titles my “old man titles”. You know that old guys are a wealth of wisdom, whether that’s true or not is in the eyes of the beholder. Excellent “old man titles” like, “5 things I wished I knew about the internet” will spike attention.

Goood titles build interest, they use keywords strategically, they always have the client in mind, and they always have the objective in mind. The objective of course is to station the client higher and higher in the search results and increase online visibility and brand presence but this will only happen when the articles are well written and the titles are seductive. Whether you use the promise of information, the promise of exclusivity, fear or “old man’s wisdom”, the title is your pipeline to success.


July 29, 2012

Online brand presence through SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and using SEO for online brand presence means that your information can be marketed more successfully and aimed at the customers who are really looking for what you have to offer.  SEO content for brand management is becoming increasingly precise, complex and targeted to allow for the increasing sophistication of search engines and a knowledgeable audience.

Good brand managment ensures that that your material is well placed in search engines. This not only gives the target audience a quick, definitive response to their search, but also, through the use of carefully placed words and phrases, offers your material to a wider audience.

Online Brand Presence For Reputation Management

Your online content covers a large amount of websites, articles, ezines, press releases and newsletters, using your website to produce content which will link back to your product and reinforce your site on search engines. Your online brand management team should also cover a variety of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and for target blogs which will further enhance your website’s visibility in searches by potential clients. The text for your site must be instantly appealing to your target audience as well as containing a high level of keywords for search optimisation and your content must be written with a careful attention to the tone and clarity of your website information. Taking the time to learn from you about the tone and audience for your site will allow you to create engaging content for enhanced online visibility.

We recommend the use of blogs and a full reputation management strategy that keeps your blog fresh, informative and active. Your should identify other blogs which are read and used by your target audience and use them to further market your material by the use of comments and cross links. Your blog postings should include links to Squidoo and Hubpage, as well as posting images which can also be tagged for search engine optimisation. Commenting on blogs is a very useful form of SEO for increased online brand presence and you should make thoughtful comments on your blog postings, or get a professional to write your blog content for you; research shows that target audiences can be won over or turned off by blog comments, and your aim is always to maximise your audience potential.

You should craft content specifically to attract more customers to your product, and to ensure it is seen by the widest audience, yet remais specific and focussed on what you can deliver.It will maximise your potential through its content and its specific keywords and phrases and by targeted cross links will raise your profile and optimise your online brand presence.


July 09, 2012

Enhanced Online Visibility through Blogging

For companies trying to create an internet marketing plan, adding a blog to one’s website is a great way to enjoy enhanced online visibility.  They are a popular, easy and non-threatening way to invite new customers to your product and are great for raising ranking on search engines.  The secret to accomplishing all of the above benefits is to do it right from the beginning.  Internet marketing is not about putting large amounts of money into complex marketing schemes but rather putting money where it will get the most results.

Enhanced Online Visibility - Blog 101

A blog can be a scary venture for a young company just getting their feet wet in internet marketing online and even for established companies just expanding their marketing campaign to the world wide web.  Wherever a company may be in their internet marketing plans, adding a blog is a good investment.  It does, however, require some time and dedication.

How To Leverage Your Blog For Enhanced Online Visibility

First, to be successful a blog needs to look nice.  If there is already a website design guru on staff that can realize an aesthetically pleasing blog - ka-ching! - more money in the bank!  If there is not, then by all means, a company should hire one to set them up in a professional looking blog.  Next, the blog must have some meat to it before it even goes live.  That means someone or someones must write a lot of articles and backdate them.  Current internet marketing wisdom dictates that at least thirty posts should be already included in the blog before it goes live.  If a company has a communications department they can provide the posts, if not, consider hiring a professional marketing company to create content for you.

What’s Inside Matters

The composition of a blog post is a very tricky thing.  Customers will be turned away if a hard sell is evident within the lines.  They will go elsewhere if there is no mention of one’s product.  The balance between the two is a hard equation to figure out.  That is why there are many professional internet marketing companies that provide posts for companies.  They have figured out the successful formula to win customer loyalty, remain interesting and rank high on the search engines to ensure enhanced online visibility.

Regardless of whether a company has a budget big enough to hire the best bloggers available to enhance their internet marketing or is just starting out with a handful of employees and is setting out to build their own site, blogging matters.  Internet marketing is ripe with opportunities for those smart enough to take a chance on something new that will guarantee enhanced online visibility.



July 01, 2012

Online Brand Presence On Forums
Internet marketing for increased online brand presence does not have to be limited to website design and tweets.  Smart companies understand the value of forums and realize that there is no easier way to reach their target audience and increase online brand presence than by becoming actively engaged in forums.  Of course, there are a few rules to follow which make forum posting more difficult than typical internet marketing campaigns, but if it’s done right the reward is great.  Posting does not an overnight success make.  Making one’s product known in forums is part of an internet marketing process of recruiting new customers as well as maintaining current ones. 

Create Online Brand Presence In A Community

Forums are a very intimate form of internet marketing and if done improperly will cost a company potentially many customers.  No spamming is allowed.  Choose topics that pertain to a product and stay on topic.  This cannot be stressed enough! Shameless promotion of one’s product will only result in being banned. Forums can be a way to find specific audiences ripe for your product’s market and actively promote online brand presence.  Treat posts with care and consideration and remember that being involved in a forum is being involved in an online community.  Do not abuse that privilege.

Look Beyond The Obvious

Do not avoid forums that do not allow links.  Of course linking a product or website to every post is a great internet marketing strategy to promote one’s products, but there is more to gain in a post than getting a web address out there. By posting interesting information companies build credibility in their product. Look for ways to subtly promote a website.  Many forums allow a link in the signature. 

Do Internet Marketing Right From The Beginning

Forums can be a wonderful tool in a company’s internet marketing toolbox.  When done in the correct fashion new, informed customers are attracted to one’s website and product or service.  When not given the proper respect a company’s credibility is ruined, something most companies cannot afford to do.  If investing money in internet marketing companies should be really to commit 100% to see the full results.

Before one gives forum posting a chance, companies need to make sure they are able to devote the necessary time to properly integrate themselves into the forum.  By being productive and useful members leaving intelligent posts a need will be created for their product which will ensure increased online presence.


June 28, 2012

Enhanced Online Visibility

Learn to leverage all Google products to enjoy enhanced online visbility. Google are stepping up to the challenge of being the best in search and with them being the primary search engine provider and top Internet corporation in the world, they have a lot to live up to. With the recent introduction of their social media platform Google+, Google are hitting new milestones as they bring to light the ‘Search Plus Your World’ tool. This search tool is rather different to any other search engine listing, and what makes it so unique is the fact that it can be personalized and tailored to suit you.

An integration of Search Plus Your World into the general Google search engine homepage and search listings will make a major difference in the results that are generated. The main purpose of Search Plus Your World is to cater specific searches to the individual who is actually using Google as a resource. The social search features incorporate tools such as personal results, profiles in search and people and pages. Ultimately, this means that whatever you may be looking for on the Internet, you can find not only content based around the entirety of the web, but you can also discover information pertaining to places in your area, people you know and relationships that are yet to be established.

Personal Results On Search Plus Your World

Personal Results are one of the three tools you can make use of when you get started with Search Plus Your World. This option is very beneficial for anyone who has a Google+ account. Searches on Google are made considerably easier with this tool, should you be seeking out results relating to the opinions of people in your area. For example, if you are thinking of using a particular service but do not want to get too wide a variety of web content results which may not even be relevant to what you are looking for, you can use Personal Results as a way of obtaining truthful opinions from local Google+ users and even photos from Google+ accounts. This is an ideal way of tailoring your homepage to your specifications, and while you will constantly see these results for your general searches, nobody else will.

Profiles In Search On Search Plus Your World

Profiles In Search is the second of the three tools and this clever tool could possibly be the most innovative and valuable way of finding people all over the Internet. Much like the social media site of Google+, where you can search for individuals, you can use the Search Plus Your World option when generating search engine results to get profiles of those you are looking for. For instance, if you are using Google search to locate a particular person named Joe Bloggs, you may be faced with over a million Joe Bloggs. This can waste time and effort, but Profiles In Search will immediately generate an image and profile of a fellow Google+ user in your area. This personalized profile prediction can be done for finding friends or any Google+ users swiftly. This helps people find you and your business immediately.

People and Pages On Search Plus Your World

People and Pages are the final of the three tools created by Search Plus Your World. People and Pages will be completely useful for any individuals who maintain hobbies or enjoy certain things. When looking on the Internet and Google for specific topics on things such as sports, music and entertainment, you can expect to get a list of commonly discussed topics in these areas from appropriate people who have the same interests as you.

An easy interface allows you to connect and join circles with other Google+ users who hold the same interests as you. What’s even better about implementing Search Plus Your World into your daily Internet searches is the fact that in the event you want to remove your personalized view, you can do so promptly. Search Plus Your World is the newly established option for Google+ users to try out as a way of learning what they want to know, in their area of the world. It's ideal for businesses who are looking to make a mark in ranking and to enjoy enhanced online visibility.


June 26, 2012

Tips for online branding

Your online brand presence should not be left to chance when you want to utilize the internet as a business tool. As an entrepreneur who is serious about doing business online, you know just how important it is to have a recognized and trusted brand that your customers and potential customers can relate to. Branding on the internet is just as important as branding offline, but you'd be surprised at just how many businesses don't have a cohesive online brand that is promoted across all aspects of their internet business.

Design, Logos and Your Online Brand Presence

Look carefully at your online logos and make sure that they are a true reflection of what you are selling and what your company is all about. It may be that you have to change your logo slightly to reflect your online business. Sit down with a graphic designer who is experienced with logo design for the internet and discuss your needs and requirements. Not all logos translate from one medium to the other, and you'll need to take professional advice as to whether or not your logo is right and will enhance your online brand presence.

Websites, Social Media and Blogs For Online Brand Presence

Every aspect of your online brand presence must be cohesive. This is probably the single area where entrepreneurs and small business owners fall down. You can't have a different logo and different branding for each aspect of your online brand presence. Your website, blog, social media pages and even your video channel should be a reflection of who you are and what you are selling. It may be nice to have a website that has all of the 'bells and whistles', but is it carrying a cohesive message to your customers?

Ask yourself these questions and take a good look at  your online brand presence: 

  • Do your social media channels work for you? It's important that you carry your online brand presence into all aspects of your social media. Your online brand presence needs to sell your business for you.
  • Is your content contributing to your online brand presence? You can't just assume that your logo will attract traffic to your website and online business. Make sure that your content is original, informative and able to compete in search.
  • Is your online brand presence effective? Make sure you work with a company that uses empirical data and analytics to help you decide which aspects of your online brand presence need to be changed and which ones are working for you.

Your online brand presence can have a masive impact on your reputation and your ranking, which in turn will affect how much traffic you attract to your website.

June 25, 2012

Online brand presence in 2012

Savvy business owners and e-commerce site owners need to keep track of movement and trends in the web firmament to be able to harness the power of internet marketing for increased online brand presence. The only constant that you can expect from the world of online marketing is the presence of continual change. Being able to adapt and respond to change could be one of the elements that your e-business needs to succeed.

Internet Marketing Is Not Advertising

While internet marketing is one of the most important tools that a business can use to ensure a positive online brand presence, it is even more important than ever before to understand that you cannot use a social media/blog/web site to “flog your wares”. It is not a mass advertising channel like television or even radio and the very first step that any company must know is that the process of internet marketing is about allowing people to interact with you and your brand rather than try to sell to them.

Social Media For Business Is Still About The Community

Work with a company who understand the vkaue of traffic, sales and ranking to increase online brand presence. Tweeting about a new product is just not as effective as inviting your potential clients to a live Ustream demonstration. Social media for your business is about building an online community and making sure that you provide and communicate with your community on a regular basis.

Social Media Content Development

Great content is the first step in growing your social media marketing efforts in 2012, say the experts. Having excellent social media content is the only way to attract new users to your community and to your site and to turn them into clients. Social media optimization will be one of the biggest buzz words this year as people realize the value of optimizing all of their content online. Once you have good content being published via social media on a regular basis and are attracting users to your page, you need to be able to keep them there with information, entertainment and web content that will keep them coming back.

A return visitor is immensely valuable to any business and is one of the fundamentals of marketing that many marketing managers miss in the race for unique traffic stats to impress you. The longer a potential client stays on your site or social media page, the more likely they are to purchase a product or avail themselves of your services. They are also more likely to ‘share’ your page with their friends and family which is where the ‘word-of-mouth’ component of social media marketing is so valuable. Online brand presence in 2012 will look at consolidation on bigger sites like Facebook and Twitter, the rise of Google+ as a major player and the increased use of smaller or even ‘closed’ social media sites on the world wide web.

June 20, 2012

Enhanced online visibility
If you’re able to get people talking about a product on the internet, then the selling process is working and you will enjoy enhanced online visibility. Using social media services, internet sales and e-marketing is quite different from traditional forms of sales and marketing. In the first place, it is a global platform, and that means that you have to employ strategies that will cover the world. The best way to do this is by using the power of the written word. While it is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, it is also just as true that one ‘tweet’ has the power to transform the world. Having that kind of power in a business could be one of the most important and powerful tools in the world. That said, it is vital that it is handled correctly so that the full impact and power can be harnessed for enhanced online visibility, to increase profits and future business growth.

Enhanced Online Visibility Through Social Media

The way to fully harness enhanced online visibility and the effectiveness of social media services is to make sure you work with people who have the technological and marketing skills. It's not enough to merely optimize your content; every part of your campaign needs to be directly targeted towards a niche market on a global platform. That takes quite a bit of skill. The reason that some businesses find that they are not making money on the internet is because they do not have the right levels of exposure on the world wide web, or the exposure that they have is not being targeted in the right direction to enjoy enhanced online visibility.

Using social media services in a business context is all about consistency and maintaining the correct ‘voice’ over a period of time.  it is important that companies give consistent customer interaction, and brand management so that the maximum amount of traffic can be generated through a website, which will increase sales ultimately. Internet consumers are becoming increasingly aware and choosy about the types of sites that they visit, and they will not just choose a product from the internet if they have no guarantee of its effectiveness in their lives. This is where the power of social media services and ehnaced brand management is so important.  By other interaction and community interaction the social proof a brand needs is slowly transferred.

When people talk about a product or a business, they are in fact giving that product an endorsement. Talk about free advertising! Your brand promotion should be used to promote and advertise products through this medium, playing on the strengths of the traditional word of mouth advertising that has been updated for a technological generation. 

It's only a matter of time before every business is mentioned in some light upon social media.  Without a community presence, a company cannot capitalize on the good, nor combat the bad. Powerful, effective and the best marketing strategy any business can use – online social media and Web 2.0 interaction is the e-marketing tool for the internet. When you learn how to harness the power of the web you will notice enhanced online visibility and increased brand awareness.


June 19, 2012

Seo links


To enjoy enhanced online visibility you need to ensure that you are keeping up with a number of SEO tool and techniques on a daily basis. You do not have to follow every trend that is introduced because not all of them will work, but you do need to follow some SEO principles continually, rather than try a new SEO tool every week.


Enhanced Online Visibility – It’s Ongoing Work

SEO is a relentless drive to make sure that your website and your online brand is continually able to succeed in search. The place to start is with your website. Onsite SEO may be the key that give you the enhanced online visibility that you were looking for. Again, it cannot be performed as a once off job by a web designer. If you’re serious about SEO and achieving all that you want from the World Wide Web, you need to employ a specialist SEO expert to do your onsite SEO. Good onsite SEO sends a message to the big search engines that you are a site that offers their users a more complete and useful experience. Keep an eye on your internal links and make sure that your code is neat and clean.


Enhanced Online Visibility – The Value of Content

Good content is great for enhanced online visibility, and bad content can actually work against you when it comes to ranking and establishing authority with the search engines. Good contentwill always contain an acceptable amount of keywords. Never underestimate the value of having the right keywords placed in exactly the right position to help your ranking and let you reap the rewards of enhanced online visibility. Keyword stuff is dead and will result in a negative ranking, but the use of keywords in your content will always be an important part of SEO and one of the building blocks for enhanced online visibility.


Enhanced Online Visibility – Make your Links Work For You

Carefully used, and judiciously chosen, your links are the power behind your enhanced online visibility. Creating links between your website or blog and other websites is a challenge and should be handled by an SEO expert that has experience in link baiting as well as creating content on your site or blog that will attract links from their sites.


You can use linking to establish authority quickly within your niche market, and actually increase your online brand presence. While there is a huge amount of work that goes into building power links between your site and other site on the internet, the end result is an almost unlimited amount of free advertising and marketing from another company. You will only create good links if you have good content. You can buy links and there is no penalization for buying links but it can be a grey area and you will be monitored by search engines very carefully if you buy links that are not useful or relevant to your page.


Search engine optimization is a subtle blend of technology, creativity and marketing prowess to ensure that you have enhanced online visibility.


June 15, 2012


Businesses looking to compete on the World Wide Web need to have more than a Facebook page to drive their online brand presence. It has long been recognized that the power of social media marketing is an important part of any company who wants to position themselves as a major player on the internet.

Local Brand Presence With Global Results

Being a major player does not mean that you have to be a large corporation or a fortune 500 company either. Local business owners and professionals such as lawyers, dentists, vets and even plumbers have woken up to the idea that web marketing and focussed online branding is not only important, but vital even in the current economic climate and the vast abyss that is the internet.

Making the most of your website needs a dedicated effort in terms of your enhanced online visibility strategy and marketing, and one of the biggest tech companies in the world has invested billions of dollars to make sure that all business can use social media tools to their advantage.

IBM started their business division “Connections” which sells social media software back in 2007. Today, after massive amounts of development they have created a unique software tool that can be used internally or externally as part of a valuable social media marketing strategy.

Social Media and Analytics

The value of analytics and social media is only just beginning to be explored, but IBM looks set to be one of the first to successfully combine the two for the benefit of businesses across America. Analytics is data that is mined that can be used to track user trends, provide useful statistics or even to predict what will happen in the future. By having everyone online in your organization, you will be able to create a large reserve of data that can be used as part of your social media strategy.

Good Social Media Means You Think Before You Tweet

When it comes to small business owners, analytics could be the most important part of your social media marketing campaign. A good web consulting firm will not only be able to provide analytics for your business, but actively use the data that is mind to put a workable internet marketing strategy into place for your business. Each fragment of written and visual content that goes onto the World Wide Web must be based on empirical data, and a firm online brand presence strategy and not just the whim of your webmaster who knows a bit about social media.




June 13, 2012

Online brand presence through social media

Learn how to spread your social media over the widest range of social networks to increase online brand presence. It’s just about manageable if you only have to update your Facebook company page every day, but even that can be a drain on your time resources if you’re running a small or medium sized business. Effective managment plays an important role when your message needs to be spread across a number of networks to your target audience.

Online Brand Presence and Cost

Look at your social media costs to determine where your money should be best spent. Do you need to have an online brand presence on just two social networks or is your target market demographic spread across a range of internet platforms?

Social media analytics may provide the information you need to determine your cost structure

  • Examine your website analytics to determine where your traffic is coming from. Look at how many people come from organic search and how many come through other sources.
  • Look at your search terms: How are people finding your site in organic search? Make sure that you are optimizing for the right search phrases and in the right places.
  • Your onine brand presence manager will be able to delve into the analytics of your social media accounts and give you empirical data about the traffic that your social media campaign is generating.

The value of effective online brand management is in providing a centralized system for all of your social media activities. There are programs that allow you to automate certain aspects of you social media posting, but a manager is able to coordinate all platforms so that they are working together and not at cross purposes. You cannot have one social media message for Facebook and a completely different one for Twitter. Your brand needs to be cohesive and streamlined to get the highest levels of traffic to your site.

Online brand presence tools often play a large role in combining and integrating all aspects of your online marketing efforts. A brand management company does not just post updates and videos on your behalf. Ostensibly, your social media management company needs to be the link between additional web marketing and traditional marketing. It’s a powerful and necessary role within any organization.

Having a spread of social media activities allows your brand to have the widest possible reach within your target market. You need to sit down with a consultant before you make a commitment to just one or two social media sites. A good consultant will have done the research before you start talking about online brand presence through social media and will be able to justify through statistics and analytic data where you should be placing your budget.