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June 11, 2012

Social media roi
If you want to get the definitive answer on whether or not your social media is delivering enhanced online visibility, you need to check your conversion figures. Defining  social media ROI can be directly linked to how many people visit your website and what you do with them once they are there. Although there are a number of ways that can be used to build conversion rates, social media tools are by far the most cost-effective to be concentrating on. You do not have to just focus on a single platform to accelerate the growth of sales within your business. By working with more than one social media site, you are doubling the number of potential clients who see your business website which means enhanced online visibility.

Linkedin IS Social Media

LinkedIn is becoming increasingly popular for business owners as a way of letting people with particular interests find an outlet to satisfy them. Think of LinkedIn like a social media site where you find someone with a problem, and you provide them with a solution. LinkedIn allows you to work on business development by creating groups, which users can join, should they have similar interests. Pay attention to what is posted on these group pages because when a potential buyer published a comment regarding needing the help of traffic developing businesses, the business owner was able to respond and engage in communication. This communication then led to business collaboration. If you focus and participate in groups on LinkedIn, you will realize there are thousands of conversions waiting to be made whic can deliver enhanced online visibility.

StumbleUpon Delivers Enhanced Online Visibility

Much like LinkedIn, StumbleUpon is a kind of social media bookmarking site which has the ability to not only increase your conversion rates, but also alter your ranking on the major search engines like Google. That’s a great ROI and you’ll notice the bottom line improvement. If you devote a few hours each week or even better, each day, you can build your recognition and enjoy enhanced online visibility on websites like this. ‘Stumbling’ links and getting people to ‘stumble’ upon your own will mean the viral popularity levels associated with your business website will boost in no time at all. Keep doing this for the best possible search rankings. 

To maintain enhanced online visibility takes work but more than that, it take consitent effort. Keep it up and you WILL notice the difference.


June 10, 2012

Online brand presence
Does the humble Press Release have a role to play in your online brand presence? Today, the internet has become a modernized market place. Search engines own the topmost part of the internet pyramid and articles are being written to achieve high ranking status; one might think that there is no room for press releases on the internet; quite the contrary, today’s online press releases have become more integral and more important for bringing traffic to a company’s website. Not only are the press releases more fun and more interactive, because of the added animation, videos and colors, compared to the traditional press releases, but using the internet to promote press releases is much more beneficial to companies.

Use Your Press Release For Enhanced Online Visibility 

An online press release is in some ways similar to a traditional one but the addition of SEO for extra online brand presence is the way by which companies can convey information of recent events that are transpiring inside your company. Writing an SEO Press Release makes sure that more people see it. The important part is that it should be written in a way that makes it rank highly in the search engines through keywords and essential back links. With the use of press releases, you can create a back link from informative sites to your website, thereby increasing your ranking in the search engines. It can increase your visibility in blogs, news sites and RSS headlines. However, all these advantages can only be acquired if the writing of the press release is done correctly.

To be able to create an effective search engine optimization press release, here are a few tips to remember. The first is to know what keywords to use; keywords are the phrases typed in by users on various search engines when seeking information online. It is important to get these keywords correct to be able to focus your press release to the right audience and to get higher visibility on the website.

Technically, there are five parts of successful SEO press releases that focus on increased online brand presence. The first is the title, which should include the keyword phrase. The second is the summary, which gives a concise paragraph of what you’re talking about and typically consists of one or two sentences. The third is the body, which gives the recent happenings in your company that you want the readers to know about. The fourth part is two to three sentences that give the writer a chance to talk about the company; while the fifth part, the press contact, provides the contact information for your company.

The most important part of writing SEO press releases is to write something that the readers can relate to, meaning no highfalutin words and absolutely zero jargon. If you want to enjoy enhanced online visibility and an increased online brand presence you need to explore every avenue of internet marketing that you have available to you.




June 09, 2012

Web Marketing For Enhanced Online Visibility

You need web marketing to turn your website from a dormant business card into a vibrant e-business and enjoy enahnced online visibility. Using a combination of different types of online web marketing strategy will establish your product more firmly to a target audience. It is well recognized that social media and blogging sites are one of the main ways to get a product noticed, liked and talked about. Word of mouth can spread very quickly on these sites, and your online marketing and brand promotion company will be able to point you in the right direction.

What Type of Social Media Marketing is Right For Your Site?

Written social media content will maintain a presence on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Squidoo and HubPages. Build up a social media profile and maintain that profile by reading and making thoughtful comments in forums and as blog posts. Create an interactive profile for a social media strategy, making a number of postings daily to keep the content fresh and dynamic. Identify business social media websites that allow for anchor cross-links, enabling a continual web presence, and optimize visibility to search engines used by potential customers.

Be A Social Media Star In The Blogosphere

Blogs are another way of utilizing this social media optimization to enjoy enhanced online visibility. Research your target audience, see what kinds of blogs are most appealing, and carefully create a blog that uses that information most effectively. Maintain the blog with active, engaging content and update blog posts to include links back to other blogs. All of these web marketing and branding sources will absolutely optimize a product’s visibility on the web.

Create a Hub to be featured on Hub Pages around the product. Search engines consistently grade HubPages highly, so a presence here is very valuable. Include links back to other blogs and pages where comments and feedback on the product are featured. Increase your ranking on HubPages, which will optimize the product even further on the search engines.

Do I Need A Blog?

Many businesses are still struggling to comprehend how important it is to have a web presence, let alone a firm strategy for inline brand presence. Blogs are the place where reputations can be made, by using the right sort of writing, videos, links and input. Companies that want to get ahead in promoting a product on the web need to have a good social media and blog campaign that keeps the product in the forefront of the consumer’s mind. Use multiple social networking sites to optimize the search engine potential. A good online brand presence will offer everything that is needed to make a product both visible and attractive to any target audience. Your enhanced online visibility gives you additional opportunities to drive traffic to your site and to increase sales.



June 06, 2012

Social media

Can you use the new Facebook timeline for increased online brand presence on your business pages? For all the published benefits when utilized correctly, some companies are still hesitant about embracing all of the Facebook features that are available for business pages. One of the reasons that so many businesses outsource their social media content is the lack of traditional marketing awareness surrounding social networks and marketing. You cannot judge the importance or effect of a new application by user adoption levels.

Facebook Timeline For Business Pages – What Do You Get?

The changes and the new timeline give brands even more control about what is said and published on their pages. Great news for your online brand reputation drive. It also provides for much more user engagement and product branding possibilities. Whereas  once Facebook business pages used to look a little drab, now you can have a massive banner at the top of your Facebook timeline for business pages. It’s in your face, full color advertising for your brand. What more could you ask for from a network with over 500 million potential customers?

Enhanced Online Brand Presence Through Social Media

It's easy to see the advantages of brand promotions using Internet marketing promotions like surveys, contests, discounts and prizes. Social media service is not new and thousands of businesses, from multinationals to startup home businesses, have already profited from using networking sites, tweets, blogs, v-blogs to put their brand on the map. As previously noted, some companies have been slow to jump on the social media service bandwagon. A general concern is they couldn't control the message since the medium is too unpredictable compared to traditional advertising platforms. This unpredictability is too vulnerable to external influences and that's just a very high risk to take. It's easy to see where these companies are coming from because social networking sites have empowered the public to voice their own opinions.  Without filtering mechanisms, the power is prone to abuse.

Enhanced Online Visibility

Lost among the din is the fact that social media marketing is a platform with which to deliver your message. The latest changes introduced by Facebook provides companies more control over how they can deliver their message without compromising too much of the ability to interact with their customers. With the new Facebook timeline for business pages, information is not constrained by the shackles of a one-way exchange peddled by traditional advertising. The connection to the customer is almost instantaneous and the feedback is tracked in real time. No amount of money can substitute the feeling of customers that they have a stake in the company. Rather than be intimidated by the engagement allowed by the new Facebook timeline for business pages, companies instead should harness this new found closeness with their customers to promote an increased online brand presence.


June 03, 2012

Seo links

To enjoy an enhanced online visibility you need to keep track of and respond to the constant changes in search engine tools and algorithms.Google  has changed the way that it ranks content that is presented on some of the directories that publish and distribute materials. The claim is that this is the new wave of weeding out bad materials. While it is true that unique content is the way to better ranking, you need to be careful that you are not caught in the Google vs. Yahoo crossfire in the war for web domination.

Google Vs. Yahoo For Enhanced Online Visibility

Farms like Associated Content and E-zine are all a part of the Yahoo family, which makes it impossible for anyone putting an article on their website to get the recognition that once was given out by Google. Instead, those who publish on these websites will constantly be placed further down the ranking. There are two major methods that you can use to help increase your online reputation and be ranked by both search engine giants.

Online Brand Presence and SEO

The first part of the solution is to make sure that your content is direct and to the point. Leave out the extras that lengthen your content but don't add value. Readers are interested in the who, what, where, why and when. They can spot a repeated phrase and sentences that have no meaning. Secondly, using keywords and synonyms is vital to every article or blog, just be sure they are used correctly and not overused.

​If you’re interested in Google local SEO for your website and enhanced online visibility, you must not forget the giant of all web crawlers that works for the Google Farmers. We know very well that it is important to be picked up by Google. When you place articles on Yahoo! through Associated Content, do not ​expect them to be picked up by Google. For an individual to be picked up by Google you need to get a Google email account, create a blog site, then place your blogs and articles on your own website.

Valuable content is produced by contributors who are knowledgeable about their subject matter and know how to infuse their content with Google local SEO friendly content as well as know where to place it on the World Wide Web. There are many different sources of traffic on the web that allow people to find you and for your to capture enhanced online visibility. All these sources look for content that is concise, engaging, and informative.


May 30, 2012


​The best way to ensure enhanced online visibility is to get more traffic to your website. In order to be highly ranked in your area you need to invest in some local web marketing. Local search engine marketing tips can show you how to increase your online visibility to ensure that you are right at the very top of the search engines.


10 Ways To Ensure Enhanced Online Visibility

  1. Invest in Google Webmaster Tools. It will be a useful tool for you to check on the search traffic for your site. You can use the data to increase and modify your local search engine marketing campaign. You do not have to pay for the program and it provides a wealth of information and analytical data.
  2. Use latent semantic indexing to create better SEO. The search robots pick up the words around the keywords if they are synonymous with the keyword. For local search engine marketing and enhanced online visibility you need to create excellent geomodified words that tell the search engines exactly where you are and what you do. It’s not easy – get a professional to help you with this.
  3. Internal links are important in creating visibility. It also helps the robots to crawl your site and helps users to find relevant content. Content is still king whether you’re a plumber from Jersey or a multinational corporation in Japan. Hire the best.
  4. Avoid using shared server hosting for your website. Rather invest in a private server or cloud computing.
  5. Ensure that you always use ALT tags for all of your images. They describe the content and can be used to include keywords for enhanced online visibility.
  6. Get in touch with other professionals that fall into the same market as you. Link to their blogs and websites.
  7. Title tags are very important to ensure that the search engine will find your information. Make sure that all title tags contain your keywords. Local search engine marketing for enhanced online visibility needs to be performed with care to make sure that you’re picked up by the search engines.
  8. When writing content for a website or blog, always write for the users not the search engines. They have different needs but it will be the users that buy your product.
  9. Submit your website to the big search engines. It might take time but it will be worth it with the increase in traffic. You’ll only get noticed and enjoy enhanced online visibility from your local search engine marketing if you get your website out there.
  10. Use anchor text that is keyword rich. This is text that should be used in your hyperlinks. Always surround anchor text with the keywords that you have targeted. This will increase the visibility and the SEO value. Target your keywords for those that are most searched. There is no point in using keywords that no one searches for.

Increased and enhanced online visibility does not have to be expensive if it is done right. Look at investing at least six months of time and energy to the campaign to get the best results for your online business.



May 28, 2012

Enhanced Online Visibility Through SEO

Maintaining enhanced online visibility on the world wide web is not always easy but there are some easy local SEO basics for enhanced online visibility that you can employ to kick-start a great marketing campaign on your own. More complex SEO and better ranking will be more quickly achieved using a professional, but if you’re an entrepreneur then you may want to get a handle on how SEO really works by investing in some SEO tactics for your website or blog.

Good SEO Means Great Enhanced Online Visibility 

​Make sure that your content is unique and ensure that it always passes Copyscape or another plagiarism checker. Original content is excellent for enhanced online visibility results. Give your users something to talk about. Update your content regularly and make sure that it is always fresh and relevant. Avoid using submission services. Rather do the submissions yourself. Services will only send you down the rocky road of spam. Updating content is one of the best ways to ensure that the search engines keep coming back to your site.

A good tool is to start using forums that are related to your blog or to your website. Start creating some buzz around what it is that you do. Use social networking buttons to link to your site. It will give any blog or website the chance to enjoy viral growth. Ensure that visitors to your blog or to your site have the function available to the social media services. It will create more interest in what you have to offer and added enhanced online visibility. Blogs take time to fully realize the value of SEO. Keep plugging away and you’ll notice the difference soon.

If you use multiple domains, then ensure that the content is related. Multiple domains can support each other and create valuable cross-links. You can even employ some SEO in your web design. Design, whether for websites or for blogs should be neat and clean at all times. Design should follow SEO not the other way around.

The best tool for enhanced online visibility is to try to include some sort of local information if you are writing for a specific geographic area. It will increase your SEO hugely. Internal links should also contain anchor text to allow the search engine spiders to crawl the site more easily. If you continually see that your crawl rate from the big bots is higher than 1200ms, then you need to SEO for speed as well as content.

Enhanced Online Visibility Technology

You do not need to have .php at the end of your links. It is outdated and will have no effect on your SEO. Back links that have a rel=nofollow after them, will have no impact on your SEO as search engine will not follow them. They will however increase your reputation. Keywords should be placed in the first and last 150 words of an article for them to be truly effective for local search results. Enable compression on your blog so that it is easier and faster for the end user. Your hosting company will be able to help with this.

Enhanced online visibility through SEO does not have to be time consuming; it does however have to be constant and continual to be able to reap the rewards from your website.


May 22, 2012

Remember the days of scouring the current Yellow Pages to find a local service or business? It's now a fact that a high percentage of people looking for a local company or service perform an online search. According to Google, this percentage can reach as high as 97%, so it appears that any business who wants to keep its head above water must be highly visible online.


For every business owner, from the largest down to the smallest, or for anyone offering a product or service, the name of the game is Online Visibility. There are many ways to accomplish this, such as an SEO optimised website, active participation in social media networking and taking advantage of the numerous digital promotion avenues, but the two-fold goal is always to maintain a strong and positive Internet reputation while being highly visible in an online search. Google Places provides excellent tools to help achieve both of these goals and is one of the simplest ways of attracting local customers. Even an individual or small business that doesn't have a website can attract attention and customers by a listing on Google Places.


Business owners can begin using Google Places effectively by checking their own listing. Most businesses already appear, so it's important to verify the information. Check that the details are accurate and that the listing is correct. Then, to make sure your company stands out,  begin “dressing up” the listing by adding photos, videos and custom categories. These could include your service area, specific brands that are sold through the business and parking recommendations. Going one step further by offering online coupons or special promotions to first time customers is another way to ensure increased business. Once this is done, check Google Places regularly to add notifications, update information and to gather data on the number of people who have viewed your listing.


As a free and popular service, Google Places is one product that can and should be used by anyone who wants to increase and strengthen their online presence.

May 12, 2012

Building a vibrant and dynamic online community can be useful to your business as well as beneficial to the members of the community. It gives them a chance to get to know you and learn more about your business while you are garnering from them vital information that will help you design your products or services to fit their ever-changing needs.  Here are a few tips to help you get started and maintain a thriving community.


• In order to carry on a dialogue with your customers, find out who they are and what they need. By understanding their demographics, such as age bracket, stage of life, social class, income level, education and lifestyle, you will be able to engage them in dialogue that will be interesting to both of you. This first step in selecting the members of your community is  important in building a strong base to work with. It will also help them to integrate socially with one another as the community grows.


• Once you begin inviting members to join your community, begin to ask questions right off the bat. Find out what they are interested in and how you can help them. Be open to their responses and learn to gather insight from their answers. You can be one of the first to catch on to new market trends and understand potential problems while using their requests to develop new product designs. In addition, you will have a relationship with your customers that will help you stay on top of crisis communication when needed.


• Show a personal side to your business. Let your community know that they are not dealing with a large and unapproachable corporation, but they're actually speaking to someone who cares and can make a difference. Let your voice be heard.


• Without being overwhelming, introduce new products or concepts to your community of customers first. This is the simplest and most straight-forward type of market research. Let them have the first go at it and get their feedback. In other words, keep them in the loop. They will feel a connection with the product and take steps to help you promote it through word of mouth.


• Grow your community organically by having something to offer. Make it worthwhile for friends to invite friends and in this way, the community will build itself. While this might be as simple as lending a listening ear when they have comments or suggestions, you might go so far as to offer promotional give-aways in return for taking part in a customer survey or partipating in a new product trial.


• Spread your wings by joining other social networking forums. If you began your community on Facebook, then you can invite your friends to join you on Twitter. Take advantage of the numerous social networking outlets.


• Most important of all – thank your customers. Let them know you you appreciate their support and value their friendship.

April 09, 2012

One of the best tried and true methods of sharing exciting information about a business is the press release and companies seeking enhanced online visibility must learn to use press releases and other information releases to their advantage.  While traditionally newswires have been the only source of press releases social media has now taken a bite out of their market.  Now businesses rely not only on newswires but also blogs and social network to share information and company news in an effort to build their enhanced online visibility.

Press Releases and Enhanced Online Visibility – Tradition

There is absolutely nothing wrong with creating well-crafted press releases to be featured by newswires.  In fact, many online news sources rely heavily on such news wires.  Small businesses, especially, benefit from a press release if their blog subscriber numbers or social network follower numbers are low. Press releases still offer a chance for companies of all sizes to share exciting changes such as new key employee hires and changes in locations with a large audience.

Press Releases and Enhanced Online Visibility – Blog

Those with impressive blog subscribers may opt to forego the press release and issue breaking news via their blog only.  With a blog release brands have the ability to share the information with their core customer base and then let them disperse it throughout various channels.  Most businesses releasing information via blog post also issue a press release although some big brands have cut out the press release all together.  Google now breaks news only on their blog knowing that enough people follow the blog to get the important information out just as effectively as a press release.

Press Releases and Enhanced Online Visibility – Social Media

In the case of information sharing social media is the tie that binds.  Of course, businesses may choose to share information via social media post but that is a bit dicey as many posts go unnoticed. By using social media to share a blog post announcing breaking company news or using social media to link a press release, as published by a newswire, businesses can give the sharing of their information a little nudge in the right direction.

In this exciting age of social media, blogs, and other information sharing tools businesses are no longer tied to the meager press release when wanting to share company news.  By carefully choosing when, how and where to post news a broader audience can be reached.  The best way to build an enhanced online visibility is to coordinate traditional press releases with social media and blogs.

April 06, 2012

Smart small businesses are beginning to realize the real potential YouTube offers them in building their online brand presence.  With YouTube being the second most popular search engine in the world there is no doubt that your customers are on YouTube no matter what your industry may be.  To make the most of the social network there are some YouTube specific tips that companies should follow if online brand presence is the goal.

1)    Keep videos short – Most people don’t want to commit to much more than a few minutes when watching YouTube.  Instead of losing customers half way through a long video try to make videos short and to the point.  If you have a topic that requires a good chunk of time split it up into parts to keep the time short for each video.

2)    Customize your channel – YouTube gives account holders lots of options when it comes to customizing their channel.  When deciding on how your channel should look try to be consistent with other online representations of your brand by using consistent colors, a logo or slogan. 

3)    Keep up with comments – Your customers will comment on your videos and recognizing those comments is how you keep them coming back for more.  Negative or critical comments aren’t all bad either.  If someone criticizes your brand acknowledge their view point and handle the situation with dignity. 

4)    Follow the metrics – YouTube offers free analytics to brands with channels and that information is priceless. You can use the analytics to determine which videos are most popular as well as when your customers are watching videos.  That will help with scheduling issues and help  you keep track of online brand presence growth.

5)    Keep to a schedule – Creating videos can be tough for a small business and creating high quality videos can be time consuming.  Even if you aren’t able to post more than a few videos per month create a schedule and stick to it.  This will help build a customer base and online brand presence.

These are just a few YouTube specific strategies any small business can employ to make the most of the huge social network.  All too often small businesses are intimidated by creating videos and huge competitors with highly popular channels.  Instead of caving in to self-doubt every small business should try their hand at YouTube. You’ll be amazed at how much it will help your online brand presence grow.

April 05, 2012

When companies want an enhanced online visibility they often turn to social media which is a step in the right direction. Just having a presence on social media or creating a company blog is far from enough to get customers interested in your product.  Enhanced online visibility requires customers and potential customers along with other businesses to be actively viewing your site, engaging with you in conversations and sharing what you offer.  To do that you must follow these three core best practices.

Best Practices for Enhanced Online Visibility – Be creative

Doing what everyone else is doing definitely has its place but in the world of social media creativity definitely is the best way to be seen.  It’s comparable to the early days of television. Back then commercials were live and consisted mainly of a middle aged white guy holding a product and telling about how wonderful it was in thirty seconds or less.  To say the least television commercials have changed a bit in the last fifty years! Social media is about the same.  When sites like Facebook and Twitter were first born just being on the site was enough to improve enhanced online visibility, but now that everyone is on those same sites you must stand out from the crowd to be noticed.

Best Practices for Enhanced Online Visibility – Follow trends

Now that you understand the power of being bold and thinking outside the box it’s time to focus on trends. Thinking outside the box has its place and without someone doing just that innovations would never occur.  Trends, though, do have their place.  Through careful examination of your competitors within your niche, and even the top performing social media businesses, you can find trends in social media strategies and tools. Chances are if those trends work for their customers they will work for yours.  You don’t have to be a copycat to follow a trend. For instance if sweepstakes are all the rage, create one for your business.  That’s not stealing from a competitor; it’s just being business savvy.

Best Practices for Enhanced Online Visibility – Customers drive success

Without customers your enhanced online visibility would not exist.  Unlike traditional marketing endeavors social networks and blogs rely totally on customers to keep content moving amongst themselves.  If you stay humble and remember this law of social media you can begin to create content for your customers - not for the enlightenment of the masses to your brand.  Customers want comparisons. They want solutions (not necessarily products) to their problems.  Most of all they want relationships with businesses where their opinions matter.