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January 06, 2010

Marketing Yourself Online While Job Searching With the grim economical news coming from Dubai, the job market continues to be a difficult one. The latest collapse of what seemed to be a thriving economy would undoubtedly result in significant job loss, as corporate restructuring will go into affect.

Maintaining a strong Google CV is not only important for one’s online reputation but it can also be a helpful tool when applying for a new job. It has become considerably easier and faster for employees to “Google” someone than to pick up a phone and ask for recommendations.Professionals who maintain a positive business image online would have an easier time impressing prospective employers than people who do not have any web presence at all.

A recent survey by Harris Interactive for shows that researching of potential candidates on social networks by managers and human resource staff, has doubled in the past year alone. A social network such as LinkedIn or a guaranteed visibility online tool such as LookupPage can rank extremely well on search engines and provide an additional positive result when a job applicant is being searched online by an employer.

Creating a LookupPage that highlights the attributes of a candidate as well as provides links to online reports, pictures and recommendation letters can make the difference between being called back for an interview and being looked over. Another advantage of creating an online resume is that it can be accessed at any time of day and from just about anywhere. Finally, LookupPage Pro users receive a unique domain name as well as comprehensive user statistics about who has been searching for them online. This is without a doubt a great online tool for job seekers!

August 28, 2007

It's been a while since our last blog entry, as we've been busy setting up the MyLookUpPage service. We’ve added some new sites that amplify the diversity available through a personal web page, whether you are self-employed, working in the high-tech industry, or just want to have relevant information show up when someone searches for you on the web.

Take a look at the following list of people who already have a MyLookUpPage. You are welcome to try to find them afterwards by searching for them on Google, Yahoo and

Alain Eskenazi, Amir Rosentuler, Ayala Homossany, Daniel Mandler, Dotan Zomet, Ehud Furman, Errol Damelin, Galit Hillel, Gili Wolff, Laurent Eskenazi, Limor Rafaeli, Mark Guymer, Mike Cohen, Oded Zucker, Offir Ariel, Oliver WilsonOrly Sandra, Ranjana Foogooa, Reuben Katzen, Tamir Ginat.

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