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December 29, 2009

An important element of establishing a strong online brand is tracking of what is being mentioned about it across the web at all times. Tracking and monitoring of a brand has many benefits. It could provide valuable feedback about one’s product or service, and this type of feedback can point to what a business is doing wrong and help in making adjustments in an attempt to build a stronger customer base. It is also important to monitor any mentions of a brand online as some of them may become negative at one point resulting in an online reputation problem.

We have often highlighted the advantages of Google Alerts, with the most obvious advantages being that the service is free and simple to set up. A number of premium services out there offer meticulous monitoring services that offer quite a bit of features that Google Alerts does not cover. The question is whether these services are worth the money spent, and how they are different from one another. We decided to review 2 online monitoring services: Trackur and BrandsEye.



Tarckur is the first tool that we examined. One important feature that it offers that Google Alerts does not have is filtering., This enables the user to exclude specific domains from the online search it conducts for tracked terms. This is a valuable feature since it allows the person conducting the search the exclusion of websites that are controlled by that business, essentially reducing the results that he or she would have to go through. The user can also filter out certain keyword. For example, an alert can be set up for “Michael Jordan” that has to include the term “shoes” and exclude the term “Golf” allowing for a more specific tracking of what is being said online. This feature would help a large company that has a number of different products and wishes to track only mentions of the brand within a specific context.


BrandsEyeBrandsEye, another online monitoring and tracking service, offers three packages each allowing the user to track a certain amount of phrases and receive updates in specified increments of time. Their tracking system does a lot of the filtering for the client as it automatically removes duplicate content and spam from its findings.

The BrandsEye system allows its users to “educate” the tracking system on what is important to them. It enables the user to customize the tracking so that each mention could have a different ranking on significance based on author’s name, origin, credibility and sentiment of the over all mention. These are all advanced features that would most likely only be useful for large companies. 

Both BrandsEye and Trackur are solid tools that offer more than Google Alerts does. While we agree that a professional or a business should be proactive in monitoring what is being said about him, her or it online, we feel that Google Alerts is a solid tool that is effective enough to monitor a personal brand or a small company. A large company that has a number of products and generates hundreds of mentions each day online could benefit from premium monitoring of its brand.   

December 20, 2009

Since the tales of infidelity have started to circle around Tiger Woods, large sponsors such as Accenture have cut ties with the athlete. Accenture who has been a sponsor of Tiger Woods in the past 6 years, using his image for campaigns in print, television and airport advertising in 27 countries around the world has terminated the sponsorship deal all together. Other companies such as Gillette, Tag Heuer and AT&T have all decreased the use of Tiger’s image in their campaigns but have not ended their relationship with the athlete. 

Pepsi who named a Gatorade energy drink after Tiger Woods, decided to pull the plug on the drink shortly before the news of Tiger’s car accident made headway. They too decided to scale back the relationship with the pro golfer as opposed to ending it. Golf is considered an upscale sport and some of the products that Woods was promoting are high scale as well. Some of the potential customers for these products are conservative and others would simply feel that Woods no longer represents elegance and luxury. To put in basic terms, Woods is suffering from a negative online image that brands do not want associated with their products.

The fact that it is much harder to build a reputation than to destroy it could not be any truer in this case. Most of us are not celebrities and will never be known to millions of people around the world. We all go about our business and live our lives without the issue of public perception having an effect on the choices we make. Since we are not paid to be a brand we can afford to do what is best in our opinion at any given point provided it is acceptable by our family and friends. 

It was not long ago that comedian David Letterman confessed on national television that he had not been faithful to his wife. Letterman opted to be the one who breaks the news to his fans as opposed to the media. While it is fair to assume that had Tiger Woods announced that he was leaving his wife and new born a few months back his reputation would take a hit, it would certainly not be as bad as things have become for him as of late. However, there are still things that can be done to protect the brand of Tiger Woods brand – but this is an issue for a different post…

 Tiger Woods Accenture


December 03, 2009

Tiger Woods ORM crisis
One of the world’s most famous athletes is under media scrutiny after a late night single car accident outside his Florida home. Woods hit a fire hydrant and a tree leaving him bruised and unable to participate in a Golf tournament scheduled to take place in California later this week. Details are still unclear as to what led to this accident but what is known is that Woods crashed his SUV and that a phone call from a neighbors’ house to the police stated that he was unconscious. His wife later told the police that she had used a golf club to break the windows of the car in an attempt to get him out of the vehicle.

The fact that the rear window as well as the front window was smashed raises several questions about the event. This accident is being closely examined after a report in last week The National Enquirer stated that Woods who is married and has a child has been seeing a New York nightclub hostess named Rachel Uchitel and even spent time with her in Australia when he competed in the Australian Masters tournament. The fact that Uchitel has hired a high profile lawyer after the story broke out only increases the speculation that the rumors are true. 

Woods is reportedly the first athlete to earn more than a billion Dollars in his career and his main income is from advertisements. Golf is considered an upscale sport and some of the brands Woods has been paid to promote can be very sensitive to any negative press. For the time being, major sponsors such as Nike and Gatorade have stated that they will stand by Tiger Woods during this difficult time. Woods has only addressed the issue of the accident in a short statement on his website asking for privacy for himself and his family.

The fact that Woods is choosing to keep silent about what has led to this accident could damage his reputation. Although he is a great athlete, part of the success that the Tiger Woods brand has enjoyed is based on the positive image he had for many years. Because more people than ever before are voicing their opinions online via blogs or twitter, thelonger he waits, the more difficult it would be to maintain a positive online reputation.

November 18, 2009


Twitter is testing out a new way for all of us to retweet the content we like. In the video at the bottom of the post, Chris Voss reviews the new feature that will soon be available to all Twitter users.

The new retweet button tracks who has retweeted your content and allows you to see it within the original tweet. It also saves you time by  presenting any tweets mentioning your name at the top of the screen as they occur so you no longer have to refresh the page or click on @yourname.

LookupPage was invited along for the beta testing of the new Retweet buttons and here are our reactions:

  1. While we agree that the button completes the task of re-tweeting extremely fast, we wish we still had control over the message itself. Up until now, we could shrink the original message and insert something of our own into the retweet whether it is our opinion or summary. The new feature only allows for   a retweet of the entire message as is.
  1. It is fair to assume people are going to be happy with the ability to hide someone else’s retweets. This is similar to an option that has long been around in Facebook If someone retweets a lot and you want a break from seeing them in your timeline, a single click will hide that person’s retweets all together.

Twitter is an excellent tool that helps quite a bit with establishing an online brand and generating business leads. LookupPage Blog has recently explored quite a few  aspects of twitter use that you are welcome to read:

What is Twitter and why following LookupPage on Twitter is a good idea

Twitter for business – Does it work ? 

NFL is wrong for going after twiitter use

November 10, 2009

Teenagers now days establish an online presence at a young age. The social media outlets through which young people communicate online keep changing with time. Five years ago Myspace was extremely popular, and five years from today, Facebook may not be as powerful as it is today.

Social networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn allow people to interact with each other but at the same time, they also play a major role in establishing people’s online presence. Chances are that if someone does not have a website or a blog under their name, this person’s Google CV will begin with his or her social media profile.

Social media profiles for the purpose of online reputation management (ORM)

Search engines index social media tools often and tend to rank these results high, leading professionals who are trying to establish or improve their online reputation to create informative profiles with links to additional profiles. Links between positive results can improve a search results significantly if they are created with care. Using anchor text to create a link between two profiles will generate better results than using a generic term after all the idea is to create a content cloud in which a search engine robot can derive several positive results for the same brand, business or person when searching for it online. This is one form of SEO for a personal branding.

Social media profiles for generating business leads

Facebook Fan pages and business Twitter accounts are two examples of social media tools that are meant to increase the probability of generating business leads. Wefollow allows every Twitter user to list themselves under five professional categories making users a part of yet another online directory that people can search through and where businesses strive to be in the top ranking. Linking a Facebook Fan page, a Twitter account and any other social media profile to your business, professional or LookupPage site where people can learn more about your professional portfolio, can surly enhance the chances of generating valid business leads.

Social media profiles for job search 

In addition to a solid resume, an applicant can improve his or her chances of getting a job by creating favorable results when being searched online by a potential employer. Many employers Google their applicants as an initial background check as it is free and takes very little time. Social media tools such as LookupPage and LinkedIn in can assist in creating an online resume that not only ranks well but also provides links to letters of reference, reports, designs and photographs.  

October 27, 2009

We often discuss how Google and other search engines aim to provide several kinds of results for each query it receives. The algorithm is more complex than what we are describing here but for the most part, it is safe to say that Google will try to find text, videos, images and presentations that are most relevant for every query and rank these results within the Google CV for this term. This is precisely the reason that brands and professionals who are engaged in personal branding and SEO strive to come up with alternating content in order to improve their online visibility.

Because of the fact that blogs are generating more traffic than ever before, search engines are competing to index blog posts quickly and efficiently. The outcome is that blog posts show up on blog search and web search often within minutes. Comments and conversations in those blog posts receive the same treatment from Google.

There are many advantages to commenting on a blog post. It creates an initial interaction between the writer of the post and the reader and at the same time, it is visible to other readers. If someone makes a valuable comment than he or she has essentially contributed valuable content to the post.

A professional who seeks to improve her online presence could benefit greatly from responding to a blog post dealing with an issue that she proficient in. People who are interested in the blog post will see her response and her web presence could grow as they might decide to add her to the list of who they follow on Twitter or look her up online. Most blogs currently allow comments to include a web link so if her response is impressive she may be able to get people to visit her site directly from the blog.  

Choosing which blog to post a comment in is important as well. Blogs that have been around for a while and have new posts on a regular basis, get indexed by search engine bots more frequently, thus increasing the chances of  indexation of both the comment the professional has made on the blog and the link to her website. 



October 21, 2009

In a recent blog post on the official Google blog, a blogger was addressing her issues with a photo of that she does not like and that has been posted online years ago and now comes up on image search for her name. We recently addressed how to remove embarrassing images from Google search, and what we suggested is in line with what Google is offering.

The blogger who was writing the piece and discussing what is essentially an online reputation problem is a Google employee . What is unique about the situation is that up to this point, Google did not officially discuss their policy with regards to people proactively handling and improving their reputation on the web. This is news because no one outside of Google really knew where they stood on the issue of online reputation management.

Google essentially says that if a professional or a business cannot have a negative result removed by contacting the webmaster of the site or appeasing a disgruntled client that wishes to harm the reputation of the business, then he or she should create positive results on the web for themselves. These results would come up on search and eventually (and hopefully) will cause the negative result to rank lower.

In the past, we have discussed many ways in which businesses and professionals can achieve better web visibility and control their Google CV. Google is reinforcing these ideas by telling people to be proactive when it comes to their online image. Google recommends countering negative results with positive ones. Some of the reputation tips include asking satisfied customers to reply to negative criticism online and creating an online profile with links to a company website over all improving the ranking for both results.  LookupPage is a great option for improving the web visibility of a professional or a business, and you can check out the LookupPage premium solutions which guarantee first page results on Google, the world’s most popular search engine.

October 15, 2009

In online branding, we spend an extraordinary amount of time trying to send the right message. It is imperative for both businesses and professionals to position themselves online as an authority in their field of choice. When attempting to establish credibility online we often focus more on content and less on the very first impression we make. When executives need to choose one professional over another and the candidates are not physically in front of them, they often go back to each candidate's Google results in order to compare and contrast.

An appropriate photo, along with a business logo, contributes significantly to the first impression that is made over the internet. When researching a professional on the web people initially look for an image and a short bio. The fact of the matter is that a picture is worth a thousands words and in the world of online branding it is no different.

A professional image should be exactly that, a photo, preferably a headshot that is fitting for the profession. The idea is for the picture to present the subject in a natural and confident manner. This image is important because it will be associated with any interaction the professional will be making online.

In addition to a professional photo, a business logo is essential because it is an additional visual aid that helps formulate a professional image. An enhanced profile that has both a professional photo and a logo looks more professional and is more likely to create a positive response. Not including a business logo on a professional profile can be perceived as lack of attention to detail, equivalent to a business card with no logo. Ehud Furman's LookupPage is a great example of a page that has both a professional photo and a business logo.

LookupPage Pro subscribers have the distinct advantage of presenting a professional photo and a business logo on their LookupPage. Pro members also enjoy top rankings on the LookupPage Directory where their logo shows up as well, increasing their traffic significantly.

To update your professional image and upload a business logo:

  1. Signup / Login to your account
  2. For uploading a professional image, click update "My Personal Details". 
  3. For uploading a business logo, click update "My Business details". 
  4. Choose a file to upload and click save. 

If you are a Pro user, add a link to your business website which will be associated with your business logo. 

October 08, 2009

It is no secret that employers Google the names of applicants as part of their background check. Such activity on the part of employers is easy to understand; Googling someone is free, effective and quick. It can often tell you things colleagues, friends and former employers have been reluctant to say or may have overlooked.

On the other side of the spectrum, people who are in the job market can enhance their chances greatly by creating a custom resume on LookupPage. A clear advantage to having a resume online is the ability to present yourself professionally on the web around the clock. An additional advantage is that you can reference the resume while on the phone with a potential employer; by using LookupPage Pro and storing it in a custom domain just like your name you are promoting your web presence and increasing the chances your resume will be visible online. LookupPage enhanced statistics can help you find out who has been looking at your resume and what query they used in order to get to your profile.

Creating an online resume can allow an applicant to share more information and provide links to work that they have done online. This is especially effective for graphic design, photographs, reports, letters of reference and any other praises.

October 01, 2009

Its no wonder Dan Schawbel's personal branding blog comes up in every search that has to do with personal branding, He is BusinessWeek’s youngest columnist at 25 years old and the best selling author of “ Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success”.

Currently a social media specialist for EMC and a syndicated columnist for Metro US, Schawbel is perceived as an authority by academic institutions such as MIT and Harvard as both had invited him to speak in front of their students and faculty. The business community recognizes Schawbel’s talent as well; The New York Times called him a “personal branding guru”.

Why do we like his blog?

Dan has a bunch of personal branding experts weigh in, as regular contributors on different days of the week. Recently, the blog featured an extensive article titled “personal brand and word of mouth” by Maria Duron that we feel should not be missed.Dan’s interviews with industry leaders in the field of social media and pop culture are rightfully getting significant coverage in the world of Online Branding.

September 14, 2009

Over the weekend, the MTV video music awards took place in New York City. When 19-year-old Taylor Swift had won the prize for best female video, she got on stage and began her acceptance speech. Kanye west, an American rapper and producer felt that a different singer deserved the prize more; he got on stage, took the microphone from the hands of Taylor Swift, and said that he was happy for Taylor, but that the video by Beyonce Knowles was one of the best videos of all time.

Here’s the link for the video

Taylor Swift looked humiliated by these turn of events. When Beyonce later won the Video of the year award, she showed class and invited Taylor Swift onto the stage to have another go at her acceptance speech.

What does all this have to do with Online Reputation Management you ask?

Kanye West is a highly successful artist that right now may not care about what is being said about him online. He is however also a brand. We have highlighted before the negative things that occur to a brand that is poorly managed online.

The singer Pink was at the VMA’s and was quick to respond to Kanye’s behavior when she tweeted “Kanye west is the biggest piece of shit on earth. Quote me” and so were millions of Americans. On an additional online front, Kanye West has a Wikipedia page that we are sure some people are going to be interested in “modifying“ after this behavior. Crisis communication can make or break a brand. This is a time of crisis for the brand of Kanye West. We can only hope that his public relations team is smart enough to take necessary steps in order to diffuse the situation.

It is entirely possible to gain control over the results page of major search engines. Creating a profile on LookupPage is a great start for improving online visibility of a business, a professional or a brand. LookupPage Pro will guarantee online visibility on the first page of Google! 

September 07, 2009

Businesses and professionals have varying methods for highlighting the content they come up with on the web. Although the advantages of using social book marking  in order to improve the online visibility of a brand are widely recognized, generating a press release has many other benefits for the purpose of search engine optimization and brand recognition.

Coming up with a solid press release requires quite a bit of legwork. To begin with, it is crucial to have a noteworthy announcement about your company or brand. A significant milestone for the company, or the launch of a new product would make good candidates   for a press release. The communication needs to describe the news in a neutral tone - stating facts as opposed to describing opinions; a press release is clearly not an advertisement. 

One of the better places to generate a press release from is PRWEB . It is not free but when you take into consideration the sustainability of your press release, it is not terribly expensive. Press release aggregators get a lot of respect from search engines, The people who determine the algorithm for Google and Yahoo are well aware of the strict editorial guidelines that users need to adhere to in order to publish anything as a press release.  

It has been suggested that because PR sites receive a lot of credit from search engines, launching a new website and using a press release as one of the tools for the launch is a good way of insuring a quick indexation process. While this tactic may not have proof, it is unlikely that a solid press release and links from a strong website to the new website will hurt the process. 

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