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September 24, 2012

Fbi and police use social media to solve crimes

Social Media sites could be the latest police resource in the fight against crime. In this informative post we highlight the power of social media and the vital importance of using social media to enhance your online reputation and online brand presence.

The social media news sources are saying that social media could be the word-of-mouth help that the police now use to track down criminals. It’s not just local, but international as well with the broad scale of worldwide users utilizing the social media sites. The FBI, police force and various other government agencies are capitalizing on how they can benefit. With this new breakthrough, solving crimes and gaining support could be a click away.

FBI Search Social Media Sites To Target Users & Terrorism Keywords

The FBI has a driving purpose to offer a fast response to a crisis, as well as uncovering unlawful activities. For the Federal Bureau of Investigation to competently serve as an investigative body, they need to maintain the best form of technology to do the job adequately. The power of social media is rapidly expanding and the FBI has recently announced their plans to get involved. The Bureau is hoping to gain access to material from social media websites that is publicly available. This will give them the opportunity to discover emerging threats, particular incidents and alerts. This evidence will be layered on a map created by the FBI as a way of incorporating additional data, which will let them track movements of potential problems. Social media is could be the link that governmental bodies need to react and respond to situations before they turn into emergencies.

Police Provide Information & Engage Community Members With Social Media 

Communities everywhere have been waiting a long time for the police force to announce their involvement in social media. Undoubtedly, Facebook, Twitter and other networks, which are made use of for communicating, will hold the necessary functions to act as a tool for the prompt delivery of news and information. Furthermore, social media news can create a major presence for police, which in turn can result in awareness and the reporting of crimes.

What is impressive about the police deciding to be a part of social media is that the traffic and attention targeted towards the pages can transpire into an abundance of visitors for the police website itself. This allows community members to learn more about what is happening and how they can help.

Recent Social Media News Leads To Solving Carjacking Incidents

A further breakthrough for social media  relates to incidents such as carjacking, and how social media websites can make a dramatic difference in catching the perpetrators and helping the victims. This is sure to be the beginning of reporting incidents online, and both government authorities and the public are staying fully aware of how to do so in a timely manner, which could make a big impact on the time it takes for cases to be reported and solved.

With the significant advancement of various social media websites nowadays, the possibilities are endless for crime fighters to make communities a safer place. Without a doubt the government authorities will be putting plans into action, as a way of deterring the chances of crime rather than responding to it. Suspects and possible terrorist threats can be tracked down with social media management, and hopefully, progressive social media can help the police and FBI to learn more about regular associations, analysis, trends and probable developments.

The use of local police forces making use of social media is just one more instance of the global village and the interconnectivity in the worl. From a marketing perspective, the advances in social media mean that you have even more avenues and ways to reach your audience and increase your online brand presence.

August 28, 2012


Social media optimization is the key to increased online brand presence. If it’s on the internet; get it optimized and that includes making sure that you are on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and a host of other sites. You need to make sure that you’re on target, effective and consistent. Your business tactics and marketing will not work online if you’re not using social media optimization tips to get it done properly. To get conversion rates and traffic to your website, you need to specifically optimize all the marketing you implement to benefit your business. By constantly focusing on these ways to accelerate conversion figures, you can construct strong leads and recurring sales.

Boost Credibility With Social Media Pages

Social media websites are a popular resource for people to turn to, as a way of communicating with friends, family and work acquaintances. There are great possibilities for marketing and gearing attention towards your business on these sites. The only way to do this though, is to have a desirable level of credibility so that potential and interested consumers will want to spend time visiting your profile. You can increase your credibility and online brand presence by integrating social media optimization into your business web page, as well as live streams from social media sites such as Twitter. This will make other people who visit your site have a higher trust level with you, as they can see you have a major social media following.

Constantly Improve Your Social Media Content

You cannot optimize just once and hope for the best. Look at your social media web page and look at your business web page. Both need to be constantly updated and improved, so that people can see you are consistent and current. Personalize and tailor your landing pages so they are enticing and professional. This will ensure a frequent flow of visitors, increased online brand presence and potential conversions for your business. Post updates and links on your social media sites, as well as interactions with your followers as a way of establishing bonds and a good attitude.

Your leads are the people who will be most likely to have an interest in your merchandise or services, and when you continuously increase the growth rate and diversity of these leads, the success potential for your business has no boundaries. Put the time and effort into utilizing social media optimization to track down new and interested buyers, as well as those that you could possibly sway. Appear friendly and as though you really have something to offer those who view your social media page. Get your message across to a target market and this will allow word of mouth to spread for your business. Do not forget to encourage lots of interaction on social media so that others will want to learn more about your company, outside of social media or your business website.

Social media optimization makes sure that your message is heard by people who are interested in what you have got to say. That’s the optimal way of doing business online and increasing your online brand presence.

August 24, 2012

Stay on Top of Social Media Trends

Staying ahead of social media trends is even more important in 2012. We live in a dog-eat-dog world. When you’re at the top, you just can’t settle at the top. You have to strive harder, break more boundaries and step up a notch if you want to continue to enjoy enhanced online visibility. These rules of business are even more pertinent to the world of internet marketing and social network marketing.

There are millions upon millions of websites and indexed pages that are fully-functioning on the web. The goal to achieve high rankings in search engines for enhanced online visibility is becoming tougher for website owners.

Do You Understand Social Media Trends?

Far too many marketers engage in social media without having a firm understanding of the basics. Social media sites are a web-based platform that provides a chance for people to build social networks with other people online; it's about building communities. It provides opportunities for organizations and individuals by giving a supplementary channel, meant to address customer comments and needs. This is also a way to achieve both the customer, and the competition’s perspective.  To turn concerns or previously held service issues customers raise, to be able to retain customers, convert them to community members socially. It's also a check for business partners and joint ventures to be able to manage the reputation, activities, blogs, and show it all in one place for enhanced online visibility.

The good thing about using social media for website marketing is that the customers and the readers are able to relate to its value.  Having conversations and giving them a sneak peek into the foundation and the strength of your company, and new business that's being done. The strength of a company’s foundation can be utilized as a platform.  They can focus its information and update their contacts and current customers into the recent events that are taking place in their organization through various social media communities.

Company blogs are also a smart tool for lead generation, and one of the most cost effective methods of marketing.  Site promotion using social media trends along with video and photography communities like Flicker and YouTube are all connected by blogs and networks, so that all your promotion is located in one place.  Customers can access any portions of which they choose; more or select information your company has posted.

Another important tip in website promotion is to write reliable content and to update it regularly on your pages. Brilliant content that is unique on the internet will reel in more traffic. However, it is also important to produce regular and continuous content to give the readers something to look forward to and to keep them coming back in your website.

Trends in social media are important to follow for enhanced online visibility. The better you are at SMO, the better able you are to read trends and become proactive rather than a reactive marketer.

July 31, 2012


Social media

Social media is a strong tool that many internet marketers are now taking advantage of. With millions of people in the world now using social media platforms to communicate, there is no better way to promote your business and enjoy enhanced online visibility

The Role Of Social Media For Brand Promotion

Your social media marketing must be able to deliver quality content with a very fast turnaround time. The content must be original and meet the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) standards. Your internet marketing department must have a wide understanding of the search engines and how to implement keyword research, as a way of boosting the rank of content on the Internet. 

Sites such as Twitter, Facebook and also bookmarking social media sites like LinkedIn and Digg, are now being used by business people and everyday individuals on a regular basis. These websites are ideal for promoting services because they reach a wide audience in a minimal amount of time. Social media for enhanced nline visibility is immediate. You can use social media to inform, promote, educate as well as respond and reply to you clients and potential customers. 

To ignore social media as a way of protecting and promoting your brand, or to diminish the effect of social media for business development will mean that you miss out on many valuable marketing avenues.

Whether a company is new to social media or trying to figure out what they have been doing wrong in regards to building their online brand presence, turning to Facebook is probably a good idea.  Facebook is free. Facebook is popular.  Facebook probably has your target customers already actively using it. You can use this channel to actively develop relationships with your target client base.

There are, however, some unofficial rules to Facebook posting that should be religiously followed by companies hoping to increase their online brand presence, not destroy their credibility.  Facebook users range in age, cultural background, interests and just about every other distinguishing factor.  Finding one’s target audience is a challenge, but once it is found a company has the opportunity to subtly (if done well) inject their brand and a need for their brand into the daily lives of that deep potential customer pool.


June 25, 2012

Online brand presence in 2012

Savvy business owners and e-commerce site owners need to keep track of movement and trends in the web firmament to be able to harness the power of internet marketing for increased online brand presence. The only constant that you can expect from the world of online marketing is the presence of continual change. Being able to adapt and respond to change could be one of the elements that your e-business needs to succeed.

Internet Marketing Is Not Advertising

While internet marketing is one of the most important tools that a business can use to ensure a positive online brand presence, it is even more important than ever before to understand that you cannot use a social media/blog/web site to “flog your wares”. It is not a mass advertising channel like television or even radio and the very first step that any company must know is that the process of internet marketing is about allowing people to interact with you and your brand rather than try to sell to them.

Social Media For Business Is Still About The Community

Work with a company who understand the vkaue of traffic, sales and ranking to increase online brand presence. Tweeting about a new product is just not as effective as inviting your potential clients to a live Ustream demonstration. Social media for your business is about building an online community and making sure that you provide and communicate with your community on a regular basis.

Social Media Content Development

Great content is the first step in growing your social media marketing efforts in 2012, say the experts. Having excellent social media content is the only way to attract new users to your community and to your site and to turn them into clients. Social media optimization will be one of the biggest buzz words this year as people realize the value of optimizing all of their content online. Once you have good content being published via social media on a regular basis and are attracting users to your page, you need to be able to keep them there with information, entertainment and web content that will keep them coming back.

A return visitor is immensely valuable to any business and is one of the fundamentals of marketing that many marketing managers miss in the race for unique traffic stats to impress you. The longer a potential client stays on your site or social media page, the more likely they are to purchase a product or avail themselves of your services. They are also more likely to ‘share’ your page with their friends and family which is where the ‘word-of-mouth’ component of social media marketing is so valuable. Online brand presence in 2012 will look at consolidation on bigger sites like Facebook and Twitter, the rise of Google+ as a major player and the increased use of smaller or even ‘closed’ social media sites on the world wide web.

June 20, 2012

Enhanced online visibility
If you’re able to get people talking about a product on the internet, then the selling process is working and you will enjoy enhanced online visibility. Using social media services, internet sales and e-marketing is quite different from traditional forms of sales and marketing. In the first place, it is a global platform, and that means that you have to employ strategies that will cover the world. The best way to do this is by using the power of the written word. While it is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, it is also just as true that one ‘tweet’ has the power to transform the world. Having that kind of power in a business could be one of the most important and powerful tools in the world. That said, it is vital that it is handled correctly so that the full impact and power can be harnessed for enhanced online visibility, to increase profits and future business growth.

Enhanced Online Visibility Through Social Media

The way to fully harness enhanced online visibility and the effectiveness of social media services is to make sure you work with people who have the technological and marketing skills. It's not enough to merely optimize your content; every part of your campaign needs to be directly targeted towards a niche market on a global platform. That takes quite a bit of skill. The reason that some businesses find that they are not making money on the internet is because they do not have the right levels of exposure on the world wide web, or the exposure that they have is not being targeted in the right direction to enjoy enhanced online visibility.

Using social media services in a business context is all about consistency and maintaining the correct ‘voice’ over a period of time.  it is important that companies give consistent customer interaction, and brand management so that the maximum amount of traffic can be generated through a website, which will increase sales ultimately. Internet consumers are becoming increasingly aware and choosy about the types of sites that they visit, and they will not just choose a product from the internet if they have no guarantee of its effectiveness in their lives. This is where the power of social media services and ehnaced brand management is so important.  By other interaction and community interaction the social proof a brand needs is slowly transferred.

When people talk about a product or a business, they are in fact giving that product an endorsement. Talk about free advertising! Your brand promotion should be used to promote and advertise products through this medium, playing on the strengths of the traditional word of mouth advertising that has been updated for a technological generation. 

It's only a matter of time before every business is mentioned in some light upon social media.  Without a community presence, a company cannot capitalize on the good, nor combat the bad. Powerful, effective and the best marketing strategy any business can use – online social media and Web 2.0 interaction is the e-marketing tool for the internet. When you learn how to harness the power of the web you will notice enhanced online visibility and increased brand awareness.


June 11, 2012

Social media roi
If you want to get the definitive answer on whether or not your social media is delivering enhanced online visibility, you need to check your conversion figures. Defining  social media ROI can be directly linked to how many people visit your website and what you do with them once they are there. Although there are a number of ways that can be used to build conversion rates, social media tools are by far the most cost-effective to be concentrating on. You do not have to just focus on a single platform to accelerate the growth of sales within your business. By working with more than one social media site, you are doubling the number of potential clients who see your business website which means enhanced online visibility.

Linkedin IS Social Media

LinkedIn is becoming increasingly popular for business owners as a way of letting people with particular interests find an outlet to satisfy them. Think of LinkedIn like a social media site where you find someone with a problem, and you provide them with a solution. LinkedIn allows you to work on business development by creating groups, which users can join, should they have similar interests. Pay attention to what is posted on these group pages because when a potential buyer published a comment regarding needing the help of traffic developing businesses, the business owner was able to respond and engage in communication. This communication then led to business collaboration. If you focus and participate in groups on LinkedIn, you will realize there are thousands of conversions waiting to be made whic can deliver enhanced online visibility.

StumbleUpon Delivers Enhanced Online Visibility

Much like LinkedIn, StumbleUpon is a kind of social media bookmarking site which has the ability to not only increase your conversion rates, but also alter your ranking on the major search engines like Google. That’s a great ROI and you’ll notice the bottom line improvement. If you devote a few hours each week or even better, each day, you can build your recognition and enjoy enhanced online visibility on websites like this. ‘Stumbling’ links and getting people to ‘stumble’ upon your own will mean the viral popularity levels associated with your business website will boost in no time at all. Keep doing this for the best possible search rankings. 

To maintain enhanced online visibility takes work but more than that, it take consitent effort. Keep it up and you WILL notice the difference.


June 09, 2012

Web Marketing For Enhanced Online Visibility

You need web marketing to turn your website from a dormant business card into a vibrant e-business and enjoy enahnced online visibility. Using a combination of different types of online web marketing strategy will establish your product more firmly to a target audience. It is well recognized that social media and blogging sites are one of the main ways to get a product noticed, liked and talked about. Word of mouth can spread very quickly on these sites, and your online marketing and brand promotion company will be able to point you in the right direction.

What Type of Social Media Marketing is Right For Your Site?

Written social media content will maintain a presence on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Squidoo and HubPages. Build up a social media profile and maintain that profile by reading and making thoughtful comments in forums and as blog posts. Create an interactive profile for a social media strategy, making a number of postings daily to keep the content fresh and dynamic. Identify business social media websites that allow for anchor cross-links, enabling a continual web presence, and optimize visibility to search engines used by potential customers.

Be A Social Media Star In The Blogosphere

Blogs are another way of utilizing this social media optimization to enjoy enhanced online visibility. Research your target audience, see what kinds of blogs are most appealing, and carefully create a blog that uses that information most effectively. Maintain the blog with active, engaging content and update blog posts to include links back to other blogs. All of these web marketing and branding sources will absolutely optimize a product’s visibility on the web.

Create a Hub to be featured on Hub Pages around the product. Search engines consistently grade HubPages highly, so a presence here is very valuable. Include links back to other blogs and pages where comments and feedback on the product are featured. Increase your ranking on HubPages, which will optimize the product even further on the search engines.

Do I Need A Blog?

Many businesses are still struggling to comprehend how important it is to have a web presence, let alone a firm strategy for inline brand presence. Blogs are the place where reputations can be made, by using the right sort of writing, videos, links and input. Companies that want to get ahead in promoting a product on the web need to have a good social media and blog campaign that keeps the product in the forefront of the consumer’s mind. Use multiple social networking sites to optimize the search engine potential. A good online brand presence will offer everything that is needed to make a product both visible and attractive to any target audience. Your enhanced online visibility gives you additional opportunities to drive traffic to your site and to increase sales.



May 12, 2012

Building a vibrant and dynamic online community can be useful to your business as well as beneficial to the members of the community. It gives them a chance to get to know you and learn more about your business while you are garnering from them vital information that will help you design your products or services to fit their ever-changing needs.  Here are a few tips to help you get started and maintain a thriving community.


• In order to carry on a dialogue with your customers, find out who they are and what they need. By understanding their demographics, such as age bracket, stage of life, social class, income level, education and lifestyle, you will be able to engage them in dialogue that will be interesting to both of you. This first step in selecting the members of your community is  important in building a strong base to work with. It will also help them to integrate socially with one another as the community grows.


• Once you begin inviting members to join your community, begin to ask questions right off the bat. Find out what they are interested in and how you can help them. Be open to their responses and learn to gather insight from their answers. You can be one of the first to catch on to new market trends and understand potential problems while using their requests to develop new product designs. In addition, you will have a relationship with your customers that will help you stay on top of crisis communication when needed.


• Show a personal side to your business. Let your community know that they are not dealing with a large and unapproachable corporation, but they're actually speaking to someone who cares and can make a difference. Let your voice be heard.


• Without being overwhelming, introduce new products or concepts to your community of customers first. This is the simplest and most straight-forward type of market research. Let them have the first go at it and get their feedback. In other words, keep them in the loop. They will feel a connection with the product and take steps to help you promote it through word of mouth.


• Grow your community organically by having something to offer. Make it worthwhile for friends to invite friends and in this way, the community will build itself. While this might be as simple as lending a listening ear when they have comments or suggestions, you might go so far as to offer promotional give-aways in return for taking part in a customer survey or partipating in a new product trial.


• Spread your wings by joining other social networking forums. If you began your community on Facebook, then you can invite your friends to join you on Twitter. Take advantage of the numerous social networking outlets.


• Most important of all – thank your customers. Let them know you you appreciate their support and value their friendship.

April 06, 2012

Smart small businesses are beginning to realize the real potential YouTube offers them in building their online brand presence.  With YouTube being the second most popular search engine in the world there is no doubt that your customers are on YouTube no matter what your industry may be.  To make the most of the social network there are some YouTube specific tips that companies should follow if online brand presence is the goal.

1)    Keep videos short – Most people don’t want to commit to much more than a few minutes when watching YouTube.  Instead of losing customers half way through a long video try to make videos short and to the point.  If you have a topic that requires a good chunk of time split it up into parts to keep the time short for each video.

2)    Customize your channel – YouTube gives account holders lots of options when it comes to customizing their channel.  When deciding on how your channel should look try to be consistent with other online representations of your brand by using consistent colors, a logo or slogan. 

3)    Keep up with comments – Your customers will comment on your videos and recognizing those comments is how you keep them coming back for more.  Negative or critical comments aren’t all bad either.  If someone criticizes your brand acknowledge their view point and handle the situation with dignity. 

4)    Follow the metrics – YouTube offers free analytics to brands with channels and that information is priceless. You can use the analytics to determine which videos are most popular as well as when your customers are watching videos.  That will help with scheduling issues and help  you keep track of online brand presence growth.

5)    Keep to a schedule – Creating videos can be tough for a small business and creating high quality videos can be time consuming.  Even if you aren’t able to post more than a few videos per month create a schedule and stick to it.  This will help build a customer base and online brand presence.

These are just a few YouTube specific strategies any small business can employ to make the most of the huge social network.  All too often small businesses are intimidated by creating videos and huge competitors with highly popular channels.  Instead of caving in to self-doubt every small business should try their hand at YouTube. You’ll be amazed at how much it will help your online brand presence grow.

March 28, 2012

Everyone loves watching videos making the ability to increase your online brand presence with YouTube an easy task.  Current studies have proven that almost half of all internet users watch a video at least once a day.  That is a pretty impressive number! Many small business owners aren’t sure how to get in on the action when it comes to YouTube and as a result don’t utilize this amazing brand building tool.  If you spend a little time surfing YouTube you’ll quickly realize it’s not a site of all professionals or teeny-boppers.  In fact, if you look long enough you’ll probably find your competition.

Increase Your Online Brand Presence with YouTube – Stay Interesting

You probably aren’t a filmmaker or a Hollywood producer.  That doesn’t mean you can’t make a great video for online brand presence purposes.  First, you must determine a topic that your customers most often wonder about.  Video allows you a lot more ability when it comes to showing how products work or how they can be used in new and interesting ways.  If you provide a service make a video that shows your services.  No matter how you use YouTube stay interesting or no one will come back for more.

Increase Your Online Brand Presence with YouTube – Be Direct

At the end of your video make sure to invite visitors to your website, blog or social media pages.  In order for them to actually go there your video will have to have explained how your product or service can become a solution for one of their products.  Also, throwing in something for free never hurts either.  You may, for example, have a coupon on your site for a discount on the service you just explained.  No matter how you do it, you must make sure your YouTube watcher knows how to find you.

Increase Your Online Brand Presence with YouTube – Take Advantage of Banner Ads

YouTube allows video posters the option of creating a Banner Ad that will be displayed at the bottom of the video.  This banner is completely customizable so you can make every banner unique to match every video.  No taking advantage of this will only hurt your online brand presence.  If a potential customer clicks on the video but after a few seconds realizes it’s not what they had in mind but are still interested in your brand they can click on your banner to be directed to your website.  No banner equals no new customer.

YouTube is an underutilized tool when it comes to social media tools especially by small businesses.  Creating videos can be intimidating but once you commit to doing it and produce a few you’ll probably find it’s a lot of fun and rewarding.  If you are looking for creative new social media strategies you can always increase your online brand presence with YouTube.

March 22, 2012

These days every business is on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  Pinterest is the breakout winner of 2011.  But what are the next big social networks that will take off?  To build online brand presence your business will not only need to be aware of these social networks but have a presence on them early on to catch as many customers as possible.  Below are some of the newest and hottest, predicted to grow the fastest, social networks of 2012.

New Social Networks for Building Online Brand Presence - Path

This social network tracks where you are, who you are with and what you’re doing.  It even shares what music you are listening to.  For those who like to keep everyone in their life ‘in the loop’ Path is sure to be a future hit.  It also works seamlessly with Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr updating those sites with Path info.

New Social Networks for Building Online Brand Presence - Sonar

For all those people who wondered where their friends were Sonar is the answer.  It taps into your social media accounts and uses GPS to determine where your friends are in location to you and then alerts you of possible love connections and networking opportunities.

New Social Networks for Building Online Brand Presence - Localmind  

This is the perfect site for those wanting to know what is going on where they are right at that moment.  Once again, Localmind pulls info from other established sites like Facebook and Twitter to determine the hottest events based on a user’s GPS location.

New Social Networks for Building Online Brand Presence - Fancy  

A sort of knock-off of Pinterest in that users are asked to ‘fancy’ items they want.  Unlike Pinterest users can buy the items they fancy directly from the website.  Genius.

New Social Networks for Building Online Brand Presence - Forecast

With the hope of influencing friends’ and followers’ behaviors Forecast is an online date planner of sorts allowing users to tell the world what they plan to be doing in the future.

Whether these hot new social networking sites hold any appeal to your business or if your business will benefit from them is not important. What is important is for businesses, especially those small and mid-sized, to always keep an eye out for the next big thing.  With social media being the best marketing option keeping up with new social networks for building online brand presence is the key to success.

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