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March 21, 2012

In the constant race to get your company’s name and brand out to the masses it is easy to forget you must focus on the follower for enhanced online visibility.  By follower, of course, I mean on social media. They are the real drivers of your brand’s enhanced online visibility and without regular maintenance and tending to will grow bored and desert you.  Below are some tips to maintain that vital brand/follower relationship to continually propel your business’s enhanced online visibility.

  • Reward loyal followers – Everyone likes to be notices and rewarded for their work.  By offering ‘facebook only’ or ‘twitter only’ specials you reward followers and encourage their hard work.
  • Ask for their opinions – Customers like to share their ideas with brands, your being no exception.  By regularly asking followers what they think about products or any other aspect of the business you engage and increase the likelihood that more fans will jump in the conversation.
  • Constantly remind customers – all of your customers need gentle reminding to join the business on the various social media website.  Enhanced  online visibility can only be built if people know about your online presence.  Verbal reminders, email reminders and social media logos on all stationary is a great way to remind customers, both new and established, to follow you.
  • Stay current on your customer base – You must at all times be aware of your customer base and their needs.  With that information you can craft social media pages to fit their needs which will in turn encourage engagement which in turn created enhanced online visibility.
  • Use analytics – All social media sites provide analytics and you can use outside analytics as well to determine how social media strategies are working.  The focus of your studying should be on the follower.  If what you’re doing is working follower numbers will be up.

There are many aspects of social media marketing that must be considered when trying to increase your brand’s enhanced online visibility, but they all amount to nothing if your customers are not interacting with the brand.  Social media allows the greatest freedom in that regard making the need to focus on the follower for enhanced online visibility the top priority of everyone on the online marketing team.

March 19, 2012

Every company competing in online marketing is aware that Pinterest is the hottest site out there making everyone race to figure out how using Pinterest to further enhanced online visibility is best done.  Since it is a new site the rules for how best to market to Pinterest users are still a little murky.  Pinterest has its rules regarding marketers but are rather lenient as social media sites go making Pinterest the best place to really increase your enhanced online visibility.

About the only rule Pinterest has defined in regards to marketing is that a Pinterest account cannot be only about self-promotion.  That means to reach Pinterest users you or your social media team are going to have get creative in finding ways to genuinely interact with users. 

Of course not all businesses need to be on Pinterest.  The demographics clearly show that those businesses aiming to women in their twenties, thirties and forties are who are on the site and if that is not your target customer base than enhanced online visibility will probably not be affected with a Pinterest account.  For those businesses that are in the market of advertising to that demographic the sky is the limit for enhanced online visibility if you can reach out and connect on Pinterest.

The best advice on how to reach customers on the new site is to think outside the box and think visually.  Since the site is a visual-based one you must find unique and intriguing ways to display your product or service without blatantly advertising.  For instance, if you are a dog-walking business you can post pictures of dogs.  Funny pet pictures are some of the most popular on Pinterest.  Another example would be if you sell children’s boutique clothing sharing pictures of children in your product enjoying time at a park or participating in hobbies. 

The most important thing to remember when trying to build an enhanced online visibility through Pinterest is to keep with the theme and mission of the site – people connecting with others through pictures and videos of what they find interesting.  If you can find a way to get your product or service circulated on Pinterest your enhanced online visibility will go through the roof.

March 16, 2012

It seems like these days everyone and their brother has a social media page making the need to master social media for enhanced online visibility that much greater.  To become visible your brand must stand out from the crowd but determining how to do that often trips up those new to the social media game.  With all the social media strategies targeting enhanced online visibility it’s easy to see how small businesses can get caught up in a social media arms race forgetting the true purpose – creating an enhanced online visibility.

Master Social Media for Enhanced Online Visibility – Ignore Competition

This goes against everything you’ve read so far about scouting out the competition, getting ideas from them and learning from their successes and mistakes.  Yes, those are great strategies but to truly master social media and build the type of enhanced online visibility you are probably in search of it’s a good idea to take a break from the competition and focus on your business and its needs.  This includes spending more time studying customers, your own analytics and performing an in-house audit on how your social media is performing

Master Social Media for Enhanced Online Visibility – Goals, Goals, Goals

Without clearly defined goals any time spent on social media is wasted.  This is true in any area of business but especially true where social media is concerned.  How many people sit down to check their Facebook page ‘real quick’ and emerge two hours later confused at what just happened?  The same happens with businesses.  Without concise goals that every strategy, i.e. every comment and post, strives to meet your time and energy is sucked into the black hole that is social media. 

Master Social Media for Enhanced Online Visibility – Start at the Top

First, establish goals.  Next, develop strategies that endeavor to meet those goals. Strategies should be comprised of tried and true social media strategies as well as unique and creative ones created by your social media team.  After the strategies come social media tools.  This is the day to day commenting and contests that newbie businesses just entering into social media tend to begin with.  By beginning at the top and working your way down your social media will be more organized keeping enhanced online visibility at the forefront.

While some social media sites are well established with many proven strategies emerging as winners new sites are popping up all the time making the need for social media competency that much greater.  With just about every small business and almost, if not all of, your competitors vying for the same patronage on social media websites you must master social media for enhanced online visibility.

March 12, 2012

Google has recently announced their latest dangling carrot to entice businesses to utilize Google+ in an effort to seriously improve enhanced online visibility.  Google Search plus Your World is a hybrid search that combines traditional Google search results compiled from its infamous algorithm and the search results from Google+ which uses shared web content from a user’s Circles.  This is an opportunity for businesses to begin seeing a huge increase in enhanced online visibility by simply having an active Google+ account.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Quality Web Content

In order for Google Search plus Your World to retrieve content it must be shared within a Circle.  This means that businesses wanting their web content to be shared and shared often in an effort to increase enhanced online visibility must step up their game and begin writing insightful and interesting professional web content.  Businesses concerned about the quality of their content should contact a professional content writing service specializing in social media management for help writing keyword-rich articles and blog posts.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Circles

Businesses with the best content around will attain no enhanced online visibility through Google Search plus Your World if there are no Circles full of people waiting to share the information.  Google+ Circles should already be a tool used to achieve the online marketing goal of improving enhanced online visibility and if it isn’t, it needs to become one.  The new Google ‘your world’ search relies on a user’s Circles to pull shared content.  The more Circles a business has the more people who will have access to the content through search results.

Enhanced Online Visibility - +1 Shares

One of the interesting things about the new Google search algorithm is that it weighs those items with the most +1 shares more than those with only a few shares.  Again having robust Circles will help with the sharing, but there are other strategies for encouraging customers and followers to share content.  All blog posts need to have ‘+1’ buttons prominently displayed on them to encourage readers to share.  There are many tips to promote one’s web content and businesses are encouraged to take the time to focus on these strategies to increase their shares and, in turn, their enhanced online visibility.

In an effort to encourage more people to adopt Google+ as their primary social media website Google has finally played to their strength – the Google search engine.  For any small and mid-sized business wishing to get a strong boost in Google rankings the new Google Search plus Your World might just be the golden ticket that propels enhanced online visibility to the next level.

March 02, 2012

Unlike traditional forms of marketing online marketing allows businesses the opportunity to form relationships with customers while promoting an online brand presence.  This difference is crucial to understand as traditional marketing strategies do not always work when moving online.  Below are a few online strategies that will help your online brand presence grow and are unique to social media marketing.

Online Brand Presence Builders - Focus on Feelings

All good marketing campaigns take customers’ emotions into account but social media is poised to keep up with changing attitudes as they are influenced by trends.  Also, social media allows brands to appeal to more than one group of customers at the same time.  Experts recommend that when developing social media marketing goals with a focus on building online brand presence a focus be determined. This focus should not be the brand or product one is selling but rather a feeling or attitude target customers share.  An example would be a business offering cleaning services might choose their focus to be on simplifying.  This would drive all of their marketing strategies.

Online Brand Presence Builders – Easy Does It

Customers on social media websites do not want to work hard.  Rather, they want to relax, chat with some friends, catch up on news and gossip, and possibly do a little shopping.  The easier one can make the social media experience for the customer the more likely they will take part.  Building an online brand presence depends completely on convincing the customer it is worth their time to share one’s brand with others.  To convince them without overburdening them requires finesse.  Some examples of strategies include social media only deals and giveaways.

Online Brand Presence Builders – The Latest Gadgets

People who will respond to a business’s online marketing campaign are tech people. This is something to take advantage of!  Technology is constantly changing and there is no way any business can always be on top of the hottest trend but they can catch up as quickly as possible.  To build online brand presence business’s must make their brand synonymous with the hottest technology whether that be by having really cool apps or being available on the most operating systems.

Social media marketing with a focus on growing one’s online brand presence presents both challenges and rewards unlike ever seen before in marketing campaigns.  Companies ready to jump on board and ride social media to the bank will adopt strategies that embrace the differences in marketing styles and as a result see a huge increase in online brand presence.

March 01, 2012

Every company aims for their online brand presence to grow infinitely larger.  Unfortunately as the online brand presence increases in size the likelihood of being the recipient of a negative social media post or comment increases as well.  Since it is likely only a matter of time till a company with a thriving online brand presence gets hit with a negative comment it’s best to be prepared in how to handle it.  Protecting one’s online brand presence is not about preventing negative comments but rather handling them with style.

The first thing that needs to be done when confronted with a negative comment or post on a blog or social media site is for the business to react calmly.  In the majority of cases negative comments are driven by anger.  If the business responds angrily or defensively not only does it add fuel to the fire but it makes them appear to be guilty of whatever allegations are being brought against them.

Next, a business should respond to the comment, online, in a respectful manner, acknowledging any wrongdoing and making an apology if need be.  If the comment is not true then a business should express a sincere appreciation for the commenter’s feelings but not admit wrong doing.  The only exception to this rule would be if the commenter is threatening violence or if they mention sensitive topics or confidential details that do not belong on a social media page.  If that is the case the problem must be dealt with offline and immediately.

If the negative comment and reply goes further than a few posts the business should politely ask the commenter if they would discuss the issue privately.  This will most likely solve the problem, appease hurt feelings, and let the rest of one’s followers see that problems are handled with respect and discretion.

No one can keep all bad comments away from their social media sites.  Part of growing an online brand presence is taking the good with the bad.  More important than avoiding negative comments is showing one’s online community that the business is respectful of its customers and employees and handles problems in a professional manner.  That is how online brand presence results in more sales and customer loyalty.

February 29, 2012

When small to mid-size business owners set out to create and grow their online brand presence they are often met with a lack of enthusiasm by their employees. Anyone whose job falls outside of marketing usually does not care much about how the company’s Facebook page is doing or how popular yesterday’s Tweets were.  That must change, though, for a social media marketing campaign to take off which will ultimately be what grows one’s online brand presence the most.

First, whether a business has two employees or two hundred they must be educated in social media marketing and how much it influences business decisions.  The assumption that employees understand social media is a bad one and even if every employee has a Facebook or Twitter account it does not mean they understand the marketing angle of social media or how to use social media websites to their fullest capacities – all strategies for building an online brand presence.

Employees must also be trained in how to correctly post onto the company blog and company social media accounts.  This training must be customized to meet the needs of people on a variety of competency levels rather than one generic training.  A company’s online brand presence will only grow if everyone involved knows what to do and how to do it.  Training is essential.

After a successful kick-off to the revamped social media marketing campaign to build online brand presence the head of marketing (or business owner depending on the size of the business) must individualize social media assignments so that all employees can be involved directly.  This is important for taking the load off of one individual and for diversifying social media accounts.

Everyone needs a pat on the back to keep their morale high and that is why a social media newsletter is recommended.  A newsletter allows employee praise for hard work and keeps employees focused on the task at hand – building the company’s online brand presence.  It also is a vehicle for announcing changes which occur often when dealing with social media.

There is no perfect formula for getting an entire company on board when creating a social media campaign but the steps listed above are a good jumping off point.  Online brand presence takes a lot of time and devotion and should not be the responsibility of one employee or business owner.  By enlisting the help of the whole team the one holding the reigns can focus on expansion and new ways to build online brand presence.

February 28, 2012

When developing one’s online marketing strategies it’s tempting to stick to a handful of social media sites rather than diversify to really bolster enhanced online visibility.  Rather than sticking with what is comfortable we challenge everyone to step outside their comfort zone and experiment with new types of social media.  One social media tool that too many people tend to avoid when trying to improve their enhanced online visibility is Google+. Although they may be the new kid on the block there are a lot of benefits to using Google that Facebook and Twitter just don’t offer.

For starters, Google+ has a great way to share information, just a little different from its competition.  That difference is huge though when trying to network with a world of people most of them unknown.  Simply put, anyone on Google+ can share a post from anyone else.  This is a great way not only to pass on valuable and interesting information to one’s own circles of friends (great for enhanced online visibility), but also create new relationships with those from whom the information is originated.

When sharing an interesting post there are a few rules to follow. First, always add a new and original title and introduction.  Included in the introduction should be a teaser about the information like a quote or simple bullet points.  Also, one should always give credit to the person who posted the information originally.  By first placing a plus sign (+) directly in front of their name Google+ will add a link to their profile and notify them of the share. It might seem like a little thing to do but flattery will get one everywhere, as they say.  Getting on the radar of important movers and shakers in one’s industry is priceless for building one’s enhanced online visibility and Google+ now makes that much more likely to happen.

Before one shares just anything they may want to create a circle of people who routinely right interesting things related to one’s own industry.  This will simplify the process of acquiring information that is relevant.  One can also ask for recommendations for those quality people from their trusted Google+ friends.  Again, flattery goes a long way.

While there is no sure-fire way to guarantee success with social media within a larger online marketing campaign with a focus on enhanced online visibility diversifying is always a good place to start.  With Facebook and Twitter getting so much attention it’s easy to overlook Google+ even though their numbers are growing quite impressive.  Building an enhanced online visibility takes time and patience plus a lot of networking.  Google+ now makes that networking easier than ever before making the sought after enhanced online visibility closer to becoming a reality.


February 27, 2012

Your company worked hard to create and continually build an online brand presence yet you may be neglecting to monitor that brand to make sure that it is performing as it was intended.  To monitor your online brand presence all that is needed is some regular care and subscriptions to online tools.  With your online reputation so critical to the success of the online brand presence you can’t be diligent enough in monitoring. Below are some online tools that are free and will help you begin to monitor and maintain your online brand presence.

Online Brand Presence Monitoring with Google

Google offers Google Alerts which automatically notifies you via email when a new Google result pops us with the requested topic or search words you tell it to keep an eye out for.  Since Google is the largest and most popular commercial search engine Google Alerts should let you know about what others are saying about your brand fairly quickly.  Depending on what is being said your online brand presence may be strengthened or damaged. Either way, you’ll know and be able to react quickly and properly.

Online Brand Presence Monitoring with Technorati

Technorati is the largest blog search engine in the world.  When you register with Technorati you can be notified when anyone (also registered) mentions your brand in a blog post.  This is ideal for building online brand presence as many people rely on blogs to get first-hand, honest accounts of a brand.  Keeping tabs on what people are saying about your brand will help guide your decisions in reputation management.

Online Brand Presence Monitoring with Backtype

This service goes hand in hand with Technorati and keeping tabs on your online brand presence as portrayed in blogs.  Backtype monitors blog comments opposed to blog posts.  When anyone mentions your brand name in a comment you will receive an alert notifying you.

Online Brand Presence Monitoring with YackTrack

With so much of your online marketing campaign happening on social media sites keeping up with what others say about your brand on those sites is crucial to online brand presence monitoring.  Yacktrack combines the best of the best to let you know when any comment is posted on a social media website about your brand. 

With so much at state reputation management cannot be stressed enough.  If you’ve put all the hard work and time into carefully crafting your brand, releasing it to the online world and as a result creating an online brand presence, you’ll want to monitor and protect that brand as much as possible.  With just a little extra work your online brand presence can remain strong and vibrant through these online services.

February 23, 2012

Every smart business owner understand that social media is directly linked to online brand presence.  These days the two cannot be separated.  With this being the case many get disheartened when their well planned social media campaigned seemingly stall after a short time.  If goals aren’t being met, analytics are less than exemplary, the online brand presence is virtually nonexistent, and one has no idea what is not working, going back to the beginning is probably the best solution.

When going back to the drawing board with a social media campaign a re-examination of the social media marketing goals is the first step.  In many cases goals are lofty, ambiguous and not measurable. That is a recipe for disaster and will not bolster online brand presence. Unless there is a clear way to measure a goal’s success or failure it doesn’t belong in the campaign. When looking at goals every business should also take the opportunity to consider goals from non-tradition sources.  Sometimes thinking outside the box when dealing with social media and online brand presence gets the best results.

After clear and measurable goals have been established some type of metric must be created for each goal.  These can be simple like measuring hits on a webpage or blog or they might have the type of complexity that only a program devoted to social media analytics can handle.  No matter what the metric is it must be used to measure goal progression at all times.  Without accountability of one’s goals and their progress online brand presence will not grow.

Finally, in order to get a fresh start in a social media campaign a sense of humor must be adopted.  Too often businesses start a social media marketing blitz riding high on hopes and dreams and then crash when the results and online brand presence they believed would be forthcoming are not.  In order to combat this ‘blah’ attitude which most definitely seeps into social media and damages the already established online brand presence every business should diversify formatting (photos, videos, text, etc…), use different writers and remember to laugh.

The majority of social media users approach websites like Facebook and Twitter as well as blogs as a fun hobby and if a business is not a partner in that fun they hold no value.  Before giving up on social media marketing and the stellar online brand presence guaranteed to accompany, reviewing one’s entire social media marketing campaign is due. 

February 22, 2012

Many companies expect an easy answer as to how to create an enhanced online visibility.  While some fish oil salesman masquerading as online marketing experts claim to be able to achieve this elevated status in ‘three simple steps’ or some other similar nonsense that is just not the case.  Creating an enhanced online visibility takes hard work, perseverance and a dedication to the task.

If one was to line up companies and brands that have achieved an enhanced online visibility certain attributes all had in similar would become evident.  One of those similarities is that each company with an enhanced online visibility is perceived to be an expert in their field or industry.  They might have taken different paths to be seen by their customers and audience (as well as competition even) as experts, but the end result is the same.

Knowing that, it would behoove any company set upon claiming an enhanced online visibility as their own to put forth the dedication and initiative to being identified as an expert.  With most of the world’s business conducted online expert status is gained through blog posts, website content, and forum posts.  The more a company becomes visible in their industry’s online community with helpful, useful and thought-provoking information the quicker their expertise will become invaluable.

Social media has truly been a gift to creating an enhanced online visibility.  Now, with the simple click of a ‘like’ or ‘tweet’ button a company’s expert advice or insights can be shared with an entirely new audience.  By adding such buttons on every blog post companies can be fast on their way to being seen as experts in their field.

Keeping on top of industry news and sharing it as quick as possible will also send the message that the company is maintaining a diligent keep on industry developments.  Having this kind of reputation will only escalate one’s rise to expert status and firm establishment of enhanced online visibility.  Of course to do this companies must devote an appropriate amount of time to surfing the web for relevant news and keeping up with industry blogs and online publications.

All in all, becoming an expert is not an easy chore no matter what online marketing gurus soliciting for business may promise.  To create an enhanced online visibility that will weather the storm companies must commit to the kind of dedication becoming an expert requires.

February 15, 2012

While a company may be utilizing social media, a blog and including fresh content in their campaign to create an online brand presence they many want a little extra something to improve their game.  For many small to mid-size businesses the little extra something that gives a great advantage is charity work.  Not only does it help a good cause and the local community, it is also a proven winner at building online brand presence.

Online Brand Presence – Community Involvement

Everyone likes to help with a good cause.  Whether it is walking to raise cancer awareness or raising money for a local family whose home burned down, people come together for charity events.  Smart businesses realize their target audience is most likely among those helping and advertise accordingly.  With the advances of online marketing businesses can take local causes to the masses via the internet. 

Online Brand Presence – Online Fundraising

Small businesses with even a modest online audience have the capacity to do a lot of good when working with charities.  There are online auctions, prizes given away to all who donate and a myriad of other online fundraising opportunities.  People almost always share positive social media and blogging comments with their friends making online charity work a great way to spread word of a small business.

Online Brand Presence – Reputation Management

Most small business owners understand that reputation means everything in a competitive marketplace.  One bad comment on a blog or social media site and a lot of time and effort must go into correcting it.  Working with charities and local non-profits is a great way to strengthen a good reputation, a task that does a lot for increasing online brand presence.

There are many local charities in every community that anxiously wait for small and mid-size businesses to show interest in helping.  By focusing on only one cause and putting all one’s effort into advancing that cause through fundraising, awareness campaigns and donations a business’s name can become attached to the charity which will create awareness and ultimately bolster online brand presence.

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