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November 26, 2012


Enhanced Brand Visibility

StumbleUpon has a unique social media strategy for all business owners who want better online visibility and to rank even higher in search. The strategy is simple: StumbleUpon is an online engine scouring through web content and finding the best for its social media readers. The great thing about this website is that it will locate appropriate web pages for every specific user and their interests. This feature makes for great marketing and with a strategy like this in place, business owners can rank considerably higher on the search engines and enjoy more online visibility.

How To Use StumbleUpon For Better Brand Presence

You can start making use of social media outlets like StumbleUpon by creating a profile and including all of the relevant information that would intrigue other users of the site. Once you do this, consider getting the coding for a StumbleUpon badge. These badges can be conveniently added to your website, so that visitors can link to and from your social media account and your business website. This will enhance the possibility of you getting ‘stumbled upon’ and when this happens more and more people will be able to view your work. As time progresses, this can lead to much higher rankings on the major search engines.

Include Stumbleupon In Your Marketing Strategy

As important as your strategy of getting a StumbleUpon account will be, your content creation will be of no use unless you get a targeted team of followers. If you invest a certain amount of time each day into building the number of followers on your social media account, it is more likely that each unique visitor you get will be a worthwhile one. Promote your StumbleUpon account through forums, blog posts and other social media outlets. Each stumble from a fellow user will be beneficial and previously, single clicks on a post have resulted in 7,000 views in one day and over time, 43,000+ views in total according to  These views will make a difference in the height of your ranking.

Investment With StumbleUpon ‘Paid Discovery’

Never overlook an investment because if you make no investment whatsoever into your online brand strategy, you can guarantee that other business owners who are investing will be getting better results. StumpleUpon has a ‘Paid Discovery’ option on their website, which allows you to make a minor investment relating to how noticeable your posts are. Before you spend money on this as part of your marketing and online brand enhancement to boost the page ranking for your business website, ensure the posts you submit are of good quality. ‘Paid Discovery’ ads will allow you to be seen by larger audiences. The more people that see you, the more chance you have at getting ‘stumbled’ and clicked upon. Think about how good that could be for the success of your business.

Your social media strategy does not have to focus solely on StumbleUpon, because undoubtedly there are plenty of other strong sites that receive millions of visitors each day. StumbleUpon, however, is good for picking your content out on the search engines and ranking it higher, which is ideally what you want to transpire into conversions. For this reason, you should post links and information through your other social networking accounts as a way of alerting other interested users to visit your StumbleUpon account. This could almost double the amount of ‘stumbles’ you get and dramatically enhance your online visibility.


August 31, 2012


Looking for more customers? Many small business owners are wary about spending money on internet marketing for enhanced online visibility. There are a number of things you can do to promote your brand online and ensure that customers can find your website and services.

Can Customers StumbleUpon Your Business?

The StumbleUpon business model should be part of your overall online marketing drive. While it’s easy to focus on the giants of social networking, you need to pay attention to sites like StumbleUpon and start up’s like Pinterest to get the best results and enhanced online visibility for your brand. Just a year ago it was all about delivering clicks to your website, but now the focus has changed in social media and online marketing. The goal is no longer getting the clicks, but to be seen by internet users and consumers as an approachable available brand. 

The way StumbleUpon works, and the reason it is so popular, is because millions of users come to the site and use it as a filter for their internet searching. Perfect for when you want to filter out the “background noise” of the internet. It might not be as user friendly as Facebook or Twitter, and it may not be as interactive, but it is a valuable part of your online brand promotion. StumbleUpon is considered to be an authority site. People go there specifically because it filters out the filler/spam results and delivers high quality content.

Enhanced Online Visibility Through Website Promotion

There are a few techniques that you should use to ensure success in website promotion. First is to implement content sharing. Although many websites are skeptical in letting their site content be viewed on another site, this can actually help increase traffic due to their improved visibility.This can be executed through widgets and badges that allow sites to showcase their site’s content without having to force their readers to go to their website.

Another sure-fire technique of getting traffic through networking sites is through commenting on popular websites with your own site’s link. Other websites that have like buttons, such as Facebook, are also known to drive traffic towards a product. When people see their friend likes a certain product, these people tend to check out what this product is, thereby increasing their website’s hits.

With all the significant advantages that social media optimization has to offer, the success of this method of website promotion still lies in the quality of your website content. StumbleUpon needs to have excellent content to work effectively, and that is really what your internet marketing should be about to ensure enhanced online visibility.

The StumbleUpon business model is second only to Facebook in the amount of traffic referred to external websites. The numbers of registered users may seem small; just under 20 million, but those users spend on average of 6 hours per month using the service.

What would you pay to reach 20 million people who are actively looking for your service?



August 24, 2012

Stay on Top of Social Media Trends

Staying ahead of social media trends is even more important in 2012. We live in a dog-eat-dog world. When you’re at the top, you just can’t settle at the top. You have to strive harder, break more boundaries and step up a notch if you want to continue to enjoy enhanced online visibility. These rules of business are even more pertinent to the world of internet marketing and social network marketing.

There are millions upon millions of websites and indexed pages that are fully-functioning on the web. The goal to achieve high rankings in search engines for enhanced online visibility is becoming tougher for website owners.

Do You Understand Social Media Trends?

Far too many marketers engage in social media without having a firm understanding of the basics. Social media sites are a web-based platform that provides a chance for people to build social networks with other people online; it's about building communities. It provides opportunities for organizations and individuals by giving a supplementary channel, meant to address customer comments and needs. This is also a way to achieve both the customer, and the competition’s perspective.  To turn concerns or previously held service issues customers raise, to be able to retain customers, convert them to community members socially. It's also a check for business partners and joint ventures to be able to manage the reputation, activities, blogs, and show it all in one place for enhanced online visibility.

The good thing about using social media for website marketing is that the customers and the readers are able to relate to its value.  Having conversations and giving them a sneak peek into the foundation and the strength of your company, and new business that's being done. The strength of a company’s foundation can be utilized as a platform.  They can focus its information and update their contacts and current customers into the recent events that are taking place in their organization through various social media communities.

Company blogs are also a smart tool for lead generation, and one of the most cost effective methods of marketing.  Site promotion using social media trends along with video and photography communities like Flicker and YouTube are all connected by blogs and networks, so that all your promotion is located in one place.  Customers can access any portions of which they choose; more or select information your company has posted.

Another important tip in website promotion is to write reliable content and to update it regularly on your pages. Brilliant content that is unique on the internet will reel in more traffic. However, it is also important to produce regular and continuous content to give the readers something to look forward to and to keep them coming back in your website.

Trends in social media are important to follow for enhanced online visibility. The better you are at SMO, the better able you are to read trends and become proactive rather than a reactive marketer.

August 20, 2012


It’s best to think of your businesses online brand presence as central to the image you wish to portray to the market as a whole. Your brand is what will distinguish you from the rest of your competition. It’s also important to remember that a brand often develops a personality of its own, and it’s one that people will identify with on a more subconscious level too. Consider a company like Apple, whose brand has become synonymous with innovation and quality. Or a company like Disney, whose brand has become synonymous with wholesome family entertainment.

While these are brands that have been built over years, an online brand presence can be developed far more rapidly and at much lower cost too. Building an online brand presence is not much different to building a brand in the traditional sense, although the approach one will take will differ when compared to more traditional methods of brand marketing and advertising.

How to Build Your Online Brand Presence Effectively

Building an online brand presence is about trust first and foremost. You want to build trust in the specific market segments you are targeting. It’s crucial that you focus on creating an online profile for you and your business by positioning yourself as an authority in your market segment. Once your audience begins to view either you or your business as an authority in a specific market, trust develops.

At the same time, it’s equally important to remember the little things.

Ensure that your logo is always visible in all your communications. Be it website, blogs, emails, newsletters, your logo must always be clearly visible. You also want to ensure that your logo and the image you present to the world complement the image you want your business want to convey too

You also always want to be clear and concise about your services, products and offering as a whole. For customers to associate a particular service or product with your brand, they need to understand your offering.

An excellent way to build trust with your customers is to make use of social media. Online communication through your own sites is a great way to start. Also worth considering would be active participation in the broader community as a whole, which will help establish you as an authority in your specific market, thus building your online brand presence on a firm foundation.



August 13, 2012

Keywords and Content


Creating useful and engaging content for your website or blog is one of the fastest ways to improve your online brand presence. The words that you choose are as important as your subject. As important as it is to actually pick out the correct keywords when creating articles, so that the search engines pick up on the most frequently searched words and phrases, it is equally important to check the keyword density. While keyword stuffing used to be a very popular way to storm the search results, this is no longer allowed, and in fact it is penalised, making it important that you know how to sort out keyword density before publishing articles.

Don't Use Keywords To Try and Beat Google

Until the changes ot the Google algorithm, many webmasters would try and 'beat' the system by placing lots of keywords in each piece of content. This was called keyword stuffing and it involved throwing in a bundle of keywords throughout the entire post. This would then get picked up by Google because it had the strongest amount of keywords. Despite it working for some time, it has now been banned and for those who attempt it, it is possible that Google will penalize you and your hard-earned ranking will diminish. 

Word Counts & Keyword Density

What you may not know is that the amount of words you have in an article affects the keyword density. So if you have a piece that is 450 words long, it will require less keyword implementation than an article that is 1000 words long. This is important to know if you are a creating the content for your business. 

How Many Keywords?

Once you know the amount of words in your content, you can start to determine the amount of words that should be used for keyword implementation. With the word count noted down, use Microsoft Word and click on the tab that says ‘Edit’. You can then click ‘Find’ which will allow you to find the keyword you are using. You can try this on a practice piece before you craft your own, to get an idea of what is right and what is wrong. Write down the number of times the keyword has been used in the article and divide this number by the word count. 

Remember that your online brand presence is determined by a number of features and factors. Getting them all right and all working together is the key to enhanced online visibility and a better reputation.


July 31, 2012


Social media

Social media is a strong tool that many internet marketers are now taking advantage of. With millions of people in the world now using social media platforms to communicate, there is no better way to promote your business and enjoy enhanced online visibility

The Role Of Social Media For Brand Promotion

Your social media marketing must be able to deliver quality content with a very fast turnaround time. The content must be original and meet the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) standards. Your internet marketing department must have a wide understanding of the search engines and how to implement keyword research, as a way of boosting the rank of content on the Internet. 

Sites such as Twitter, Facebook and also bookmarking social media sites like LinkedIn and Digg, are now being used by business people and everyday individuals on a regular basis. These websites are ideal for promoting services because they reach a wide audience in a minimal amount of time. Social media for enhanced nline visibility is immediate. You can use social media to inform, promote, educate as well as respond and reply to you clients and potential customers. 

To ignore social media as a way of protecting and promoting your brand, or to diminish the effect of social media for business development will mean that you miss out on many valuable marketing avenues.

Whether a company is new to social media or trying to figure out what they have been doing wrong in regards to building their online brand presence, turning to Facebook is probably a good idea.  Facebook is free. Facebook is popular.  Facebook probably has your target customers already actively using it. You can use this channel to actively develop relationships with your target client base.

There are, however, some unofficial rules to Facebook posting that should be religiously followed by companies hoping to increase their online brand presence, not destroy their credibility.  Facebook users range in age, cultural background, interests and just about every other distinguishing factor.  Finding one’s target audience is a challenge, but once it is found a company has the opportunity to subtly (if done well) inject their brand and a need for their brand into the daily lives of that deep potential customer pool.


June 28, 2012

Enhanced Online Visibility

Learn to leverage all Google products to enjoy enhanced online visbility. Google are stepping up to the challenge of being the best in search and with them being the primary search engine provider and top Internet corporation in the world, they have a lot to live up to. With the recent introduction of their social media platform Google+, Google are hitting new milestones as they bring to light the ‘Search Plus Your World’ tool. This search tool is rather different to any other search engine listing, and what makes it so unique is the fact that it can be personalized and tailored to suit you.

An integration of Search Plus Your World into the general Google search engine homepage and search listings will make a major difference in the results that are generated. The main purpose of Search Plus Your World is to cater specific searches to the individual who is actually using Google as a resource. The social search features incorporate tools such as personal results, profiles in search and people and pages. Ultimately, this means that whatever you may be looking for on the Internet, you can find not only content based around the entirety of the web, but you can also discover information pertaining to places in your area, people you know and relationships that are yet to be established.

Personal Results On Search Plus Your World

Personal Results are one of the three tools you can make use of when you get started with Search Plus Your World. This option is very beneficial for anyone who has a Google+ account. Searches on Google are made considerably easier with this tool, should you be seeking out results relating to the opinions of people in your area. For example, if you are thinking of using a particular service but do not want to get too wide a variety of web content results which may not even be relevant to what you are looking for, you can use Personal Results as a way of obtaining truthful opinions from local Google+ users and even photos from Google+ accounts. This is an ideal way of tailoring your homepage to your specifications, and while you will constantly see these results for your general searches, nobody else will.

Profiles In Search On Search Plus Your World

Profiles In Search is the second of the three tools and this clever tool could possibly be the most innovative and valuable way of finding people all over the Internet. Much like the social media site of Google+, where you can search for individuals, you can use the Search Plus Your World option when generating search engine results to get profiles of those you are looking for. For instance, if you are using Google search to locate a particular person named Joe Bloggs, you may be faced with over a million Joe Bloggs. This can waste time and effort, but Profiles In Search will immediately generate an image and profile of a fellow Google+ user in your area. This personalized profile prediction can be done for finding friends or any Google+ users swiftly. This helps people find you and your business immediately.

People and Pages On Search Plus Your World

People and Pages are the final of the three tools created by Search Plus Your World. People and Pages will be completely useful for any individuals who maintain hobbies or enjoy certain things. When looking on the Internet and Google for specific topics on things such as sports, music and entertainment, you can expect to get a list of commonly discussed topics in these areas from appropriate people who have the same interests as you.

An easy interface allows you to connect and join circles with other Google+ users who hold the same interests as you. What’s even better about implementing Search Plus Your World into your daily Internet searches is the fact that in the event you want to remove your personalized view, you can do so promptly. Search Plus Your World is the newly established option for Google+ users to try out as a way of learning what they want to know, in their area of the world. It's ideal for businesses who are looking to make a mark in ranking and to enjoy enhanced online visibility.


June 25, 2012

Online brand presence in 2012

Savvy business owners and e-commerce site owners need to keep track of movement and trends in the web firmament to be able to harness the power of internet marketing for increased online brand presence. The only constant that you can expect from the world of online marketing is the presence of continual change. Being able to adapt and respond to change could be one of the elements that your e-business needs to succeed.

Internet Marketing Is Not Advertising

While internet marketing is one of the most important tools that a business can use to ensure a positive online brand presence, it is even more important than ever before to understand that you cannot use a social media/blog/web site to “flog your wares”. It is not a mass advertising channel like television or even radio and the very first step that any company must know is that the process of internet marketing is about allowing people to interact with you and your brand rather than try to sell to them.

Social Media For Business Is Still About The Community

Work with a company who understand the vkaue of traffic, sales and ranking to increase online brand presence. Tweeting about a new product is just not as effective as inviting your potential clients to a live Ustream demonstration. Social media for your business is about building an online community and making sure that you provide and communicate with your community on a regular basis.

Social Media Content Development

Great content is the first step in growing your social media marketing efforts in 2012, say the experts. Having excellent social media content is the only way to attract new users to your community and to your site and to turn them into clients. Social media optimization will be one of the biggest buzz words this year as people realize the value of optimizing all of their content online. Once you have good content being published via social media on a regular basis and are attracting users to your page, you need to be able to keep them there with information, entertainment and web content that will keep them coming back.

A return visitor is immensely valuable to any business and is one of the fundamentals of marketing that many marketing managers miss in the race for unique traffic stats to impress you. The longer a potential client stays on your site or social media page, the more likely they are to purchase a product or avail themselves of your services. They are also more likely to ‘share’ your page with their friends and family which is where the ‘word-of-mouth’ component of social media marketing is so valuable. Online brand presence in 2012 will look at consolidation on bigger sites like Facebook and Twitter, the rise of Google+ as a major player and the increased use of smaller or even ‘closed’ social media sites on the world wide web.

June 19, 2012

Seo links


To enjoy enhanced online visibility you need to ensure that you are keeping up with a number of SEO tool and techniques on a daily basis. You do not have to follow every trend that is introduced because not all of them will work, but you do need to follow some SEO principles continually, rather than try a new SEO tool every week.


Enhanced Online Visibility – It’s Ongoing Work

SEO is a relentless drive to make sure that your website and your online brand is continually able to succeed in search. The place to start is with your website. Onsite SEO may be the key that give you the enhanced online visibility that you were looking for. Again, it cannot be performed as a once off job by a web designer. If you’re serious about SEO and achieving all that you want from the World Wide Web, you need to employ a specialist SEO expert to do your onsite SEO. Good onsite SEO sends a message to the big search engines that you are a site that offers their users a more complete and useful experience. Keep an eye on your internal links and make sure that your code is neat and clean.


Enhanced Online Visibility – The Value of Content

Good content is great for enhanced online visibility, and bad content can actually work against you when it comes to ranking and establishing authority with the search engines. Good contentwill always contain an acceptable amount of keywords. Never underestimate the value of having the right keywords placed in exactly the right position to help your ranking and let you reap the rewards of enhanced online visibility. Keyword stuff is dead and will result in a negative ranking, but the use of keywords in your content will always be an important part of SEO and one of the building blocks for enhanced online visibility.


Enhanced Online Visibility – Make your Links Work For You

Carefully used, and judiciously chosen, your links are the power behind your enhanced online visibility. Creating links between your website or blog and other websites is a challenge and should be handled by an SEO expert that has experience in link baiting as well as creating content on your site or blog that will attract links from their sites.


You can use linking to establish authority quickly within your niche market, and actually increase your online brand presence. While there is a huge amount of work that goes into building power links between your site and other site on the internet, the end result is an almost unlimited amount of free advertising and marketing from another company. You will only create good links if you have good content. You can buy links and there is no penalization for buying links but it can be a grey area and you will be monitored by search engines very carefully if you buy links that are not useful or relevant to your page.


Search engine optimization is a subtle blend of technology, creativity and marketing prowess to ensure that you have enhanced online visibility.


June 15, 2012


Businesses looking to compete on the World Wide Web need to have more than a Facebook page to drive their online brand presence. It has long been recognized that the power of social media marketing is an important part of any company who wants to position themselves as a major player on the internet.

Local Brand Presence With Global Results

Being a major player does not mean that you have to be a large corporation or a fortune 500 company either. Local business owners and professionals such as lawyers, dentists, vets and even plumbers have woken up to the idea that web marketing and focussed online branding is not only important, but vital even in the current economic climate and the vast abyss that is the internet.

Making the most of your website needs a dedicated effort in terms of your enhanced online visibility strategy and marketing, and one of the biggest tech companies in the world has invested billions of dollars to make sure that all business can use social media tools to their advantage.

IBM started their business division “Connections” which sells social media software back in 2007. Today, after massive amounts of development they have created a unique software tool that can be used internally or externally as part of a valuable social media marketing strategy.

Social Media and Analytics

The value of analytics and social media is only just beginning to be explored, but IBM looks set to be one of the first to successfully combine the two for the benefit of businesses across America. Analytics is data that is mined that can be used to track user trends, provide useful statistics or even to predict what will happen in the future. By having everyone online in your organization, you will be able to create a large reserve of data that can be used as part of your social media strategy.

Good Social Media Means You Think Before You Tweet

When it comes to small business owners, analytics could be the most important part of your social media marketing campaign. A good web consulting firm will not only be able to provide analytics for your business, but actively use the data that is mind to put a workable internet marketing strategy into place for your business. Each fragment of written and visual content that goes onto the World Wide Web must be based on empirical data, and a firm online brand presence strategy and not just the whim of your webmaster who knows a bit about social media.




June 10, 2012

Online brand presence
Does the humble Press Release have a role to play in your online brand presence? Today, the internet has become a modernized market place. Search engines own the topmost part of the internet pyramid and articles are being written to achieve high ranking status; one might think that there is no room for press releases on the internet; quite the contrary, today’s online press releases have become more integral and more important for bringing traffic to a company’s website. Not only are the press releases more fun and more interactive, because of the added animation, videos and colors, compared to the traditional press releases, but using the internet to promote press releases is much more beneficial to companies.

Use Your Press Release For Enhanced Online Visibility 

An online press release is in some ways similar to a traditional one but the addition of SEO for extra online brand presence is the way by which companies can convey information of recent events that are transpiring inside your company. Writing an SEO Press Release makes sure that more people see it. The important part is that it should be written in a way that makes it rank highly in the search engines through keywords and essential back links. With the use of press releases, you can create a back link from informative sites to your website, thereby increasing your ranking in the search engines. It can increase your visibility in blogs, news sites and RSS headlines. However, all these advantages can only be acquired if the writing of the press release is done correctly.

To be able to create an effective search engine optimization press release, here are a few tips to remember. The first is to know what keywords to use; keywords are the phrases typed in by users on various search engines when seeking information online. It is important to get these keywords correct to be able to focus your press release to the right audience and to get higher visibility on the website.

Technically, there are five parts of successful SEO press releases that focus on increased online brand presence. The first is the title, which should include the keyword phrase. The second is the summary, which gives a concise paragraph of what you’re talking about and typically consists of one or two sentences. The third is the body, which gives the recent happenings in your company that you want the readers to know about. The fourth part is two to three sentences that give the writer a chance to talk about the company; while the fifth part, the press contact, provides the contact information for your company.

The most important part of writing SEO press releases is to write something that the readers can relate to, meaning no highfalutin words and absolutely zero jargon. If you want to enjoy enhanced online visibility and an increased online brand presence you need to explore every avenue of internet marketing that you have available to you.




June 03, 2012

Seo links

To enjoy an enhanced online visibility you need to keep track of and respond to the constant changes in search engine tools and algorithms.Google  has changed the way that it ranks content that is presented on some of the directories that publish and distribute materials. The claim is that this is the new wave of weeding out bad materials. While it is true that unique content is the way to better ranking, you need to be careful that you are not caught in the Google vs. Yahoo crossfire in the war for web domination.

Google Vs. Yahoo For Enhanced Online Visibility

Farms like Associated Content and E-zine are all a part of the Yahoo family, which makes it impossible for anyone putting an article on their website to get the recognition that once was given out by Google. Instead, those who publish on these websites will constantly be placed further down the ranking. There are two major methods that you can use to help increase your online reputation and be ranked by both search engine giants.

Online Brand Presence and SEO

The first part of the solution is to make sure that your content is direct and to the point. Leave out the extras that lengthen your content but don't add value. Readers are interested in the who, what, where, why and when. They can spot a repeated phrase and sentences that have no meaning. Secondly, using keywords and synonyms is vital to every article or blog, just be sure they are used correctly and not overused.

​If you’re interested in Google local SEO for your website and enhanced online visibility, you must not forget the giant of all web crawlers that works for the Google Farmers. We know very well that it is important to be picked up by Google. When you place articles on Yahoo! through Associated Content, do not ​expect them to be picked up by Google. For an individual to be picked up by Google you need to get a Google email account, create a blog site, then place your blogs and articles on your own website.

Valuable content is produced by contributors who are knowledgeable about their subject matter and know how to infuse their content with Google local SEO friendly content as well as know where to place it on the World Wide Web. There are many different sources of traffic on the web that allow people to find you and for your to capture enhanced online visibility. All these sources look for content that is concise, engaging, and informative.


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