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May 28, 2012

Enhanced Online Visibility Through SEO

Maintaining enhanced online visibility on the world wide web is not always easy but there are some easy local SEO basics for enhanced online visibility that you can employ to kick-start a great marketing campaign on your own. More complex SEO and better ranking will be more quickly achieved using a professional, but if you’re an entrepreneur then you may want to get a handle on how SEO really works by investing in some SEO tactics for your website or blog.

Good SEO Means Great Enhanced Online Visibility 

​Make sure that your content is unique and ensure that it always passes Copyscape or another plagiarism checker. Original content is excellent for enhanced online visibility results. Give your users something to talk about. Update your content regularly and make sure that it is always fresh and relevant. Avoid using submission services. Rather do the submissions yourself. Services will only send you down the rocky road of spam. Updating content is one of the best ways to ensure that the search engines keep coming back to your site.

A good tool is to start using forums that are related to your blog or to your website. Start creating some buzz around what it is that you do. Use social networking buttons to link to your site. It will give any blog or website the chance to enjoy viral growth. Ensure that visitors to your blog or to your site have the function available to the social media services. It will create more interest in what you have to offer and added enhanced online visibility. Blogs take time to fully realize the value of SEO. Keep plugging away and you’ll notice the difference soon.

If you use multiple domains, then ensure that the content is related. Multiple domains can support each other and create valuable cross-links. You can even employ some SEO in your web design. Design, whether for websites or for blogs should be neat and clean at all times. Design should follow SEO not the other way around.

The best tool for enhanced online visibility is to try to include some sort of local information if you are writing for a specific geographic area. It will increase your SEO hugely. Internal links should also contain anchor text to allow the search engine spiders to crawl the site more easily. If you continually see that your crawl rate from the big bots is higher than 1200ms, then you need to SEO for speed as well as content.

Enhanced Online Visibility Technology

You do not need to have .php at the end of your links. It is outdated and will have no effect on your SEO. Back links that have a rel=nofollow after them, will have no impact on your SEO as search engine will not follow them. They will however increase your reputation. Keywords should be placed in the first and last 150 words of an article for them to be truly effective for local search results. Enable compression on your blog so that it is easier and faster for the end user. Your hosting company will be able to help with this.

Enhanced online visibility through SEO does not have to be time consuming; it does however have to be constant and continual to be able to reap the rewards from your website.


March 05, 2012

As part of a well-planned online marketing campaign social media should play a vital role in creating an online brand presence.  Many times someone or many someones are told to update the Facebook account, send out a Tweet or connect with someone via LinkedIn.  While this may seem like a simple enough task considering almost every employee probably has their own personal social media accounts, employees must be trained in how to create social media updates or connections while upholding the image of the company in order to generate a more positive online brand presence.


The first and best way to keep social media professional at all times is to make employees accountable for their updates, tweets and messages.  Of course the assumption is not that employees will somehow harm the company’s online brand presence on purpose or out of spite, but rather do so inadvertently because of poor choices in language use.  By simply asking all employees associated with social media accounts to keep a log of their comments and messages, language can be reviewed for inappropriate content or lack of professionalism and threats to online brand presence can be caught early.

Explicit Training

Employees need to be trained on what is and is not appropriate to say on social media when representing the company.  The obvious bad choices like vulgarity, curses, or slander should be covered but more importantly casual and unprofessional messages that include an overabundance of abbreviations and text-speak should be reviewed.  It should be explained to all employees how that kind of language is both unprofessional and harmful to the company’s precious online brand presence.

Checks and Balances

Even the best employees with the best intentions mess up from time to time.  For that reason no one person needs to have total control of any social media account.  There should always be someone checking on tweets, Facebook updates and any other social media message being released to the masses.  This is a best practice for any communication and will help develop excellent language practices in regards to social media and online brand presence.

Social media strategies that utilize employees from across departments are quite successful and there is no reason to stop them, but accountability, explicit training and regular review are important components to make sure those strategies are a success.  Online brand presence is a delicate yet powerful item and should be guarded by all members of the company.  By monitoring the language of social media within the company online brand presence can stay safely on the right track.

March 02, 2012

Unlike traditional forms of marketing online marketing allows businesses the opportunity to form relationships with customers while promoting an online brand presence.  This difference is crucial to understand as traditional marketing strategies do not always work when moving online.  Below are a few online strategies that will help your online brand presence grow and are unique to social media marketing.

Online Brand Presence Builders - Focus on Feelings

All good marketing campaigns take customers’ emotions into account but social media is poised to keep up with changing attitudes as they are influenced by trends.  Also, social media allows brands to appeal to more than one group of customers at the same time.  Experts recommend that when developing social media marketing goals with a focus on building online brand presence a focus be determined. This focus should not be the brand or product one is selling but rather a feeling or attitude target customers share.  An example would be a business offering cleaning services might choose their focus to be on simplifying.  This would drive all of their marketing strategies.

Online Brand Presence Builders – Easy Does It

Customers on social media websites do not want to work hard.  Rather, they want to relax, chat with some friends, catch up on news and gossip, and possibly do a little shopping.  The easier one can make the social media experience for the customer the more likely they will take part.  Building an online brand presence depends completely on convincing the customer it is worth their time to share one’s brand with others.  To convince them without overburdening them requires finesse.  Some examples of strategies include social media only deals and giveaways.

Online Brand Presence Builders – The Latest Gadgets

People who will respond to a business’s online marketing campaign are tech people. This is something to take advantage of!  Technology is constantly changing and there is no way any business can always be on top of the hottest trend but they can catch up as quickly as possible.  To build online brand presence business’s must make their brand synonymous with the hottest technology whether that be by having really cool apps or being available on the most operating systems.

Social media marketing with a focus on growing one’s online brand presence presents both challenges and rewards unlike ever seen before in marketing campaigns.  Companies ready to jump on board and ride social media to the bank will adopt strategies that embrace the differences in marketing styles and as a result see a huge increase in online brand presence.

February 29, 2012

When small to mid-size business owners set out to create and grow their online brand presence they are often met with a lack of enthusiasm by their employees. Anyone whose job falls outside of marketing usually does not care much about how the company’s Facebook page is doing or how popular yesterday’s Tweets were.  That must change, though, for a social media marketing campaign to take off which will ultimately be what grows one’s online brand presence the most.

First, whether a business has two employees or two hundred they must be educated in social media marketing and how much it influences business decisions.  The assumption that employees understand social media is a bad one and even if every employee has a Facebook or Twitter account it does not mean they understand the marketing angle of social media or how to use social media websites to their fullest capacities – all strategies for building an online brand presence.

Employees must also be trained in how to correctly post onto the company blog and company social media accounts.  This training must be customized to meet the needs of people on a variety of competency levels rather than one generic training.  A company’s online brand presence will only grow if everyone involved knows what to do and how to do it.  Training is essential.

After a successful kick-off to the revamped social media marketing campaign to build online brand presence the head of marketing (or business owner depending on the size of the business) must individualize social media assignments so that all employees can be involved directly.  This is important for taking the load off of one individual and for diversifying social media accounts.

Everyone needs a pat on the back to keep their morale high and that is why a social media newsletter is recommended.  A newsletter allows employee praise for hard work and keeps employees focused on the task at hand – building the company’s online brand presence.  It also is a vehicle for announcing changes which occur often when dealing with social media.

There is no perfect formula for getting an entire company on board when creating a social media campaign but the steps listed above are a good jumping off point.  Online brand presence takes a lot of time and devotion and should not be the responsibility of one employee or business owner.  By enlisting the help of the whole team the one holding the reigns can focus on expansion and new ways to build online brand presence.

February 23, 2012

Every smart business owner understand that social media is directly linked to online brand presence.  These days the two cannot be separated.  With this being the case many get disheartened when their well planned social media campaigned seemingly stall after a short time.  If goals aren’t being met, analytics are less than exemplary, the online brand presence is virtually nonexistent, and one has no idea what is not working, going back to the beginning is probably the best solution.

When going back to the drawing board with a social media campaign a re-examination of the social media marketing goals is the first step.  In many cases goals are lofty, ambiguous and not measurable. That is a recipe for disaster and will not bolster online brand presence. Unless there is a clear way to measure a goal’s success or failure it doesn’t belong in the campaign. When looking at goals every business should also take the opportunity to consider goals from non-tradition sources.  Sometimes thinking outside the box when dealing with social media and online brand presence gets the best results.

After clear and measurable goals have been established some type of metric must be created for each goal.  These can be simple like measuring hits on a webpage or blog or they might have the type of complexity that only a program devoted to social media analytics can handle.  No matter what the metric is it must be used to measure goal progression at all times.  Without accountability of one’s goals and their progress online brand presence will not grow.

Finally, in order to get a fresh start in a social media campaign a sense of humor must be adopted.  Too often businesses start a social media marketing blitz riding high on hopes and dreams and then crash when the results and online brand presence they believed would be forthcoming are not.  In order to combat this ‘blah’ attitude which most definitely seeps into social media and damages the already established online brand presence every business should diversify formatting (photos, videos, text, etc…), use different writers and remember to laugh.

The majority of social media users approach websites like Facebook and Twitter as well as blogs as a fun hobby and if a business is not a partner in that fun they hold no value.  Before giving up on social media marketing and the stellar online brand presence guaranteed to accompany, reviewing one’s entire social media marketing campaign is due. 

February 14, 2012

Anyone who blogs on a regular basis understands how maintaining one’s focus on building an enhanced online visibility can become overwhelming and demanding.  For those whose sole responsibility it is to maintain the company blog scheduling regular breaks from writing is vital to keeping the intensity strong and meeting the challenging goal of creating a vibrant enhanced online visibility.  The best way to schedule regular breaks for oneself is to invite guest bloggers to write. 

Enhanced Online Visibility – Guest Bloggers Add Diversity

There is no better way to break up the monotony of a blog then to invite someone else to write.  A post or two from a new voice in a different situation will refresh the blog and catch readers’ interest.  Enhanced online visibility only works if someone (and lots of them) is reading what is written.  Even if the guest writer is has a similar view on the industry as the primary writer for the guest blog the diversity seen within the posts will still be huge.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Guest Bloggers Challenge Ideas

The best type of guest writer one can get to build an enhanced online visibility is a writer who will challenge the primary writer’s opinions.  This, of course, can’t be a mean and spiteful confrontation, but rather a well-written rebuttal of beliefs.  If done well many new post topics will be created, a series of back-and-forth ‘debate style’ posts can be developed and, best of all, a conversation among commenters will begin.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Guest Bloggers Have an Entourage

Perhaps the best reason to invite a guest blogger to write for the company blog is to increase numbers.  When choosing a guest writer it is important to find one who already has a successful online brand presence with plenty of followers to prove it.  Where they write their crowd will follow.  Even a simple link on the guest’s website or blog leading their followers to the guest post can open many doors for one’s company.  This is one of the best ways to increase enhanced online visibility.

Rather than become a devastating blow to the company website and blog, one should look at a case of writer’s block as an opportunity to help build enhanced online presence. Not only will the primary writer of the blog get a much needed break to recharge their batteries, readers will get a fresh, new perspective and new readers will be drawn to the blog. 

February 13, 2012

Many small business owners put so much effort into creating their online brand presence that once an acceptable level is achieved they begin to slack off, failing to maintain that precious online brand presence they worked so hard to build.  In order to keep that from happening to your business you must work tirelessly to maintain your online reputation. The best way to do that is to perform regular maintenance on all web content and blog entries.  An out of date or irrelevant post is all it takes to begin to crack the façade of a strong and dominant online brand presence.

Online Brand Presence Maintenance – Search Engine Monitoring

If you own a small business you should be checking your business’s name on all major search engines on a regular basis.  All it takes is one bad comment or review to seriously endanger your online brand presence.  By not only checking search engines, but also having a plan in place should the worst occur, you are protecting yourself against damages that could cost thousands to repair.  You might consider hiring a professional reputation management company to assist you in keeping tabs on your online brand presence.

Online Brand Presence Maintenance – Blog Comments

It’s easy to forget to read every single comment posted on your blog.  We understand.  Unfortunately, this is one of the ways your online brand presence can seriously be hurt.  Either spammers post nonsense comments promoting their product or someone blasts you in a hate-filled comment and suddenly your online brand presence is suffering life-threatening wounds.  Constant monitoring of your blog is essential not only for maintaining online brand presence but for creating an environment of open and positive community which hopefully will detract spammers and other negative comment.

Online Brand Presence Maintenance – Web Content

Web content is easy to forget about in the world of a busy small business owner.  You work hard to produce quality content and then are expected to update it regularly.  It’s easy to see how the updates might become fewer and fewer as the months pass by.  Unfortunately, keeping web content fresh is one of the best ways to maintain online brand presence.  If you find yourself to busy with the day to day tasks involved with running a business you might consider hiring a company specializing in web content and search engine optimization.

February 09, 2012

One of the proven ways to build one’s online brand presence is to be active in industry forums, social media and other’s blogs.  This activity usually takes the form of making thoughtful and compelling comments – not blatant advertising of one’s product or service.  Best practice recommends that to really build online brand presence one must always include a link back to the company blog or website when posting said comments. 

Understandably, after a few dozen comments it becomes difficult to keep track of all the blogs, forums and social media pages upon which one commented in an effort to monitor the ongoing conversations so that online brand presence can continue to be built.  Since this is a universal problem several new programs are available online to do that job exactly.  Below are a few programs that will make monitoring one’s online brand presence incredibly easy so that time and energy can be spent on more important components of creating and maintaining a business’s online brand presence.

Backtype – This is great for monitoring blog comments across the web.  Once one comments on a blog and includes a link to their blog or website Backtype will update any new activity on the blog saving time and energy.  This service can also be used to monitor trends and discussion in one’s industry which comes in useful for the company blog.

Google Alerts – One can now tame the search engine giant by setting up Google Alerts which notify one when a pre-entered phrase or business name is mentioned any where on the internet whether that be in a blog, forum or article.  This is great for monitoring a business’s online brand presence.

Twitter Search – For those small business’s investing their online marketing time on Twitter keeping up with all the Tweets can be exhausting.  Enter Twitter Search.  One can search for all the instances a company’s name is mentioned in a tweet and then choose to respond or not respond.  One of the keys to maintaining online brand presence is constant communication.  Tools like Twitter Search help keep one on top of social media.

Friend Feed – Similar to Twitter Search this tool helps businesses keep an eye on all social media activity that mentions the business name.  An ongoing log is presented that pulls from all the major social media sites. The temptation with a tool such as this is to spend as much time monitoring Friend Feed as one would the individual sites which doesn’t really save time or increase online brand presence.

February 02, 2012

As the world continues to rely more and more on the online community many businesses are desperate to try anything to bolster their own online brand presence.  While a passion for moving forward has never hurt anyone, too many small business owners forget the power of networking.  Just like in the real world online brand presence relies heavily on networking and gaining a superior online reputation to match a real world reputation.

Online Brand Presence – Tell Everyone

Most people are used to passing out business cards when meeting customers, peers in one’s chosen industry and even friends and family.  This practice should not be ignored when trying to build an online brand presence.  A simple change to a business card can reflect the growing online presence one is trying to create and encourage people to maintain contact online. 

Online Brand Presence – Conduct More Business Online

It may easiest to pick up the phone and call a customer or client but to really propel one’s online brand presence one must also reach out via the internet.  By no means should someone forego a friendly phone call or face-to-face meeting but add to it a follow up email with one’s company’s website prominently mentioned as well as links to all social media sites and blogs.  Many people prefer to communicate via email and will be happy to make the switch from phone to computer.

Online Brand Presence – Keep an Eye on Reputation

One’s online reputation is just as important as their real-world reputation.  By doing frequent search engine checks of one’s name and business name a good start can be made at catching damaging online content.  One can increase their online reputation by writing articles for other companies within the industry, making frequent and thought-provoking comments on forums and industry blogs and making essential allies of competitors. 

There are many ways an online brand presence can be successfully created and just as many ways it can be restored.  By remembering that what happens on the internet lives on forever and treating every comment and every post as if it were broadcasted to the masses one can begin to build an impressive online brand presence.

Managing one’s online reputation will go far not only with one’s business goals but also for a personal reputation.  No one anticipates slander or demeaning comments but it happens frequently and one must be prepared to battle it when it does.  Keeping tabs on one’s online reputation and doing damage control when necessary will go a long way toward maintaining a powerful online brand presence.


February 01, 2012

Any good politician knows to really get votes they must go out and meet the people; the same is true with creating an online brand presence.  While online chat rooms, webinars and social media sites are great they do not substitute for real face-to-face meetings.  For those with a small business that brings customers into a physical store this online brand presence building strategy is easy.  They have been doing it all along.  For those, though, without the luxury of customers walking into a physical store finding ways to interact in reality can be more challenging.

Online Brand Presence Face-to-Face – Host a Speaker

Hosting an industry leader at a local conference center is a great way to meet one’s customer base and open channels of communication.  Industry leaders often have lecture series and, depending on the industry, can be relatively inexpensive to book.  By offering a reservations-only luncheon with guest speaker any small business can begin to meet their customers and potential customers away from the computer screen yet still build the powerful online brand presence.

Online Brand Presence Face-to-Face – Discussion Groups 

This is, by far, the most inexpensive way to meet customers and others in one’s industry community.  Every industry has news and issues confronting the industry.  Libraries, churches and community centers often are home to industry discussion groups that meet monthly or even bi-weekly.  By engaging customers with discussion face-to-face it is easier to transfer the communication to the online arena which is exactly what one must do to build a strong online brand presence.

Online Brand Presence Face-to-Face – Trade Shows and Booths

For those small businesses unable to bring in a speaker or host a discussion group the booth can become their best friend.  By having booths at all expos and trade shows which remotely relate or appeal to their industry and target customers they can begin to meet customers and answer questions in person.  Especially for those small businesses with a handful of employees getting out and meeting customers and showing them the business is committed to their satisfaction is crucial for getting ahead.  Once a physical connection is made it will be easier to entice them to engage online which in turn builds online brand presence.

These are just a few ideas of how to create and bolster an online brand presence for small businesses.  With many of us confined to computers most of the day it is easy to forget how important human contact is for making great impressions and capturing customers.  Online brand presence is only possible if the customers are interested in one’s business.  Often times building that interest takes work only face-to-face can accomplish.

January 31, 2012

Most small businesses now understand the value of social media, blogs and website content when creating and maintaining their online brand presence.  Once all of those components are up and running, however, it is easy to become overwhelmed and begin to fall behind in updates.  Before ever committing to various online strategies an online marketing plan must be created including goals and strategies.  Most important in the plan should be schedules. 

Each individual piece of the online marketing plan runs on a different schedule to maximize online brand presence.  Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter should be updated at least once a day. Blogs should have at least one post per week, preferably three to five.  Websites should be updated as information chances and at least once a month to keep content fresh.  Industry forums should be visited on a regular basis with comments added.

With all these different schedules anyone can see how a small business can quickly lose track and inadvertently lose online brand presence.  That is why setting up concrete schedules for each arm of one’s online marketing campaign is absolutely necessary to meet goals.  As goals are met or are changed schedules must also be reevaluated.

 Businesses should pay close attention to analytics in order to revise schedules as needed.  For instance to keep engagement at its peak and online brand presence at a maximum a business might discover that posting comments on social media three times a day is ideal.  Any more posts and the numbers remain the same; any fewer posts and the numbers drop.  In that case the social media scheduling should be changed to reflect the analytics.

While keeping up with scheduling is crucial to the success of online marketing and building an online brand presence small businesses must not forget their goals.  Social media, blogging and a business website are all great tools at gaining a great online brand presence but are not the same as sales.  The focus of any online marketing plan should always be to gain and retain customers – not get as many ‘subscribers’ on Facebook as possible.

With so much at stake in today’s company and more and more small to mid-size businesses focusing their marketing online all businesses, regardless of their industry, must bring their A-game to truly build an online brand presence.  By starting with the basics of developing a solid marketing plan and realistic schedules reflecting the goals of that plan a true online brand presence can be attained.

January 26, 2012

As more and more small businesses begin to realize the benefits of launching an online marketing campaign with social media as the primary strategies to increase their enhanced online visibility a new industry has been created.  Social media tools are now available for a variety of tasks to aid the small to mid-size business owner in streamlining their social media marketing tactics and interpreting analytics.  For a business to truly see an enhanced online visibility taking advantage of these tools would be most beneficial.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Adding Multi-Media

There are a slew of new social media tools aimed at helping account holders integrate music, video, pictures and even voice recordings into their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media accounts.  Research has proven that pages rich with multi-media generate more interest and engagement with the community.  With so much at stake in online marketing businesses would be wise to use every tool at their disposal to help create their enhanced online visibility.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Time Savers

As a small business gets more fluent in social media and their audience grows they will quickly find themselves devoting a large amount of time to the websites.  Best practice dictates that to have a successful social media marketing campaign a business must be constantly available to respond to comments and post comments regularly.  If successful this will require a lot of time especially if several sites are being utilized.  There are many new and exciting social media tools on the market now aimed at this time issue.  They streamline the updating and monitoring process by funneling all activity from multiple websites into one, easy to understand dashboard.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Analytics

After all the hard work small businesses put into their marketing some form of analytics must be available for review.  This could not be truer for those wishing to affect enhanced online visibility through an online marketing campaign.  Several social media tools provide customizable analytics ideal for the small business.  With information presented in easy to understand formats one doesn’t have to an expert to make sense of the information. 

After a company becomes comfortable with social media (one site at a time, please) they should investigate social media tools and determine which could benefit their business and make social marketing goals more attainable.  With so many tools available now and the number increasing regularly there is a social media tool available to help any business in any stage of growth build their enhanced online visibility.

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