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January 02, 2012

I’ve mentioned in previous posts the importance of keeping on top of updates on a company website and social media like Facebook and Twitter.  There is nothing more devastating to an online brand presence than an outdated and irrelevant web page.  With that said and already established I want to emphasis the responsibility of every company in maintaining the website in an effort to continually build online brand presence.

With the New Year now upon us it is the perfect opportunity for every company to set themselves apart from their competition less dedicated to maintain an online brand presence and update their websites with 2012 information.  This goes far beyond changing the dates on the website.  One would be surprised to realize that the year pops up quite frequently on a website and social media pages.

Here are a few places to check for updating if creating an online brand presence is important to one’s company:

1)      Web Content - The first is the most obvious.  Make sure that all of the web content on a website says 2012 instead of 2011.  This is especially crucial for the homepage which is often the center of any online brand presence campaign.  Even though it is only a few days difference it appears to be a year different to anyone visiting the site.  That equals sloppy and an out of date website.

2)      Pricing Lists - Pricing lists cannot be forgotten!  Most companies update their pricing lists at some point during the year but not always on January 1st.  If the pricing list says 2011 prices it should immediately be changed to 2012 prices.  If the pricing schedule runs on a different schedule than the calendar year it should clearly state the dates, i.e. June 2011 through June 2012.

3)      Social Media – Many businesses are catching on to the unique marketing power and creation of online brand presence that social media allows and advertise specials via Facebook, Twitter or Google+.  At the beginning of the New Year every social media page should be gone over with a fine tooth comb to ensure all the 2011s that need to be updated to 2012 are.

Rather than enjoy a few easy days at the office during the first week of the New Year businesses should take advantage in the usual lull in activity and clean up their online identity.  Building and maintaining an online brand presence takes time and an ongoing commitment to being better than average.

December 22, 2011

The holiday season is a perfect opportunity for your small business to promote your product or service while simultaneously creating an enhanced online visibility.  Primarily this can be done through social media but with smart use of your website the same results can be seen.  People love to broadcast their lives to their many friends on social media.  Taking advantage of that and promoting the behavior with a subtle nod to your product or service is a quick way to get word of your company out to the masses.

Enhanced Online Visibility through Updates

People love to update their profiles as to their location especially during the holidays.  This is a great opportunity for businesses to get promoted through the best way possible – word of mouth.  Retail stores, restaurants, and other businesses should utilize this behavior and place subtle reminders around a store suggesting customers update their status.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words and Adds Enhanced Online Visibility

Just like your customers your business should update social media accounts with pictures.  If your store has a beautifully decorated display window dressed up for the holidays or new merchandise, by all means, post good pictures on your social media accounts!  This, along with a good enhanced online visibility marketing program will guarantee that more new customers walk through your doors or clicks on your website.

Holiday Packages Bring in the Customers

Everyone is looking for a deal around the holidays and your customers, and potential customers, are no different.  Creating holiday packages and then advertising them like crazy is a proven way to get new and existing customers coming your way.  One idea is to create a new holiday deal or package every day.  You can post it on all of your social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ - and include a link back to your website.  This takes a little extra time but the results are well worth it!

Regardless of what ongoing SEO marketing campaigns your business are engaged in during the year the holidays is an excellent opportunity to beef up sales and capture new customers.  With just a little planning and time devoted to the cause your company can transform the holidays into a customer-getting season.  Enhanced online visibility is about getting your company’s name out there.  Combining existing customers’ power to advertise through social media and holiday deals your company is bound to come out ahead.

August 09, 2011


Social networks are real-time news platforms that are transforming the way journalists work. Many people have joined in exploring Google+ as a tool for public relations. Since it is relatively new, features of this social network have yet to be explored and media persons and public relations professionals are still looking for ways to enhance the information they are disseminating. The media has yet to see what Google+ has to offer. In fact, because Google+ is so new it is not yet clear who is on Google+ and what impact it can have on journalists. However, we have derived a few simple ways to capture the attention of Google+ users and media professionals that can help propel your Google+ persona.

Be Experimental
Some companies and organizations have decided to create new profiles, while others have simply adapted their existing profiles on other social networks. At this point, experimenting with new approaches allows companies and organizations to test the best possible features of each social network and choose what is most appealing to the audience that they have cultivated, or wish to cultivate, on the social network. 
Combining Your Online Identities
A good way to get a jump start with Google+ is to bring your Facebook activity into your Google+ account. It is also very easy to get information from your Twitter account and to transfer your contacts to Google+. Like Facebook, this makes it incredibly easy for you to jump start your online reputation and social networking in Google+ by integrating both accounts.  There are also many benefits to using Google+ over Facebook and Twitter. For example, a discussion that starts on Twitter can easily get off topic. However, on Google+ conversations can be more effective because of the way the social network is designed, making it a better tool for public relations and new dissemination.  
More Effective?

Public relations can be more effectively achieved through Google+ since interactions allow journalists to see many conversations related to different news worthy items in one place aggregating the content. This is much more effective than Facebook, which doesn't allow you to search for content across all streams, and is similar to Twitter but allows for more information about each user, making it a more detailed and robust platform for public relations.
Beyond Twitter and Facebook
Another not to be missed feature of Google+ is video chatting. This feature has created a whole new way for people to interact and manage their online reputations via social networks, especially since neither Twitter nor Facebook offer this capability. There have a been a number of new developments that have popped up thanks to this feature and it is taking social networking to a new level, making it just a small bit more personal.
Going from Personal to Professional Creates New Opportunities
Lastly, because Google+ is being used as a professional tool, many journalists are now moving from Facebook to Google+ -- giving them the ability to separate their personal lives and create personal-professional personas on Google+. This gives organizations and companies who want to capture journalist's attention the ability to know a little more about the journalists and target them more accurately. 

April 13, 2011

Nearly four years ago now, President Obama launched his campaign for presidency to a packed stadium in Illinois. While this public appearance is crucial, it may have been just as important as the online appearance that it made on his website and across social networks. Now as presidential candidates gear up for the next election, social media is becoming an increasingly important component of political campaigns.

A great example of this new trend is how President Obama kicked off his re-election campaign -- via an online video. It shows how important social media has become for politicians and it is a tip of the hat to the public, which is most accessible online. Even though Obama is known for being technologically savvy -- the Democrats in general have been leading in online media since Howard Dean launched his campaign for presidency in 2000 -- it isn't only the Democrats who are turning to social media for political success. Former Massachusetts Republican Governor Mitt Romney announced his presidential bid in an online video as well.


This represents a change in voter activity as well. To become informed about political candidates, voters are looking online -- following their candidates Twitter feeds, facebook pages and the buzz written about them on blogs and online news sources. However, it is also increasingly important for candidates to manage their online reputations. If they aren't careful, they can end up in reputation management disasters like GOP candidate Carly Fiorina who released a YouTube video portraying an opponent a sheep. This caused an unnecessary fall out for her campaign and turned her campaign into a mudslinging contest and a reputation management disaster -- something most serious candidates don't want to be associated with. 

Donations are also increasingly coming from online. Instead of the fancy, expensive Washington dinners of the past, big money is being raised online. In 2000, John McCain raised $500,000 online in 24 hours, setting a new bar for online success. In 2008, Obama also used social media to raise large sums of money online -- couping the democratic nature of the internet with the importance of grassroots democracy. Obama also used SMS and text messaging to get his supporters to donate to his campaign and announced his VP nomination via SMS.

As we gear up for the 2012 campaign season, it will be increasingly important for candidates to not only use social media and other online sources for public relations, but also to raise money and engage their supporters in planning fundraising parties, knocking on doors and contributing to the campaign with their time. Over the past few years, it has become increasingly easy for supporters to sign up to volunteer online, an integral part of any political campaign, and in this coming election season we're sure to see more creative ways for people to contribute.

February 25, 2010

Twitter is becoming an increasingly important way to reach out to existing customers and potential clients, and to build and manage your personal brand. With its ease of use, simple communication tools, and low barriers to entry, it is quickly becoming a cornerstone to a strong online brand presence. Although it’s simple to set up, there a few tips that can help you create a custom profile that best promotes your brand.

#1 It’s All in a Name

Make sure your custom profile name accurately and clearly represents your brand. One of the biggest mistakes people make when setting up a Twitter account for their brand is that they choose an esoteric phrase that is tangentially related to the business. Your business or brand name should be a part of your Twitter name. If that name by itself is taken, consider adding a keyword that is highly used in searches within your market. No matter how well you build your Twitter presence, if customers can’t find you when they search, you will have failed.

#2 A Short and Punchy Bio

With only 160 characters to work with, your Twitter profile’s description may seem quite limited. You’ll want to spend some time choosing each word carefully, to maximize the effectiveness of your profile page. It’s not necessary to use the description to make a sales pitch – instead, use the description to place a handful of keywords so your account shows up on searches, and try to hook new followers with an interesting fact or witticism.

#3 Profile Image and Logo

You can upload a profile picture, which will serve as your Twitter avatar for your followers. If you are a personal brand, you may want to use an image of yourself. If your brand is a business, this might be a good place for your company logo. Many people find it useful to change their images regularly, so that followers never become overly acclimated to seeing the same picture. Some Twitter-centric programs even offer options to periodically rotate your image, so that you can simply upload a handful of pictures and the process of changing them will be automated.

#4 A Custom Background

Perhaps the best opportunity to promote your brand actually comes in the form of the custom background. Rather than simply using a plain color or a stock background, take the time to make a custom background that fits your Twitter account. There are numerous templates around to help you ensure your image isn’t cut off by the content in the center of Twitter’s site. How exactly you want your background to appear is up to you; many people include their logo here, an image of their product, or a background that mimics the appearance of their personal blog. Whatever you do, use this to maintain a sense of continuity with your overall brand.

#5 Custom Color Scheme

Related to the above, Twitter also allows you to customize the color scheme on your Twitter profile. While this might seem like a small thing, if your brand exists primarily as a blog or personal website, taking the time to match the colors of the text and links can actually do a great deal in reinforcing your brand image in customers’ minds.

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February 23, 2010

Twitter Reputation Management

Twitter is an incredibly powerful tool not only for getting the word out about your personal brand, but also for tracking discussion about your brand, be it your business or yourself, online. Millions of users are constantly tweeting away about everything imaginable, and sometimes their tweets will be about you or  your business. Learning to track Twitter can not only help you understand what your clients are looking for, but also identify any problems they might be having. Recognizing and fixing these problems immediately, without even having to be contacted, is an incredible strength.

Twitter Monitoring Services

There are many different Twitter monitoring services out there, but one of the most effective, and completely free, services is Monitter. The interface for Monitter is robust, but can be used simply by entering your brand name into one of the three search bars. A long list of every tweet using that phrase will then appear, and it will auto-refresh roughly in real time. 

Using Monitter to the Max


To truly leverage Monitter, however, you’ll want to take advantage of the fact that it has a built in RSS feed for every search. This means that you can integrate Monitter with an RSS feeder to effectively be updated every 90 seconds on any new tweets that reference your brand. This is an incredibly effective way to manage your online reputation, as it allows you to catch problems as they arise and address them quickly and efficiently.

Monitter has many other features as well, including widgets that you can embed into your site. This means that any tweets that reference your brand will be immediately replicated on your own site, giving your customers a central place to view information about you as it comes in off the wire. And while Monitter is free, it still offers a wide range of robust features.

CoTweet Advanced Keyword Monitoring


A more extensive Twitter monitoring suite can be found in CoTweet, a platform built for businesses to interact with their customer bases. CoTweet allows you to build an account that constantly tracks a large number of keywords and phrases, so that you can catch every possible mention of your brand. CoTweet can then send you updates in many different ways, and at the frequency you request. CoTweet can be used with multiple accounts, and in addition to Twitter monitoring features it includes the ability to schedule tweets, thread conversations, and a number of other functions to help you more seamlessly manage your Twitter reputation. 

Successful Brand Monitoring

By using one of these, or any of the other free Twitter monitor services available, you will be able to keep a close eye on your presence on Twitter. This is important for everyone from the small personal brand to the manager of a large company, as it allows you to take care of small problems before they become large, and to shape your online reputation actively.

Interacting with your users, clients, and potential customers via Twitter means more than just waiting for them to tweet you directly, it means being proactive in solving their issues and reaching out to contact them after they express an interest in your brand. With a good Twitter monitor service and reputation management sites like LookUpPage, you will have the tools you need to always be well informed and to continue improving your reputation online.

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February 15, 2010

While there are many different tools one can use to manage their online reputation, there are a handful that stand head-and-shoulders above the rest. These three, particularly, have a great deal of clout, and can be used in almost any situation to improve an online brand.

WordPress Website

Image representing WordPress as depicted in Cr...

WordPress is the premiere blogging platform used in the world, with more than 200 million blogs running on the software. It is built with user interaction in mind, and features an incredibly-intuitive backend that anyone can learn to use in a short period of time. Running a blog on Wordpress is one of the best ways to be featured near the top of search results, because the very nature of blogs lends itself quite well to having a great deal of search engine relevant content

Search engines are occupied with many things, but one of the most important factors in determining relevance is the freshness of content. Because blogs encourage their users to update frequently, search engines such as Google look at them regularly to see that the content has changed. And tools like WordPress actually include built in features that let a number of different websites and services know whenever new content is posted, so that each new post is echoed around the web, offering many hooks for search engines to pick up your content.


LookupPage is an incredibly high-ranking business directory that gives members an inside view of who exactly is viewing their profile on the web. Businesses and personalities can use LookupPage to quickly establish a presence on the web with no hassle at all. Sign Up with LookupPage When members sign up with sign up with LookupPage they create a basic profile for themselves, putting down important information about their business, uploading a logo, and generally creating a business-card style presence on the web.

The reason LookupPage is powerful is that 95% of LookupPage Pro users are featured on Google’s first page. This gives a business or personality a place for information that they input and have total control over, presented in a professional manner. The LookupPage pro offering has no ads, and keeps close track of who is viewing the profile, so that businesses can analyze who is landing there, what they searched for to arrive there, and other key data.


Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Because of Twitter’s very strong web presence, a Twitter username will very often show up in the first page of search results for that term. As a result, setting up a free Twitter account using a personal name or a business name can be an easy, quick, and effective way to establish a first page listing. Twitter allows information to be personalized, a custom icon to be uploaded, which may be a photograph or company logo, and the background to be customized.

Additionally, a Twitter account can be used to publish occasional updates promoting positive aspect of one’s business. These updates will then be displayed on the highly-ranked profile page. This is a great way to manage one’s brand and reach out to potential and existing customers for free, and with very little time investment.

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February 11, 2010

Lindsay LohanIn days of yore, when reporters were writing articles they had to make dozens of telephone calls to track down celebrities and their public relations representatives to get contextual quotes. However today, reporters have started taking quotes for their articles directly from the web--making it more important than ever that high profile individuals know how to craft their online reputation and use social media to their advantage. 

While it’s easy to imagine how this new type of reporting could get out of hand--tweets taken out of context and facebook posts altered for articles--these powerful new online publishing platforms also have the ability to help set the record straight and be effective crisis management tools.

Take the case of celebrity Lindsay Lohan and her x-girlfriend Sam for example. When RadarOnline, an online celebrity gossip magazine, published an article about Lindsay’s x-girlfriend beating and chocking her, Lindsey took the web. She tweeted, "This is become a bit much...Samantha R never raised a hand to me. I've never said she did. Enough is Enough. Focus on more important world issues." Shortly after publishing this tweet, a more popular news source, US Magazine, picked the story up and published her tweets online--allowing Lindsey to set the record straight.

By having an established presence online, Lindsay Lohan was able to communicate directly with her fans and the reporters always following her every move. She no longer has to wait for someone to contact her and write a favorable story because she can use twitter, facebook and other social media to connect directly with her fans and set the record straight. In addition, Lindsay’s tweets also created the space for Sam, her x-girlfriend, to respond publicly and now the two have a unified public presence denouncing RaderOnline’s accusations.

While it is possible to manage your own online reputation, as Lindsay did in this case, their are also many services that help celebrities and high profile business people set the record straight. For example, by registering for LookupPage, users have the ability to create a webpage with positive content and track who views their profile online. In addition, LookupPage has one of the highest rankings on Google, so every user that signs up can be sure that their positive profile will be at the top of their Google CV, an accessible place for internet reporters and followers.   

January 25, 2010

One of the most famous cases of crisis management occurred in 1982 when Johnson and Johnson were forced to recall its popular pain reliever – Tylenol. The reason they had to do so was that someone was tampering with bottles of Tylenol in the stores and inserting Cyanide into them, resulting in seven deaths within a short period. 

Johnson and Johnson in retrospect saved their brand by pulling the product off the shelves and informing the American people of what had transpired. The fact that they chose to lose 100 million dollars by destroying 30 million pills and avoid additional poisonings, established Johnson and Johnson as a company that cares about the well-being of their customers – a title the company enjoys even thirty years later. The Tylenol poisonings essentially introduced the temper proof packaging for food and drugs in the U.S..

Crisis management has changed quite a bit with the advancement of technology. Major companies used to depend on journalists and newspapers in order to remain in contact with their customers. Businesses both large and small are now using popular social networks such as Youtube and Twitter in order to reach their customers both in on a day-to-day basis and in cases of “brand emergency”. Earlier in the year, Domino’s Pizza used Twitter and Youtube to express their concern and answer the public’s questions as a response to disturbing videos former employees had made in a Dominos store in North Carolina.  

The practice of reputation management (both online and offline) is something that most companies engage in on a day-to-day basis as opposed to times of crisis. Large companies spend a considerable amount of time and money monitoring what the public thinks of their brand and they are ready to spend even more resources if they feel that positive public perception is the missing ingredient that could lead to additional revenue down the line.

In online reputation management, sheer presence can make quite a bit of difference. Owning your own domain name and establishing a strong Google CV is critical so that people who search for a business or a professional could actually find who they are looking for as opposed to someone with ill intentions that is looking to take advantage of a company name that he or she has nothing to do with.

January 04, 2010

Dwight Howard Basketball superstar Dwight Howard is used to being in the spotlight for his athletic achievements on the basketball court. It seems that a messy break up with the mother of his 2 year old son has forced the Orlando Magic Center to pursue legal actions against her in a court of law. Howard has been locking heads with Royce Lynsay Reed over defamatory content published online by Reed in October 2009. Reed addressed Howard as a “dead beat dad” in her blog, Twitter account and on an ESPN interview.

The judge awarded Howard a permanent injunction that would stop the cyber bashing by Reed. She was banned from using his name, image or referring to him in any media including the web. This injunction was put to the test less than two weeks later when comments were made on a gossip website claiming Howard has not seen his son in two months and that the reason for the injunction is that he has something to hide. Howard claims Reed made the comments using an alias and is suing her for over $9 million in damages. 

A third and final installment of this battle conducted with the use of social media is from yet another lawsuit filed by Dwight Howard late last week. In this lawsuit against Reed, Howard is claiming she has not only defied the injunction by publishing photos of their son on Twitter but she has also endangered the kid’s well being because Howard is a well known and highly paid figure. Interesting enough, the amount of money Howard is seeking for this lawsuit is based on the amount of Twitter followers Reed has on the popular micro blog. Howard is seeking $500 per follower who was able to see the photo plus the cost of his legal team.  

January 03, 2010

Traditional online email accounts are getting less traffic than in previous years. The reason for that is simple, people are emailing their friends directly from their social networks so they do not need to enter Gmail as often as they used to. Social networks are becoming stronger and are no longer used by a specific age group. 

Although there is an argument among different search engines on what is the most searched word of 2009, we feel that the most explosive and important word for 2009 is Twitter. Apparently, we are not the only ones who think this way. Only recently, Google unveiled its real time search option that will incorporate status updates from popular social networks among other real time results.

If you need any further proof on how seriously Google is taking twitter accounts create a fictitious account on twitter and conduct a Google search for that name 48 hours later. Odds are that this none - existing person will rank on the first page of Google thanks to that twitter account. Because of the fact that social media profiles usually receive indexation by Google and other search engines, creating a brand using free social media tools is certainly achievable.

Pizza Hut - Facebook fan pageFacebook

companies such as Coca Cola, Pizza Hut and U.S based restaurant Chain  T.G.I Friday’s have achieved considerable success by creating a Facebook Fan page. This can be achieved on a smaller scale by getting your friends and clients to become fans of your service. 

A solid Facebook fan page needs to be able to provide information about the business and possibly provide an added value to the fans of the brand. The Pizza Hut fan page is currently offering a 20% discount on all orders made with the Pizza Hut iPhone application as well as other coupons. 


As written above, Twitter is currently enjoying the respect of major search engines. Although getting a large following on twitter takes time and effort, it is certainly achievable. Ranking well on Google for a twitter account is certainly easier if the account is active and tweets on a regular basis. The CEO of Zappos , an online shoe retailer  is using Twitter in order to engage and be reachable by Zappos customers. By being readily available, he is strengthening the brand of his company as being attentive to what the customer wants    

Oxford Car Service - LookupPage - while it is not a social network, creating a LookupPage for a business or a professional can have tremendous return on investment (ROI). LookupPage enjoys excellent indexation by Google and creating a profile can help you establish additional positive results that often rank extremely well and contribute greatly to one’s Google Resume.  For example, you can check out Oxford Car Service which created a LookupPage for their business and their LookupPage is ranking extremely high on organic search. 

December 26, 2009

Lance Armstrong  Seven time Tour De France winner Lance Armstrong is a unique athlete. Not only is he the only person to win the Tour De France more than five times, he is the only person to have won the tour seven consecutive times after recovering from advanced stage cancer. When Armstrong was 26 years old, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer that at that point had already spread to his lungs, abdomen and brain. He underwent several operations and opted for alternative form of Chemotherapy and that led to the remission of the cancer in his body.

By 1998 Armstrong was already deep into a training regiment that would spark his return to the Tour De France, The fact that Armstrong won seven tours in a row starting in 1999 and participated in yet another race in 2009 marks him as one of the greatest athletes of our time.

Lance Armstrong describes himself in the short Twitter Bio as “7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter “. Armstrong is tweeting on a regular basis about his daily life, travel, cycling and of course, the Lance Armstrong foundation, LiveStrong, a non profit organization which strives to inspire and empower those who have been affected by cancer. Armstrong has over 2.3 million followers on Twitter. He is using Twitter to engage his fans about topics that are important to him and to promote his organization via the micro blog.    

Lance Armstrong is an exceptional athlete that could get the attention of the world media in many ways. The Fact that he chose to have an ongoing relationship with his followers via Twitter is a complement to the technology and the recognition of how ground breaking it really is. Businesses and professionals are choosing to use Twitter as a part of their marketing effort because it is currently enjoying solid web visibility from search engines, meaning that a Twitter account could often rank highly within the Google CV of a professional or a business. Please Follow LookupPage on Twitter to learn more about online visibility social media optimization and online reputation management. 

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