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August 06, 2012

Seomoz-increased traffic
Your online visibility can always be improved and there is always work that can be done to make sure that your business brand is getting the most visibility and reaping the rewards. The best way to see where you need to improve is to use analytics to highlight your strengths and weaknesses. There are a number of excellent frre tools that you can use to check your ranking and your traffic. For Online Brand Presence is a website that a lot of people are now using to check their ranking and to gauge the effectiveness and ROI of their SEO efforts. This site enables you to check your rankings, so that you can figure out how well you are performing. This is especially useful for if you want to overshadow the competition, because you will be able to find out who is ranking for a particular keyword. If the keyword you are searching was once dominated by someone else and is now dominated by you, it is obvious that you are doing something right. If your rankings are lower, you should make an attempt to improve on your efforts.

If you are new to SEO or run a small business, you may want to consider as a free tool to use. This site provides you with a detailed list of SEO-related components. These components are focused on what can be improved for a website and this is a fantastic way to learn about what you are doing right and what you could improve on. If you are on the move, it is possible to use this site on your cell phone, so long as it supports PDF documents. These updated PDF documents will then act as a source of inspiration, so that you can make changes and tweak certain areas of your website or your content to make it search engine friendly.

Firefox For Enhanced Online Visibility

If you use Firefox for the Internet, you could benefit greatly from SEO for Firefox. This tool is also free of charge and because it links in with Firefox, you get a clear indication of how well you are doing in getting work to the top of results with the Firefox web browser. Acting as an overview of your work, SEO for Firefox will provide you with SEO details such as the page rank, the domain age and the cache date, allowing it to be used for other people’s sites as well as your own.

Maintaining your online brand presence is essential for maintaining traffic and your conversiona rate. Enhanced online visibility doesn't come about by accident - the harder you work at it, the better reputation your brand will have online.




August 03, 2012

Maybe you’re a website owner who wants to get more hits. Maybe you’re an internet marketer who wants to promote a company or a product. Either way, you are going to make use of SEO to try and get the most online brand presence to attract more traffic to your website and to your company.

Website Design For Increased Online Brand Presence

Business owners often tend to focus on what the website looks like, but your website design is much more intricate than the graphics and colors. Your website deisgn should always focus on the content, because it is content that will affect your search engine ranking and increase online brand presence.

Sure, your website may look technologically-savvy with its beautifully-scripted fonts, blinking text, high-definition photographs and interactive videos ,but what good will it do for your search engine rankings if its content reads like it’s been written by a third grade pupil? You may get a few clicks here and there due to your visually interesting website, but the most important audience will be ignored. 

Excellent content and client interaction is the way to build rankings for increased online brand presence. Most people assume that the way to expertly manipulate search engine rankings is to add as many keywords that they can in a paragraph. If a website owner takes the as-many-keywords-as-possible advice and wants to get their website known for Chinese food, their website content would probably look a lot like this. "Chinese food is a delicious Chinese food in the market of Chinese food."

Although that sentence seems like a successful SEO content for most people, it may actually drive traffic away from your website instead of towards it. The sentence above is an example of keyword stuffing which are usually placed on lower rankings. The delicate balance between sensibility and keyword density is vital for enhanced online visibility. Keywords may be important for an article to rank first in the search engines but the number of keywords and their placement in the article is just as important for a flourishing website. 

To enjoy enhanced online visibility, you need to make sure that you constantly monitor the web for any possible mentions and reviews of your business. Responding and reacting fast to any negative comments is also an important part of being able to enjoy enhanced online brand presence.


May 22, 2012

Remember the days of scouring the current Yellow Pages to find a local service or business? It's now a fact that a high percentage of people looking for a local company or service perform an online search. According to Google, this percentage can reach as high as 97%, so it appears that any business who wants to keep its head above water must be highly visible online.


For every business owner, from the largest down to the smallest, or for anyone offering a product or service, the name of the game is Online Visibility. There are many ways to accomplish this, such as an SEO optimised website, active participation in social media networking and taking advantage of the numerous digital promotion avenues, but the two-fold goal is always to maintain a strong and positive Internet reputation while being highly visible in an online search. Google Places provides excellent tools to help achieve both of these goals and is one of the simplest ways of attracting local customers. Even an individual or small business that doesn't have a website can attract attention and customers by a listing on Google Places.


Business owners can begin using Google Places effectively by checking their own listing. Most businesses already appear, so it's important to verify the information. Check that the details are accurate and that the listing is correct. Then, to make sure your company stands out,  begin “dressing up” the listing by adding photos, videos and custom categories. These could include your service area, specific brands that are sold through the business and parking recommendations. Going one step further by offering online coupons or special promotions to first time customers is another way to ensure increased business. Once this is done, check Google Places regularly to add notifications, update information and to gather data on the number of people who have viewed your listing.


As a free and popular service, Google Places is one product that can and should be used by anyone who wants to increase and strengthen their online presence.

April 09, 2012

One of the best tried and true methods of sharing exciting information about a business is the press release and companies seeking enhanced online visibility must learn to use press releases and other information releases to their advantage.  While traditionally newswires have been the only source of press releases social media has now taken a bite out of their market.  Now businesses rely not only on newswires but also blogs and social network to share information and company news in an effort to build their enhanced online visibility.

Press Releases and Enhanced Online Visibility – Tradition

There is absolutely nothing wrong with creating well-crafted press releases to be featured by newswires.  In fact, many online news sources rely heavily on such news wires.  Small businesses, especially, benefit from a press release if their blog subscriber numbers or social network follower numbers are low. Press releases still offer a chance for companies of all sizes to share exciting changes such as new key employee hires and changes in locations with a large audience.

Press Releases and Enhanced Online Visibility – Blog

Those with impressive blog subscribers may opt to forego the press release and issue breaking news via their blog only.  With a blog release brands have the ability to share the information with their core customer base and then let them disperse it throughout various channels.  Most businesses releasing information via blog post also issue a press release although some big brands have cut out the press release all together.  Google now breaks news only on their blog knowing that enough people follow the blog to get the important information out just as effectively as a press release.

Press Releases and Enhanced Online Visibility – Social Media

In the case of information sharing social media is the tie that binds.  Of course, businesses may choose to share information via social media post but that is a bit dicey as many posts go unnoticed. By using social media to share a blog post announcing breaking company news or using social media to link a press release, as published by a newswire, businesses can give the sharing of their information a little nudge in the right direction.

In this exciting age of social media, blogs, and other information sharing tools businesses are no longer tied to the meager press release when wanting to share company news.  By carefully choosing when, how and where to post news a broader audience can be reached.  The best way to build an enhanced online visibility is to coordinate traditional press releases with social media and blogs.

April 03, 2012

Customers today turn to social media for just about every step of the buying process making it essential that your business utilize social media in every way possible.  Between asking friends for product purchasing advice to reading what others have said about your business social media is redefining consumer decisions.  Below are five tips that will increase your enhanced online visibility with very little change required by you.

1)    Encourage customer reviews – As mentioned above more and more people are turning to social media when looking for products to buy.  A recent study showed that nearly three-fourths of online shoppers researched customer reviews before making a decision.  Those numbers mean you must find whatever ways work to encourage your customers to complete reviews about your business and products.  Some successful strategies are to offer discounts for reviews, coupons and, simply, asking them to via email or social media post.

2)    Use social networks – Enhanced online visibility begins with you being active on social networks.  Signing up for an account does not equal activity.  To really see an increase in enhanced online visibility you must interact with your customers and create ongoing conversations centered around your business and brand.

3)    Encourage online surfing in your store – Blocking internet signals in your store is a sure fire way to seriously anger your customers.  By not only allowing internet signals, but actually encouraging them, you can increase social comments related to your business and increase customer reviews.

4)    Cater to specific social networks – Truly enhanced online visibility requires that you customize your social media marketing techniques to individual groups of people.  On Pinterest your marketing techniques will be quite different from those on Twitter.  It is worth the time and effort to optimize social networks as your customers will respond positively.

5)    ‘Handle’ unhappy customers – If you haven’t already had an angry customer you will soon.  Instead of ignoring nasty comments online confront them head-on and engage the unhappy individual on the social network they chose on which to blast you.  Once you’ve made it clear that you care about their problem and want to fix it contact them offline to work out the details.  This sends a positive message to your other customers that you care about customers and are dedicated to getting the job done right.

Enhanced online visibility isn’t created overnight and isn’t accomplished with a ‘few easy steps’. Rather it takes time, dedication and a savvy mind focused on staying one step ahead of the competition.  These five steps are a good beginners guide to get you thinking in terms of building enhanced online visibility  but to truly get ahead of the pack you must always be looking for new and innovative ways to optimize social media.

March 07, 2012

The purpose of utilizing social media and blogs is to increase your company’s brand presence and the number one way to do that is to use keywords for enhanced online visibility effectively.  It seems like a simple enough task but for many blogs the keyword optimization is surprisingly void.  The first part of keyword utilization (and increasing enhanced online visibility as a result) is to determine what keywords need to be focused on. After they have been determined you can shift your attention to using those words that have proven to drive traffic to your blog.  By focusing on those the keywords that are currently working you build enhanced online visibility quicker than just about any other tactic.

Keywords for Enhanced Online Visibility – Let Google Help

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that every business should be utilizing to its full potential.  You should have previously already established goals with Google Analytics.  By studying your keyword conversions in Google Analytics for patterns you can determine which keywords your customers are using to locate and click on your website.  Once those keywords are determined the battle is half won.

Keywords for Enhanced Online Visibility – Keep Exploring

Determining the keywords that are presently drawing customers to your website and blog is invaluable but to remain competitive you must be constantly seeking new markets and new keywords to utilize.  The easiest way to do this is to run Google searches on keywords that you believe are relevant to your brand.  If your business is not ranking at least on the first page (preferably in the top three results) you have identified new keywords to focus on.

Keywords for Enhanced Online Visibility – Build Visibility

Once all the keywords are determined you can begin to work on adding them into your content.  Web content writing is a precise skill that does not come easy to some people.  If you struggle with incorporating keywords into blogs you may consider hiring a SEO content writing service to help.  Content writing services specialize in optimizing keywords to drive traffic to your site which in turn creates an enhanced online visibility.

Most people never give blogging much thought when in fact a lot of thought goes into effective blogging if a business’s goal is to build an enhanced online visibility.  Keywords will make a blog or break a blog depending on if and how they are used.  If your blog is suffering and you suspect keywords may have something to do with the minimal views and unimpressive enhanced online visibility consider contacting SEO content writing services for immediate help.

February 28, 2012

When developing one’s online marketing strategies it’s tempting to stick to a handful of social media sites rather than diversify to really bolster enhanced online visibility.  Rather than sticking with what is comfortable we challenge everyone to step outside their comfort zone and experiment with new types of social media.  One social media tool that too many people tend to avoid when trying to improve their enhanced online visibility is Google+. Although they may be the new kid on the block there are a lot of benefits to using Google that Facebook and Twitter just don’t offer.

For starters, Google+ has a great way to share information, just a little different from its competition.  That difference is huge though when trying to network with a world of people most of them unknown.  Simply put, anyone on Google+ can share a post from anyone else.  This is a great way not only to pass on valuable and interesting information to one’s own circles of friends (great for enhanced online visibility), but also create new relationships with those from whom the information is originated.

When sharing an interesting post there are a few rules to follow. First, always add a new and original title and introduction.  Included in the introduction should be a teaser about the information like a quote or simple bullet points.  Also, one should always give credit to the person who posted the information originally.  By first placing a plus sign (+) directly in front of their name Google+ will add a link to their profile and notify them of the share. It might seem like a little thing to do but flattery will get one everywhere, as they say.  Getting on the radar of important movers and shakers in one’s industry is priceless for building one’s enhanced online visibility and Google+ now makes that much more likely to happen.

Before one shares just anything they may want to create a circle of people who routinely right interesting things related to one’s own industry.  This will simplify the process of acquiring information that is relevant.  One can also ask for recommendations for those quality people from their trusted Google+ friends.  Again, flattery goes a long way.

While there is no sure-fire way to guarantee success with social media within a larger online marketing campaign with a focus on enhanced online visibility diversifying is always a good place to start.  With Facebook and Twitter getting so much attention it’s easy to overlook Google+ even though their numbers are growing quite impressive.  Building an enhanced online visibility takes time and patience plus a lot of networking.  Google+ now makes that networking easier than ever before making the sought after enhanced online visibility closer to becoming a reality.


February 22, 2012

Many companies expect an easy answer as to how to create an enhanced online visibility.  While some fish oil salesman masquerading as online marketing experts claim to be able to achieve this elevated status in ‘three simple steps’ or some other similar nonsense that is just not the case.  Creating an enhanced online visibility takes hard work, perseverance and a dedication to the task.

If one was to line up companies and brands that have achieved an enhanced online visibility certain attributes all had in similar would become evident.  One of those similarities is that each company with an enhanced online visibility is perceived to be an expert in their field or industry.  They might have taken different paths to be seen by their customers and audience (as well as competition even) as experts, but the end result is the same.

Knowing that, it would behoove any company set upon claiming an enhanced online visibility as their own to put forth the dedication and initiative to being identified as an expert.  With most of the world’s business conducted online expert status is gained through blog posts, website content, and forum posts.  The more a company becomes visible in their industry’s online community with helpful, useful and thought-provoking information the quicker their expertise will become invaluable.

Social media has truly been a gift to creating an enhanced online visibility.  Now, with the simple click of a ‘like’ or ‘tweet’ button a company’s expert advice or insights can be shared with an entirely new audience.  By adding such buttons on every blog post companies can be fast on their way to being seen as experts in their field.

Keeping on top of industry news and sharing it as quick as possible will also send the message that the company is maintaining a diligent keep on industry developments.  Having this kind of reputation will only escalate one’s rise to expert status and firm establishment of enhanced online visibility.  Of course to do this companies must devote an appropriate amount of time to surfing the web for relevant news and keeping up with industry blogs and online publications.

All in all, becoming an expert is not an easy chore no matter what online marketing gurus soliciting for business may promise.  To create an enhanced online visibility that will weather the storm companies must commit to the kind of dedication becoming an expert requires.

February 14, 2012

Anyone who blogs on a regular basis understands how maintaining one’s focus on building an enhanced online visibility can become overwhelming and demanding.  For those whose sole responsibility it is to maintain the company blog scheduling regular breaks from writing is vital to keeping the intensity strong and meeting the challenging goal of creating a vibrant enhanced online visibility.  The best way to schedule regular breaks for oneself is to invite guest bloggers to write. 

Enhanced Online Visibility – Guest Bloggers Add Diversity

There is no better way to break up the monotony of a blog then to invite someone else to write.  A post or two from a new voice in a different situation will refresh the blog and catch readers’ interest.  Enhanced online visibility only works if someone (and lots of them) is reading what is written.  Even if the guest writer is has a similar view on the industry as the primary writer for the guest blog the diversity seen within the posts will still be huge.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Guest Bloggers Challenge Ideas

The best type of guest writer one can get to build an enhanced online visibility is a writer who will challenge the primary writer’s opinions.  This, of course, can’t be a mean and spiteful confrontation, but rather a well-written rebuttal of beliefs.  If done well many new post topics will be created, a series of back-and-forth ‘debate style’ posts can be developed and, best of all, a conversation among commenters will begin.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Guest Bloggers Have an Entourage

Perhaps the best reason to invite a guest blogger to write for the company blog is to increase numbers.  When choosing a guest writer it is important to find one who already has a successful online brand presence with plenty of followers to prove it.  Where they write their crowd will follow.  Even a simple link on the guest’s website or blog leading their followers to the guest post can open many doors for one’s company.  This is one of the best ways to increase enhanced online visibility.

Rather than become a devastating blow to the company website and blog, one should look at a case of writer’s block as an opportunity to help build enhanced online presence. Not only will the primary writer of the blog get a much needed break to recharge their batteries, readers will get a fresh, new perspective and new readers will be drawn to the blog. 

February 10, 2012

All too often a small business has a great product or service but can’t understand why their enhanced online visibility is nowhere to be found.  Quite often the problem isn’t their service or products but rather their inability to reach their target audience.  When working on a company online marketing plan with the goal of building and maintaining an enhanced online visibility target audiences must be thoroughly researched and decided upon before attempting online marketing strategies.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Begin at the Beginning

When developing one’s target audience for online marketing with the intent being to increase enhanced online visibility a small business should start by making a physical list of all the attributes of their target customer(s).  Are they male or female? What income level? What education level?  All these question matter when determining where time and resources should be spent in regards to online strategies.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Think like the Customer

Once the target audience has been thought through and a  list of attributes for each target customer has been assigned the small business owner must determine where their target audience will be online.  If one determines their largest pool of target customers is sixty to eighty years old and of limited means what are the odds of their being active on Twitter and Facebook?

Although the target customer, originally determined, may be that demographic and Facebook may not be a good meeting ground one must take a second look at their target audience.  Would the target customers’ children be on Facebook and Twitter? Might online marketing aimed at them rather than their parents for whom the product or service is designed be more practical?

Enhanced Online Visibility – Trust in the Numbers

After enacting various online marketing strategies such as social media, blogs and forum posting on industry blogs every small business owner needs to make the time on a regular basis to check the numbers to see if their hard work in the online community is paying off.  There are several programs and websites dedicated to analytics that will clearly show where traffic is coming from and the demographic composition of one’s traffic.  Even a simple Google search of the business name will give one an idea of how their business’s enhanced online visibility is doing.

It is easy when creating and structuring an online marketing plan to forget the very foundation of any business – the customers.  Online marketing allows a business exciting new ways to market their business, interact with current and future customers and keep an eye on the competition.  All of that is for naught, though, if a business’s enhanced online visibility is lacking due to mistargeting of audience.

February 08, 2012

Hopefully, by this point in the year small business owners are finally able to catch their breaths and analyze if their enhanced online visibility is working out for them.  We’ve gone over several strategies that a business of any size can employ to beef up their enhanced online visibility in the past, but if the numbers are still not where they should be there are a few more tips and strategies one can try.

The first thing that every small business should be doing regularly, regardless of whether one’s enhanced online visibility appears to be thriving, is check out the competition.  This is not something with which one should be obsessed but it never hurts to take a peek every month or so to see what the immediate competition is doing to improve their enhanced online visibility. 

By immediate competition I mean those businesses that are in one’s immediate vicinity and has been known to take a customer or two.  This may be geographically if one is operating a brick and mortar store or it may be an internet store.  No matter who one’s immediate competition may be it is always a good idea to see what they are doing on their social media pages, blog and website.  Of course, one would never steal ideas or strategies from a competitor but if they appear to be thriving one can always see where they put their energy. Is it Facebook, the company blog, or better web content?   

After studying the competition a small business can take a fresh look at their strategies aimed at building an enhanced online visibility.  Rather than duplicate what the competitor down the street is doing successfully one can try and find a unique strategy with the same goal.  If the competitor has a killer Twitter account a small business might want to focus on the Facebook page.  If blogging seems to be where the customers are then finding creative new tactics should be one’s focus.

This review and reevaluation of one’s strategies for gaining an enhanced online visibility should be done on a regular basis whether one’s business is suffering or soaring.  For those stagnate this process should be done more often.  Enhanced online visibility requires hard work and diligence to be maintained.  Even small businesses employing great strategies and staying on top of trends will have to commit to a large amount of work to keep their enhanced online presence thriving.

February 06, 2012

Online Innovation is it online marketing
We looked at previously how every day marketing strategies employed by small businesses should be looked at from the new perspective of building one’s enhanced online visibility rather than throwing away what has proven to work in lieu of completely new practices.  While there is no harm in a small business owner trying to make the transition to an online presence on their own they may want to at least consult with a professional online marketing company to make sure they are doing enough and not wasting precious time and money on strategies with little effect on an enhanced online visibility.

The key to tweaking current marketing strategies to make them applicable to an enhanced online visibility is to start with what works best.  Below are a few strategies every business already should be doing but can easily be used to bolster an enhanced online visibility.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Print Advertising

Almost every small business has print ads of some kind even if it is an ad in the local high schools basketball program.  It doesn’t matter where print ads are located; they should always include a website, blog address and social media information if an enhanced online visibility is the goal.  As suggested in Part 1 contacting a professional online marketing agency may be a wise decision when designing ads of all kinds as they have experience in promoting websites and social media.  The changes to the ads may appear subtle but usually have an amazing impact.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Promotional Material

A great marketing strategy is to give promotional material away to customers and target customers.  Depending on the industry these gifts can range from teddy bears and lollipops to Post-Its and pens.  No matter what gifts and materials a small business uses to market to customers and potential customers along with the company name should always be the website address.  Again, this is crucial for developing an enhanced online visibility. 

The focus of marketing needs to shift from the customer thinking of Business A when needing their product or service to the customer thinks of Business A’s website.  Enhanced online visibility does not happen overnight and takes a lot of work.  Thankfully, most small businesses already have effective marketing strategies that can easily be manipulated to move them online and get customers thinking of them as an online presence.  With a little help from an online marketing professional any business can quickly begin building an impressive enhanced online visibility.

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