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February 03, 2012

These days it seems that too many companies don’t see the forest for the trees in regards to their enhanced online visibility.  With acronyms like SEO and SMO and SEM thrown around accompanied by anecdotal warnings to those not adopting such methods the message is clear – move online or close the business doors forever.  Of course there is some truth to moving online. As the world’s economy has shifted from brick and mortar stores to online versions businesses (especially small businesses) must make the transition as well to keep customers.  That doesn’t mean that good, old fashioned business and marketing practiced must be abandoned completely.

There needs to be a balance and when working fervently on creating an enhanced online visibility for a business remembering that the business was built by people, not computers, will go a long way in making the transition to online a success.  There are several ways that a small business can take great strides at building and maintaining their enhanced online visibility with very minor changes to their current marketing strategies.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Business Stationary

Every piece of paper with the business’s name must now have the business website, blog address and social media information.  It may seem like a small step but, in fact, it is huge.  How often does one go digging for an invoice to look for a phone number when the phone book or computer is two feet away? By adding all of one’s online contact information on business stationary customers will have quick and easy access to additional ways of interacting with the small business which will do wonders for enhanced online visibility.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Vehicles

Regardless of what industry one may be in almost every business owner owns a vehicle.  Business logos on a car or truck are not just for delivery vehicles anymore.  This mobile billboard can be one of a small business’s greatest marketing tools.  To really make it work there must online information included.  By adding one’s website address and a Facebook or Twitter logo can greatly increase enhanced online visibility.  Turning to a professional in the online marketing field to design an attractive sign for a vehicle is not a bad idea as those in the industry know what works.

These are just two ways a small business owner can use every day practices and items to create and maintain an effective enhanced online visibility.  Rather than throwing the baby out with the bathwater businesses must reexamine what marketing practices they are already employing to see what small changes can be made to bring them online and get the customers online with them.  That is the challenge of creating an enhanced online visibility.


January 30, 2012

It appears that with all the hoopla regarding social media and blogging that many companies have forgotten their first method of building an enhanced online visibility – email.  While it’s not as glamorous as Facebook or Twitter it has the ability to make a substantial impact on a business’s enhanced online visibility if used correctly.  Typically email address lists are voluntarily provided by customers making the chances of emails being read much higher than other forms of online marketing.  Also, much more can be said in a newsletter sent out en masse via email than with a tweet or post.

Enhanced Online Visibility through Email Address Lists

Most businesses have been collecting email addresses of their clientele for years, if not decades.  Email is much better than physical mailings for newsletters and updates because people tend not to change their email address as often as physical addresses.  Also, there is no cost to distribute email newsletters.  This fact alone makes email distribution a good investment.  Although these reasons are compelling enough for companies to focus on email address lists there is an even better reason – email addresses are given voluntarily, almost assuring the recipient’s interest in one’s business which will ultimately help build enhanced online visibility.

Enhanced Online Visibility through Email Content

Many people think newsletters are a thing of the past.  With instant information at everyone’s fingertips why would anyone take the time to read old information in a newsletter? People still read newsletters because they do not think about the business or industry until the newsletter pops up in their inbox.  While those deeply involved in an industry or company may have run across the information distributed in the company newsletter it is safe to say the average customer has not.  Weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly newsletters give a nice synopsis of a company’s activities and industry news without overwhelming customers.

Enhanced Online Visibility through Email Updates

Yes, it is true that updates can be given on Facebook and Twitter but for many customers an email account is checked more often than a social media account. Or even if the social media page is seen by the customer they may accidentally overlook a company’s update.  If a customer cares enough to keep a company’s email notifications and newsletters in their inbox and not spam box they are much more likely to read the updates than in any other venue on the internet.

There are many other reasons not mentioned in the post regarding the benefit of email in building an enhanced online visibility.  Although there is not enough time to give a real discussion to the tried and true email method of distributing information and, in turn, building an enhanced online presence, it is safe to say it is worth considering.  There is nothing wrong with an aggressive social media marketing campaign but companies would be wise to not forget about the power of the company email when an enhanced online visibility is the goal.

January 26, 2012

As more and more small businesses begin to realize the benefits of launching an online marketing campaign with social media as the primary strategies to increase their enhanced online visibility a new industry has been created.  Social media tools are now available for a variety of tasks to aid the small to mid-size business owner in streamlining their social media marketing tactics and interpreting analytics.  For a business to truly see an enhanced online visibility taking advantage of these tools would be most beneficial.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Adding Multi-Media

There are a slew of new social media tools aimed at helping account holders integrate music, video, pictures and even voice recordings into their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media accounts.  Research has proven that pages rich with multi-media generate more interest and engagement with the community.  With so much at stake in online marketing businesses would be wise to use every tool at their disposal to help create their enhanced online visibility.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Time Savers

As a small business gets more fluent in social media and their audience grows they will quickly find themselves devoting a large amount of time to the websites.  Best practice dictates that to have a successful social media marketing campaign a business must be constantly available to respond to comments and post comments regularly.  If successful this will require a lot of time especially if several sites are being utilized.  There are many new and exciting social media tools on the market now aimed at this time issue.  They streamline the updating and monitoring process by funneling all activity from multiple websites into one, easy to understand dashboard.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Analytics

After all the hard work small businesses put into their marketing some form of analytics must be available for review.  This could not be truer for those wishing to affect enhanced online visibility through an online marketing campaign.  Several social media tools provide customizable analytics ideal for the small business.  With information presented in easy to understand formats one doesn’t have to an expert to make sense of the information. 

After a company becomes comfortable with social media (one site at a time, please) they should investigate social media tools and determine which could benefit their business and make social marketing goals more attainable.  With so many tools available now and the number increasing regularly there is a social media tool available to help any business in any stage of growth build their enhanced online visibility.

January 19, 2012

After setting up a company blog to build an enhanced online visibility it can become difficult to find quality content to post especially if posting daily. The same situation can occur in social media posts like on Facebook and Twitter.  While creativity is a wonderful virtue to possess in the world of social media and blogging and goes a long way in achieving an enhanced online visibility there are certain rules for content that should always be adhered to.  Below is a list of some of the most common rules every company should obey at all times when posting a blog or social media comment.

1)    Enhanced online visibility should be a positive thing.  That means that all of a company’s posts need to stay on the sunny side of the street.  While times may be hard and the economy sinking one’s posts should always focus on the positive.  No matter what the topic there are ways to see the glass half full.  This is one of those times to let that creativity fly.

2)    Companies should avoid foul language, crude humor and trash talk at all times to create an enhanced online visibility.  There are, of course, a few exceptions – companies specializing in the vile and vulgar – but it is safe to say most companies’ target audience will not appreciate crass humor and profanity.

3)    Posts are not for selling products. Rather they are for selling solutions.  In fact, they are not for selling at all.  Social media is such a wonderful tool at building enhanced online visibility because it allows companies an ongoing and intimate conversation with their customers and potential customers.  That conversation is about sharing idea not pitching a product or service.

4)    Companies should keep a close eye on what trends their customers are following.  By allowing the customers to determine the topics they will be much more likely to participate in online conversations. Enhanced online visibility is deemed achieved by engagement of customers not the number of sales.

These are just a few tips for developing the much desired enhanced online visibility that companies so desperately desire.  It is possible through social media to create and maintain an enhanced online visibility while increase sales numbers but it takes hard work.  Companies utilizing social media and blogging should educate themselves on all aspects, not just content, before committing to this new and revolutionary enhanced online visibility tool.

January 18, 2012

Creating an online brand presence is no easy task just as maintaining that same online brand presence requires devotion and time.  Many companies contract out their website design or have an in-house team take charge of the process and don’t give it much more thought.  Unless one has hired a leader in website design with a proven track record in brand building, particularly online brand presence, they should not assume that their website is good enough.

Unfortunately the look and feel of a website associated with a brand plays as much an influence in determining online brand presence as social media presence, blogs and web content.  A website’s aesthetics should match the brand’s goals, beliefs and overall theme.  All too often website designers get caught up in using a successful website design as a one-size-fits-all template when the truth is that each brand should be looked at with fresh eyes.

Sometimes the remedy is simple.  A company can greatly increase their online brand presence by changing some colors, fonts, and adding a few pictures.  Other times it takes a complete overhaul of the website.  If one is not happy with their company’s online brand presence hiring a professional specializing in branding isn’t such a bad idea.  The trained eye can pick up many subtle components of a website that others never consciously notice but react to emotionally nonetheless.

One tiny adjustment that everyone can do to their website that has been proven to increase online brand presence is add photographs of people.  If one questions the validity of this marketing tool they should look at highly regarded national and international brands’ websites.  Photographs of people are splashed all over the place.  The same holds true for social media sites and blogs.  People like to look at other people, plain and simple.

So before blaming web content or small budgets for one’s lack of online brand presence try looking at the website for a change.  If it was designed by someone without the training and experience working with creating and building online brands it probably is flawed.  Flashy graphics are cute but they won’t keep customers coming back for more.  By focusing on the website as a whole representation of one’s brand – color, fonts and all – an online brand presence can really begin to form. 

This is not dismissing web content by any means.  That is still the meat and potatoes of any website.  Customers and potential customers don’t visit websites for the graphics or catchy slogans.  Successful websites with the goal of increasing online brand presence understand that all the components of the website must work in harmony to create on overall brand image.  That is the only way online brand presence is achieved.


January 17, 2012

Let’s just assume that everyone has their blog up and running, is posting on it every day and makes sure to make the posts thoughtful and well planned – all in the name of building an enhanced online visibility.  Maybe the numbers aren’t as hot as you’d hoped they’d be or you’re running dry on content.  Whatever the problem may be you’re feeling frustrated with the whole blog process starting to wonder if enhanced online visibility is ever going to happen and if it does is it even worth it.

Don’t fret. Yes developing your enhanced online visibility is most definitely worth all the hard work you are putting into the blog whether you realize it today, tomorrow or months down the road.  In an effort to give a new perspective to the company blog this post is devoted to increasing your enhanced online visibility by focusing less on yourself and more on others.

I know it seems counter-intuitive to say that but in reality it works.  Enhanced online visibility depends on others being interested enough in your product or service to know you exist.  A blog is a great way (as we’ve established many times) to accomplish this.   But not all blogs are equal.  One of the ways a blog fails miserably is by focusing only on itself. 

“Look what we are doing.” 

“Aren’t we cool?”

There is only so much of that kind of posting that people can take.  That is why focusing the majority of posts on other companies, other providers of service, other anything related to your industry will beef up the enhanced online visibility.

It doesn’t end there though.  Part of focusing on others is responding to comments.  If a fan of your blog takes the time to comment it is only polite to pay notice.  Not all comments are relevant but many are.  By just checking the comments once or twice a day and making a quick comment back blog traffic will increase followed by enhanced online visibility.

These are not difficult tasks to perform for someone already posting daily or every other day.  Sometimes it is even easier to stop trying to think of more wonderful news to write about your own company and look instead for advancements in the industry.  Enhanced online visibility is not easy to create and time must be dedicated for it to be done right but in the end it is most definitely worth it.

January 12, 2012

By following the steps we’ve outlined in previous posts companies can begin to create their enhanced online visibility.  Once one has a taste of success they become hungry for more.  After creating the company blog, updating the website to make it look like a million dollars and becoming active on social media websites there is still quite a bit of work to do.  One of the easiest ways to keep that enhanced online visibility going strong is to keep the world (and loyal customers) abreast of current events in one’s industry.

There is a fine line between keeping customers informed about industry events and boring them to death.  As good leaders in a company most bloggers search daily for news pertaining to the job or industry.  Not every little piece of information coming down the line is worthy of sharing no matter how desperate one may be.  By carefully selecting material to be written about a company can keep interest high and maintain that enhanced online visibility they worked so hard to get in the first place.

Social media is a great place to start when maintaining an enhanced online visibility through news.  To have a successful social media campaign companies must be diverse in their Facebook updates, Twitter Tweets or any other type of post.  Never should a company only post about news or sales or accomplishments.  It should be a well-balanced blend of everything.  When considering news stories pertaining to one’s industry the writer should pick not only those events and stories which will be interesting to customers but also items which will shine a positive light on the company.  For instance, if a restaurant specializes in hamburgers they would not want to share a report about obesity related to burgers.  That is unless they were introducing a new line of turkey burgers.

The company blog is a great place to share news.  Not only should it be updated daily with new posts but it also allows guests to comment. Getting customers to talk about one’s industry is a great accomplishment and should be one of a company’s blog’s goals.  Again the same rules apply as with social media for what type of news stories should be included to maintain the enhanced online visibility.  No one wants to read boring insider-only industry news.

Maintaining one’s enhanced online visibility takes work.  For companies unable to commit the time and expertise required contacting a professional marketing or SEO service should be considered.  In today’s competitive marketplace slacking in building an enhanced online presence could just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

January 09, 2012

Companies dedicated to creating an enhanced online visibility are always looking for interesting and unique ways to do so.  One way that helps one’s own company as well as makes friends with other companies is to write a positive review of a product and allow the company being reviewed the freedom to use it as they please.  This creates friendly relations as well as increases one’s enhanced online visibility.

The idea is simple, really.  Within one’s industry an expert in a company finds products or services that are good, novel or compliment their own products and services and rights a glowing review.  Then, the review is posted on the company website for all to see (and is used to build an enhanced online visibility).  A link to the post is sent to the company (of the reviewed product) with a note giving permission for them to link back to the review as they please. 

The important part to remember in all this is that the review must be sincere to truly help a company’s enhanced online visibility.  The only thing worse than a bad review is a generic review of no real substance.  If a product or service being considered isn’t worth much or one’s company sees no substantial value in it they shouldn’t write about it.  This falls under the old adage of ‘if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all’.

If, on the other hand, there is a product or service that has really wowed a company they should explain to the masses why they believe in that product – even if it is a competitor’s product. Yes, that is right.  If a competitor is really doing something right and one’s company writes up a review saying as much the competition will undoubtedly post the review (and the link back) everywhere possible helping create an enhanced online visibility for the company writing the review. 

Many companies feel that they have their hands full already trying to maintain a blog, a website and other marketing materials.  Between advertising online and through traditional methods companies may not see the benefit writing reviews would have considering the time required for completing.  The benefit is very real, despite many beliefs, and will surely help build an enhanced online visibility if done honestly and thoughtfully.

January 06, 2012

No matter whom one asks about ways to build an online brand presence the suggestion of commenting on articles and forum posting keeps popping up.  While in theory this seems simple enough in reality it is much harder if one really wants to utilize it as fully as possible. Thanks to less than honest comment posters flooding the internet in embarrassing campaigns to bolster online brand presence it has gotten harder for real, legitimate companies to utilize commenting.  It can be done, though, with a little patience and hard work.

The first point in comment posting to understand is that there is a fine line between not enough posting and becoming a menace.  To truly understand and learn where this line is located in regards to maximizing online brand presence I’d recommend that any blogger pick an online article in which they are interested and read the comments.  I can almost guarantee three-fourths, if not more, are selfish promotions.  They add nothing of quality to the article and simply take up space.

Now, I’m guessing anyone reading this post does not desire to be in that camp. With that assumption in mind there are a few rules and tips to follow to protect one from becoming a nuisance to blogs and forums while trying to build an online brand presence.

1)    Praise is a wonderful thing to dish out if an article or forum post is truly appreciated.  Be specific in the praise. WHY did you like the article? There is nothing worse than a generic “This article is great!”  If you’re going to take the time to type a comment when creating online brand presence make sure it has some grit.

2)    No promotions needed to create an online brand presence unless your company is truly relevant to the article or topic (in the case of a forum).  For example, if your company makes jewelry and you are posting on a forum for men wanting ideas for gifts for their wives, by all means drop a link to your website.  If, on the other hand, your commenting on a industry article about marketing jewelry, do you really need to promote your website? No, you don’t.  Leave an interesting comment about the content of the article.

3)    Comment often.  This cannot be stated enough.  One comment left on an article, blog post or forum will not establish your online brand presence.  It may take a little extra time to revisit the article, but find the time and keep commenting! It will be worth it when you become a valuable member of the community.

January 05, 2012

At this point everyone serious about increasing their enhanced online visibility should be working diligently on their website and blog giving a large chunk of time and devotion to smart web content.  Key words and URLs are important but there are some even more, basic, good housekeeping rules that need to be followed to really make the most of a web site and send one’s enhanced online visibility into the stratosphere.

Develop Enhanced Online Visibility through Organization

For anyone who has performed any management task, no matter how big or small, the concept of good organization is not new.  Unfortunately many forget to apply organization know-how when working on the company blog.  Archiving posts is a crucial part of a successful campaign to create an enhanced online visibility.  Most archives are organized by category, date and perhaps key words (which is different from category).

Develop Enhanced Online Visibility through Link Baiting

Link Baiting refers to the deliberate posting of articles intended to draw a lot of attention to one’s website.  Obviously not every article can create a sense of urgency and compel people’s interest.  A good rule of thumb is to create a link bait post for every twenty to twenty posts written.  Since these are designed to attract attention they need to well-written (really show what you’ve got), have a hook, and a great graphic if at all possible.  Some ideas for link bait articles would be an interesting video or picture, breaking industry news, or secrets from within revealed.

Develop Enhanced Online Visibility through Analytics

All companies have access to their blog analytics.  This is tool that often sits unused in the company toolbox.  Through careful examination of analytics bloggers can see which posts were most popular and cultivate categories to match.  Also, trends in times of high traffic can be discovered through careful observation.  Lastly, analytics provide where the click originated from allowing companies to tweak their marketing to those locations producing the highest quality visitors.

With a little bit of time any size company can improve their website’s traffic thus building enhanced online visibility.  Organization cannot be stressed enough as it will ultimately make or break a site.  Even the best web content is worthless if visitors can’t navigate a site easily.  Companies can further their website’s success through a careful analysis of statistical information provided by analytics and well-placed link baiting.  If done properly enhanced online visibility will be increased with immediate results.

January 03, 2012

Most companies focused on creating an enhanced online visibility have been convinced of the value of adding a blog onto their website.  Unfortunately, their blog is not doing all that it can to produce the enhanced online visibility for which it was designed.  There are several common errors companies make with their blog that can easily be fixed with a little dedication and time.  For companies whose blog problems are because of a lack of both time and dedication considering hiring a professional company to maintain the blog might be the best solution.

For everyone else, there are a few things to try before calling in the professionals:

1)    Blog Often – There is nothing worse than a spotty blog for creating an enhanced online visibility – one that posts randomly with huge gaps between dates.  Try to commit to at least three posts per week.  The posts do not have to be novellas, but just something interesting .  If you try to post boring filler your audience will know and desert you.

2)    Take Advantage of Guest Bloggers – No one like to post every day or every other day.  Similarly your audience doesn’t want to hear your opinions all the time unless you’re a celebrity.  By inviting a guest to post every now and then you shake up the blog and impress search engines.

3)    Link Carefully – Don’t go crazy with the linking.  Yes, links are vital to a successful blog and an enhanced online visibility but if you go nuts you will only offend the delicate Google Panda and cause guests to never click on your links.  When reading through a new post consider what YOU would like to click on to learn more about.  Then link appropriately.

4)    Write About Real Issues – A golden rule for writing of any genre is to write what is interesting. If it’s not interesting to the author it sure won’t be to the reader.  Even if you are the primary blogger for your website and therefore responsible for enhanced online visibility and are getting sick and tired of writing about your chosen industry day after day, boring posts are not okay.  Find a new angle.  Take a break.  Do whatever you need to keep every post fresh and interesting.

A blog might seem simple in theory but in reality it takes a lot of work to do it right.  The payout for a blog done right, however, is exactly what every company needs to build an enhanced online visibility.  All companies need to be honest with themselves and decide if they can handle blogging for enhanced online visibility or if a professional is needed to do it right.

December 30, 2011

At times companies spend so much energy developing their online brand presence that they regretfully forget some very simple marketing strategies that still work, even in today’s digital age.  Alongside a great brand is a great tagline.  Companies electing not to develop one of their own are being neglectful in their marketing campaign.  When a tagline is combined with strategies to build an online brand presence companies can see an exponential growth in customers.

Taglines are everywhere.  Nike and “Just Do It” are synonymous.  Taglines are used so often and invade our subconscious associations with the product they represent so well that we rarely even notice them.  That is exactly why every company should develop their own tagline to coincide with developing their online brand presence.  There are professionals in PR and marketing whose whole professional existence depends on creating custom taglines for companies while simultaneously building online brand presence and usually companies are well advised to hire them rather than try and develop their own. 

For those choosing to try creating their own tagline independently there are a few guidelines to follow.

1)      Be original and unique

2)      Articulate the company’s mission and qualities

3)      Associate with the target customer base

4)      Accentuate the company’s advantage over the competition

5)      Communicate the goals of the company’s product or service

Once a tagline is created it should be used online for all marketing.  The company blog should incorporate the tagline into every post.  Every forum post or comment post done in the name of marketing should include the tagline.  Every email signature of every employee should proudly display the tagline.  Not to beat a dead horse, but once a successful tagline has been created it cannot be used too much.  The more a target customer associates that ideal with one’s company the more likely they are to remember the company. Online brand presence depends completely on customers thinking of a specific company for a specific need.

While many companies love to micromanage their PR and marketing teams to truly create and maintain a success online brand presence the two teams must work together. Even if a company consists of two employees and all the marketing is farmed out, every single member of the team must work together in every strategy to make an online brand presence be big and be real.


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