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December 28, 2011

By now everyone understands the power social media can give a business in terms of marketing and creating an enhanced online visibility. Facebook, being the most popular social media site to date should be the focus of your company’s social media campaign.  With that said there is no better time than this week between Christmas and New Year’s to do some remodeling of your Facebook page. 

Enhanced Online Visibility – Comment on Fans’ pages

Most employees don’t have a lot to do this week and busy work is a chore but necessary to any successful marketing campaign.  Unlike the typical office Facebook is hopping this time of year as people are sharing pictures and comments about their holiday festivities and New Year’s plans.  To really jumpstart your company’s enhanced online visibility for the upcoming year utilize this week by commenting on your Fans’ pages.  Once that is done every one of their Friends will see your comment and your company by default.  This is a great way to interact with your Fans showing that you value them and spread the word of your company.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Offer Something Spectacular

With everyone giddy with gift giving and getting they will jump when your company offers an extraordinary deal available only to Facebook Fans.  Of course, add a caveat that they have to comment on your company’s page or on their own page or invite Friends to either get said great deal or be eligible for winning it (in an effort to boost your own enhanced online visibility).  To make the offer enticing and stand out in a crowd of many companies vying for your customers’ money and mouse clicks, make the offer appropriate and worthwhile. Most people aren’t going to waste their time for a lousy 10% off their next purchase.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Have a Relevant Gimmick

With so many holidays packed into this time of year it’s easy to come up with a unique way to project your Facebook page into other’s lives.  Throw an online New Year’s party.  It’s easy and free and will attract attention from your Fans.  Add several reminders each day about the online New Year’s party and make sure to add promotions and discounts.  One idea is to give out prizes for the best New Year’s photos posted to your page. 

Regardless of what your company does with its Facebook page, do it now.  By utilizing this downtime during the holidays your company has an opportunity to seriously boost its enhanced online visibility and gain new customers.  


December 27, 2011

In previous posts I have talked about certain characteristics websites need to possess in order for search engines to rank them higher creating, in turn, an enhanced online visibility.  The top-dog of search engines, Google, released its Panda updates to the Google algorithms in early 2011 knocking the SEO world on its back.  The changes in how they ranked pages was huge and if the April release of Panda was the megaquake then the six minor changes since then have been aftershocks.  Thankfully, Google announced in December 2011 that Panda was taking a vacation until January 2012.  At last, a chance for everyone trying to increase their rank on Google and build their enhanced online visibility can breathe for a few weeks.

We say, no! This is not a time to rest.  This is the perfect time to revamp one’s website checking for anything and everything that may be lowering the page rank and reducing its ability to cultivate an enhanced online visibility. By spending a few weeks while Panda is away (and getting ready for the next attack) cleaning up a company’s website, they’ll increase their enhanced online visibility and be in a better position to fight new changes when they come around.

Enhanced Online Visibility and Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is when an unscrupulous website identifies keywords pivotal to their enhanced online visibility and then fills fluff pages with said keywords.  The result is page after page of useless words used to lure unsuspecting searchers to a website.  Panda really cracked down on such underhanded methods of increasing rank and now companies must be mindful of the amount of keywords used per page of content.

Enhanced Online Visibility and Broken Links

Links break. Unfortunately search engines use broken links against a website featuring them.  While most broken links are unintentional and companies don’t even realize they are there, they will be a detriment should the Panda find them.  This is the perfect time to test every link to ensure that they are live and functional. 

Enhanced Online Visibility and Professional Clean Up

While these are just a few suggestions for companies wanting to build their enhanced online visibility in 2012 they are important.  To really make the most on a website and launch online visibility into the stratosphere a company’s best bet is to turn to professionals.  They have the knowledge and resources to stay on top of problems, anticipate changes to search engine algorithms and make subtle changes to websites should the need arise.  When committing to increasing one’s enhanced online visibility trusting the work to a professional is usually the best choice.

December 26, 2011

There are of course many more reasons to have a company blog than the three that are mentioned in this blog post.  In fact, there are very few reasons NOT to have a blog! Regardless of the size of the company or what product or service they are providing blogs are useful when wanting to increase online brand presence.  In short, blogs are great for building rank on search engines, are chalked full of information for investors, customers and partners, and they are a window into the soul of any company.

Building Online Brand Presence – Get Recognized by Search Engines

Search engines love fresh content and keywords.  Blogs are the ideal way to incorporate both into a company’s website.  It’s recommended that content be added or changed on a website at least three times a week for webcrawlers to be impressed.  Keywords must naturally be added to that content. Even though it may sound easy in theory the arrangement of keywords and content is more art than science and realistically requires experts in SEO marketing to get it done right for online brand presence to be truly increased.

Building Online Brand Presence – Up-to-Date Information

Nothing is more annoying or disappointing than visiting a website only to find it hasn’t been updated in a year.  Every business changes constantly as do their industries.  Blogging is a way to ensure that up-to-date information is conveyed to customers, investors and partners in a non-threatening, non-preachy tone.  When writing a blog one should always remember that the post is not about selling the product or service, but rather about sharing information if they truly want to be read and build their online brand presence.

Building Online Brand Presence – Define the Company

It’s sad to say but for most industries companies selling a product or service are a dime a dozen.  The only way to stand above the crowd is to connect to customers.  Brick and mortar stores are a great method for doing just that but as the world is moving more toward the virtual one’s website must replace the colloquial richness storefronts used to offer.  By offering a blog customers can get a feel for one’s business while instinctively understanding the values and beliefs which make it unique and reputable.  Online brand presence is about setting oneself apart from the others.

The fact that people are reading this blog post is proof that blogging works.  Blogging is a great way to get information out to the public about one’s product or service.  An online brand presence depends completely on businesses taking the time to create a name for themselves which will be picked up by search engines and relayed to customers and potential customers.

December 23, 2011

By now almost all companies of any size understand the value of having a website for their product or service.  We’ve already covered within this topic keeping the website up to date if a company’s goal is to have customers visit more than once.  While smaller businesses may be able to take care of this task themselves, or some may choose to hire a professional to get it done right the first time, all sizes of businesses must keep their website interesting and as current as possible.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Fresh Web Content

Of course there are times when web content is tweaked because of changes in one’s business practices or calendar.  That is not the kind of changes we are suggesting.  When we say that in order to create an enhanced online visibility companies must keep their web content fresh and interesting we mean every so often shake thing up a bit.  Try a different writer.  Many companies specialize in keeping web content interesting and it would probably be in one’s best interest to investigate such services.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Stay Up-To-Date

There is nothing more disappointing for customers, or potential customers, than taking the time to visit a website only to find the last time it was updated was a year ago.  That Holiday package that wowed everyone last December leaves a bad taste in the mouth come August if it is still the feature on one’s Home Page.  Every company, no matter what the size, that wants to maintain an enhanced online visibility must not let their website content fall further than a few weeks behind.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Maintain Interesting Content

Understandably not every company can afford a website with fancy intros, multiple videos and cute apps to download, but every company wishing to establish an enhanced online visibility can keep creative, fresh and (most important) interesting content on their website.  If a company does not have a designer available to keep things interesting, it would be well worth the money to hire professionals.  If a website is not interesting no one will want to visit it.

Just having a website is not good enough anymore for companies wishing to create and maintain an enhanced online visibility.  While there is no secret formula to a website’s success it does take time and experience.  Not every company, small or large, has a design team experienced in the art of creating an enhanced online visibility through the company website.  Any company finding themselves in that spot should, if nothing else, take the time to talk to an expert in the field to discover options.

December 22, 2011

The holiday season is a perfect opportunity for your small business to promote your product or service while simultaneously creating an enhanced online visibility.  Primarily this can be done through social media but with smart use of your website the same results can be seen.  People love to broadcast their lives to their many friends on social media.  Taking advantage of that and promoting the behavior with a subtle nod to your product or service is a quick way to get word of your company out to the masses.

Enhanced Online Visibility through Updates

People love to update their profiles as to their location especially during the holidays.  This is a great opportunity for businesses to get promoted through the best way possible – word of mouth.  Retail stores, restaurants, and other businesses should utilize this behavior and place subtle reminders around a store suggesting customers update their status.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words and Adds Enhanced Online Visibility

Just like your customers your business should update social media accounts with pictures.  If your store has a beautifully decorated display window dressed up for the holidays or new merchandise, by all means, post good pictures on your social media accounts!  This, along with a good enhanced online visibility marketing program will guarantee that more new customers walk through your doors or clicks on your website.

Holiday Packages Bring in the Customers

Everyone is looking for a deal around the holidays and your customers, and potential customers, are no different.  Creating holiday packages and then advertising them like crazy is a proven way to get new and existing customers coming your way.  One idea is to create a new holiday deal or package every day.  You can post it on all of your social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ - and include a link back to your website.  This takes a little extra time but the results are well worth it!

Regardless of what ongoing SEO marketing campaigns your business are engaged in during the year the holidays is an excellent opportunity to beef up sales and capture new customers.  With just a little planning and time devoted to the cause your company can transform the holidays into a customer-getting season.  Enhanced online visibility is about getting your company’s name out there.  Combining existing customers’ power to advertise through social media and holiday deals your company is bound to come out ahead.

December 15, 2011

When most companies begin hunting for strategies for increasing enhanced online visibility they immediately turn to the internet.  It makes sense, right? To increase online visibility one must do more online.  That is not necessarily true.  One article points out several simple steps a company can take to increase their enhanced online visibility with very little online activity.

The first thing all companies wanting an enhanced online visibility should work on is their stationary and business cards.  All paper products coming from a business should have important email addresses and the company website address prominently listed.  If a company has already taken the leap into social media stationary and business cards should also include Facebook, Twitter and any other social media information.

The same advice goes for all of a company’s print ads.  A lot of advertising dollars are put into print ads and companies need to make sure they are getting their money’s worth by providing the website address and especially social media information on all print ads for an enhanced online visibility. 

Everyone has seen vehicles on the road with advertisements on the windows.  This is a great opportunity to spread the world about a company’s products or services.  Enhanced online visibility begins with getting the word out about a company.  By placing company decals with website address and social media info attached a company can advertise to thousands of potential new customers. 

Included in all good advertising campaigns are promotional gifts.  Whether a company has a booth at a trade show or is running a special in their store promotional gifts are handed out like candy.  While not everyone receiving the gifts are target customers one never knows who will give the gifts a once-over and show interest in the company.  By prominently placing the company website on all promotional items one will have enhanced online visibility and a growing customer base.

All these strategies are easily implemented in the real world and work great for companies of all sizes whether it be a multi-million dollar conglomerate or one with a handful of employees.  All too often when focusing on enhanced online visibility companies miss the forest for the trees.  By simply adding online information to all advertising and print materials, enhanced online visibility is one step closer to fruition.

December 13, 2011

Building a website image
Most companies have already developed relatively effective websites to attract new customers, accommodate existing customers and, in general, make their product or service more accessible.  Companies who do these things probably see some increased traffic as a result of their online practices.  What most companies don’t realize, however, is the potential their website possesses.  By fulfilling all of customers’ needs with one website visit a company can increase not only their profits and customer loyalty but also bolster their online brand presence.

Companies Need to View Online Brand Presence Differently

Using blogs, forums, social media and aggressive advertising campaigns are great ways to increase online brand visibility, but while many companies are pursuing these things they look past what is already in their arsenal of marketing tools.  An established website is a company’s best marketing tool in establishing an online brand presence.  If customers already find their way to a company website for specific products or services they probably will stick around or come back if more information is available than they originally sought.

An Example of Online Brand Presence Building

That might sound a bit confusing so here is an example.  Say CompanyABC sells specialty dog food.  They already have an established market and customer base but want to expand their online brand presence.  By simply using what they already have (their website) they can increase both customers and website hits.  A little website redesigning and some addition of intelligent, educational web content could change business for CompanyABC in a big way.

To start out, they could add content on their website about dog breeds.  Although it has nothing to do with dog food, per se, it will interest visitors and keep them clicking on the site which in turn will build their online brand presence.  They could also create content explaining the benefits of specialty dog foods, provide links to published papers and articles backing up their claims.  They could even have guest writers who are professionals in the dog world like veterinarians and trainers. 

Suddenly, CompanyABC is no longer just a specialty dog food supplier but are experts in dogs and with smart writing can convince visitors there to learn about dogs to buy their products.  Online brand presence is as much about widening one’s web to catch as many potential customers as it is focusing advertising dollars on a target audience.  By spending a little extra money in developing quality website content establishing a company’s expertise in an entire field, a company can promote their business and sales to a higher level.

December 12, 2011

When even Google makes a point to notice blog comments for their infamous ranking algorithm, those seeking enhanced online visibility should pay close attention.  Blogs are everywhere and cover every topic conceivable.  Creating a blog to increase online presence is a brilliant online marketing scheme, but it’s not the only way to utilize blogging.  By trolling blogs aimed at one’s target customers and leaving thought-provoking, intelligent comments companies are building enhanced online visibility.

Enhanced Online Visibility is not about setting sales records or recruiting the most potential victims – er, customers.  Companies who use blogs to further their own agendas refusing to pay their dues to the blog gods will only put a bad taste in potential customer’s mouths.  By participating on a blog through commenting, a company is joining a community.  Communities work cooperatively and are not set upon personal gain.  This concept must be remembered at all times when building an enhanced online visibility through blog commenting.

It’s obvious why some companies drop into a friendly blog post, leave an unrelated comment pumping their company or product and then zip out just as quickly. It’s easy. Companies can do that hundreds of times a day to hundreds of blogs.  Taking the time to join a community and offer intelligent feedback is time-consuming and can’t be mass generated.  It’s worth the time, though.  Building an enhanced online visibility is all about time and patience.

Lastly, blog commenting is a commitment.  One blog comment posted will not attract the customers or build an enhanced online visibility.  Daily or bi-daily posting of comments must occur.  That requires one to follow a blog and other comment threads.  If a company is not willing to allow the time necessary to embed oneself deep into a blog it is better to not attempt the endeavor. 

Blog commenting is perhaps one of the best ways, currently, to add to a company’s enhanced online visibility.  It costs nothing more than the man-hours do complete the posts, it is a very specifically aimed marketing tactic depending on the blog and its audience, and it works.  Online marketing specialists will charge companies oodles of money with one of their approaches being blog commenting.  Companies wanting to save money and willing to invest a little time can increase their own enhanced online visibility by blog commenting.

November 15, 2011

If you’re a small business owner then you want to get as much growth for your business without having to break the bank. Merely surviving is not good enough for small business owners, especially in a wobbly economy. To establish yourself as a viable online business you have to take steps to cement your reputation online and need to continually look for ways of growing your business online.

Growth Opportunities On A Budget That Will Help Your Online Brand Presence

  • Don’t rely on success. Many small business owners came up with one or two excellent ideas that have proven successful. True entrepreneurs know that diversity is the key to growth. Look at your business model and see where you can expand within your market. Can you offer you clients something a little different? Growth in a new direction may even have a spin-off effect on your existing business. Don’t be afraid to try something new to promote you online brand presence and increase your web visibility.
  • PR for Free. If you’re looking for the cheapest form of advertising, have a look at your PR. Publicity about your business will always help cement your paid marketing efforts. Is there anything newsworthy about your business or about yourself as an entrepreneur? Encourage other people to carry your message for free. PR can be time consuming, but if you have something exciting happening in your business, let the world know on the web.
  • Marketing Madness. You do NOT have to spend a massive amount of money to reap the rewards of an effective marketing strategy. The use of social media, online networking and web marketing can be handled in-house. Consider hiring a professional online marketing firm if you’re looking for targeted traffic to your site. It’s a manageable expense for many businesses.
  • Client Consolidation. You won’t grow by doing the same amount of work for your existing clients. You need to actively seek new clients to promote growth. More importantly, you need to look for bigger clients, with greater needs and larger budgets. The way to find clients is to seek them out and also give them the opportunity to find you on the internet. If you have a good online marketer working for you, they will actively drive traffic to your site and create a better online brand presence on the World Wide Web.


Just because you’re a small business and don’t have the big budgets of the corporations around, doesn’t mean that you do not have to look at savvy ways to increase your online brand presence. It doesn’t have to be exorbitantly expensive. With the right advice and the right content placed in the right place your online business could compete with bigger companies on the net.


November 08, 2011

Enjoying an enhanced online visibility means that you have to make use of every aspect of social media marketing and not just rely on one aspect to help increase your enhanced online visibility.

Enhanced Online Visibility – How many social media networks are you on?

If you’re serious about reaping the rewards of an enhanced online visibility, you need to make sure that you are visible on line. Everyone has a Facebook page or Twitter account, but how effectively are you using them? Are you just using the giants of social networking, or are you continually looking for new opportunities? While Facebook and Twitter are huge in English speaking countries, have you considered the rest of the world? There are a number of social networks that are bigger than Facebook that cater to people around the world. Don’t you think it’s time to employ an SEO specialist who really knows how to get your name out there?

Google Plus – Enhanced Online Visibility for Sure

Many companies spend thousands of dollars on making sure that they achieve a sustainable ranking on Google and the other big search engines. This is all a part of achieving an enhanced online visibility, but the new social media network that was recently introduced by Google could impact your ranking even further if you know how to use it effectively. When you are looking at the aspects of social media that could benefit your brand, you need to make sure that you’re active on G+ right now to enjoy an enhanced online visibility.

G+ Gives You Extra Enhanced Online Visibility

Make sure that your SEO or online brand expert is wired into Google+. You can add the Plus1 button to every piece of content that you publish and let your public add to your user reputation on Google easily and without having to sign into their Google account. It’s a simple method of sharing your content that will help get your name out into the World Wide Web, which is exactly where you need it to be.

Having an enhanced online visibility means that you have to keep active on ALL social networks. You can’t just have a page with your name and hope that people will find you.

Traditional marketing has a limited reach when you consider the amount of people who use the internet every day. The biggest advantage of internet marketing and in particular, social media marketing is the ability to speak to people who fall into your customer demographic. The more relevant content you put on your social media pages, the more people will be inclined to share your message with their personal networks. The power of viral marketing is the key to all aspects of your online brand presence and enjoying an enhanced online visibility.


October 03, 2011

Abc news

Enjoying enhanced online visibility means a lot of hard work. Many businesses assume that once they have a website, everything else will just fall into place. Bearing in mind that you may be competing with billions of other websites for space, it becomes vital that you are a newsmaker instead of just standing idly by and watching your competition grab your potential customers.

Search giant Yahoo! has just today (October 3, 2011) launched their latest joint venture in the race to capture users. Yahoo and ABC have just launched a “News and Information Alliance” that will position ABC News much higher on Yahoo. This is more than just a joint venture to get enhanced online visibility for ABC. This is a prime example of why it is important to deliver excellent and newsworthy content that will attract viewers, and users to the search engine.

Enhanced Online Visibility using news worthy content.

People love being the first to know about events and issues around the world. If you run a website that sells shoes, by way of an example, are you providing content that is newsworthy, applicable and useful to your users? This is where a blog becomes vital in ensuring enhanced online visibility. SEO is far more than just securing your ranking at the top of the search engine page. If you want people, and by people you can read ‘potential customers’, you need to have content that is evolving and changing in time and in tune with your market and what is happening in the world.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Is your Brand Recognized?

If you want to reap the rewards of enhanced online visibility, then you need to ensure that your brand is recognizable. This means that you need to keep delivering content that shows that your brand is concerned about their clients and users. This type of online brand presence has to be done across all forms of online marketing. SEM and brand awareness must be performed for your website, blogs, social media and the images that you place onto the World Wide Web.

Keeping your site newsworthy means having SEO experts and brand specialists to constantly keep writing content that is related to your business and what is happening in the world. The amount of traffic to your site will increase dramatically if you provide content that is both worthwhile and newsworthy. You need to keep up the momentum and SEO efforts to enjoy enhanced online visibility.

September 23, 2011

Brand building


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not just a buzzword anymore. To ensure enhanced online visibility, you need to understand that SEO is an integral part of the marketing and advertising department of any business. SEO is utilized in the competitive online marketplace of the World Wide Web to ensure that your website, product or service is found within the first few returns on the big search engines.

Enhanced Online Visibility through SEO is ALL about Content

Some businesses still think that the wording on their website is not as important as photos, videos and widgets. While there is a huge amount of SEO and enhanced online visibility that you can derive from the correct placement of video and photographs, it is still the written content that will pay dividends in the cutthroat world of SEO.

It is not enough to just stuff your online content with keywords. In fact, Google, Yahoo! and other large search engines take a very dim view of keyword stuffing, and may even penalize your business. SEO content writers are some of the most specialized marketers in the world. Don’t be fooled by anyone who says they can write for SEO and enhanced online visibility.

Great results and enhanced online visibility take time, effort and patience. SEO content specialists know that it takes a great deal of skill and talent to be able to rank effectively for keywords and on search engines.

Enhanced Online Visibility Across The Web

The first thing to consider when you are looking at SEO for your online business is your website. The content must be optimized for the best possible results and ranking on search engines. You won’t get ranked on Google by paying for it. The algorithms used by the Google search spiders are immensely complex and only rank websites if they have excellent content. Your website must offer so much more than just a shop window to the world. All content that provides enhanced online visibility will be useful for users and encourage people to stay on your site.

You also need to look at blogs. Having a blog or two that offer informative and useful articles will ensure that you receive enhanced online visibility across the World Wide Web. Forum content, Hub Pages, and article submission are also excellent ways of establishing and maintaining your enhanced online visibility.

Your online brand presence and will all add impetus to your SEO campaign. Make sure you choose a SEO provider who has the technical wizardry and marketing creativity to give you the best enhanced online visibility.

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