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October 15, 2012

Can Blogs Build Online Brand Presence
Blogs can be a powerful marketing tool that can be leveraged for enhanced online brand presence if they are managed correctly. They can mean a lot of work and they are highly content driven and demand an investment of time and effort to keep them unique and effective. Business blogs need to be worked at all the time to be truly effective and keep people coming back for more.

Enhanced Brand Presence Through Excellent Content

A business blog sets you apart from your competition because they rate high on SEO scales as well as being an important facet of the social networking community. A good business blog can attract the attention of people who may not have even visited your website. They create awareness and can be used to drive traffic to your site and increase buying and spending levels. They can be used to develop a following on the internet and ensure better brand presence online. When you develop a truly effective blog you have tapped into your potential customer base and are getting your products and services into their space.

The key to having a successful business blog is to ensure that it is updated on a regular basis. If your readers come to expect that there will be a new post at a certain time or on a certain day, they will be logging on to get the news. Blogs also create a huge amount of search engine interest and this can increase your ranking. Blogs are one of the most vibrant and vital ways of creating traffic to your site and increasing sales.

Business Blogging Doesn’t Have To Be a Chore

Blogs are more personal than the content on a website. They fulfill the need in readers to get that personal opinion on different subjects, issues and products. A good business blog never uses the hard sell but rather seeks to inform and provide useful information for potential clients. If you provide excelent content, your online brand presence will be immediately enhanced and people will remember your brand name when they make a purchasing decision in the future. The most successful business blogs are a resource for their readers and get shared more often than blogs that continually push their products or services.



September 25, 2012

Can Blogs Build Online Brand Presence

In a technological world of tweeting and status updates, social media networking has become the e-marketing buzzword, but what about the humble Blog? Can blogs be leveraged effectively to guarantee an increased online brand presence? Blogs,as a medium of communication that can have tremendous value to the small business owner and can be used as an effective marketing tool.

Effective Use of Blogs for Online Brand Presence

A blog is a web page on the internet that consists of short posts on different or specific subjects. The material is updated frequently and the information is more than likely to be presented in a chronological fashion. Since 1999, the weblog community has grown from a few thousand users to a worldwide community of over 100 million. Divided into two general categories, blog are either personal, much like a journal, or business related which is when they are a tool for corporate communications and to establish an online brand presence.

The Advantages of Having a Business Blog for Online Brand Presence

  • Business blogs can be used to connect with a much wider audience of potential customers. They are used to drive traffic towards a business website and are an excellent way for being able to share information with people on a global platform.
  • Business blog software is easy to use. It is a matter of a few simple clicks to be able to post the information that you have directly onto the blog web page. The three most popular blog software companies are, and Typepad, all offering valuable software for the business blogger.
  • Blogging is cheap. In fact, it’s almost free. If you are a small business owner, you might not have the time to learn how to write the programs needed to keep a website up and running, and sometimes the cost of hiring a web designer and developer is out of reach. Blogging means that the business can have an important web presence for a few cents per day. It will get your business name out onto the World Wide Web and if you team it with some clever social media networking, you can have as much influence as any website.
  • Share your knowledge. Business blogs provide business owners with the opportunity to share their expert knowledge in their sphere of business. It is a way of adding value to the products and services that a business offers, and if you do have a web site and are able to set up cross-links then you will be increasing the traffic to the website, quickly and effectively.

A business blog can be one of the most powerful marketing and networking tools that your business can use. It will give you a valuable online brand presence and over time, the blog will develop a following of readers who will always be interested in the latest news and developments in the industry.

The best way to develop a loyal readership if to have regular updates. They do not have to be daily updates, but they should be posted at regular intervals so that people know when to check back for new information. If you are just starting out then you can even do a blog post once a week, just ensure that it is always on the same day, so people who come to expect it won’t be disappointed when they log in to your blog page. You can always up the frequency later as it gains momentum and you have an established online brand presence.

July 30, 2012


Every part of your content plays an important role in establising your online brand presence. Most people are attracted to an article by its title that is why the choice of the title is so very important. Blog posts are found when someone tweets them or they are posted by a Facebook user who stumbles across it or it pops up on a Google search. However it is found, it will invariably be the title that captures the initial readers attention, and perhaps a snippet of the post itself. It is the title that causes a click through to the entire post and once this most difficult task has been accomplished, content then becomes King.

The gateway to content is the title, if the gateway is not interesting, who would bother wandering in? You need to pay attention to every aspect of your content to ensure maximum enhanced online visibility. The title must be valid, the title is like the big sale banner in the store window that begs attention, the title must fulfill the promise that it makes. The steps to writing titles are actually quite simple, but to understand the concept you have to understand people.

People are looking for information. There is an old saying that a day without new knowledge is a like a day without sunshine. Make your title quantifiable, make the content compelling. “5 steps to writing killer blog posts” will get the attention of a budding blogger. So will “5 tricks that every blogger should know”.

Titles that make you part of an elite insider group are more than compelling, they are like an invitation to an exclusive club. You know you must know “The secrets to successful blogging” or “Do you want to know why the Jeep Wrangler is the worlds best off road vehicle”?

A blog post with the title “Warning, read this before you wash another dish” will attract readers because we all wash dishes and we are all aware of chemical hazards and the likes, put two and two together and you have a compelling blog title.

I call these titles my “old man titles”. You know that old guys are a wealth of wisdom, whether that’s true or not is in the eyes of the beholder. Excellent “old man titles” like, “5 things I wished I knew about the internet” will spike attention.

Goood titles build interest, they use keywords strategically, they always have the client in mind, and they always have the objective in mind. The objective of course is to station the client higher and higher in the search results and increase online visibility and brand presence but this will only happen when the articles are well written and the titles are seductive. Whether you use the promise of information, the promise of exclusivity, fear or “old man’s wisdom”, the title is your pipeline to success.


June 09, 2012

Web Marketing For Enhanced Online Visibility

You need web marketing to turn your website from a dormant business card into a vibrant e-business and enjoy enahnced online visibility. Using a combination of different types of online web marketing strategy will establish your product more firmly to a target audience. It is well recognized that social media and blogging sites are one of the main ways to get a product noticed, liked and talked about. Word of mouth can spread very quickly on these sites, and your online marketing and brand promotion company will be able to point you in the right direction.

What Type of Social Media Marketing is Right For Your Site?

Written social media content will maintain a presence on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Squidoo and HubPages. Build up a social media profile and maintain that profile by reading and making thoughtful comments in forums and as blog posts. Create an interactive profile for a social media strategy, making a number of postings daily to keep the content fresh and dynamic. Identify business social media websites that allow for anchor cross-links, enabling a continual web presence, and optimize visibility to search engines used by potential customers.

Be A Social Media Star In The Blogosphere

Blogs are another way of utilizing this social media optimization to enjoy enhanced online visibility. Research your target audience, see what kinds of blogs are most appealing, and carefully create a blog that uses that information most effectively. Maintain the blog with active, engaging content and update blog posts to include links back to other blogs. All of these web marketing and branding sources will absolutely optimize a product’s visibility on the web.

Create a Hub to be featured on Hub Pages around the product. Search engines consistently grade HubPages highly, so a presence here is very valuable. Include links back to other blogs and pages where comments and feedback on the product are featured. Increase your ranking on HubPages, which will optimize the product even further on the search engines.

Do I Need A Blog?

Many businesses are still struggling to comprehend how important it is to have a web presence, let alone a firm strategy for inline brand presence. Blogs are the place where reputations can be made, by using the right sort of writing, videos, links and input. Companies that want to get ahead in promoting a product on the web need to have a good social media and blog campaign that keeps the product in the forefront of the consumer’s mind. Use multiple social networking sites to optimize the search engine potential. A good online brand presence will offer everything that is needed to make a product both visible and attractive to any target audience. Your enhanced online visibility gives you additional opportunities to drive traffic to your site and to increase sales.



March 27, 2012

We’ve written before about the importance of keeping blog posts fresh and interesting but we also need to also address the importance of making time for blog maintenance for enhanced online visibility. By blog maintenance I do not mean scheduling posts.  This goes a little deeper than that.  Once a month or so, in an effort to maintain your enhanced online visibility that you’ve worked so hard to achieve, you need to perform a few housecleaning chores to keep your blog running smooth.

Blog Maintenance for Enhanced Online Visibility – Reread

Even though you carefully edited every single post that was scheduled it never hurts to spot check a few posts to check for missed grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or just plain wrong facts.  They say that ‘hindsight is 20-20’ making the need to reread old posts very important.  The best part about revision is that revised posts do not affect your search engine rankings in the least. 

Blog Maintenance for Enhanced Online Visibility – Picture Check

Videos and images should be added to every post to make them more interesting and help your search engine rank.  One of the best ways to keep a blog fresh is to change the images from time to time.  As part of your regular blog maintenance choose a few images or videos that you determine just don’t go with the flow and take the opportunity to change them to something more appropriate.

Blog Maintenance for Enhanced Online Visibility – Link Check

This is one of the most important parts of blog maintenance.  When a link is broken and leads nowhere your ranking can be severely damaged.  Sometimes links are entered incorrectly within the text and sometimes websites and pages shut their doors after the link was embedded. No matter what the reason may be for a dead link showing its ugly face in your blog you must find it quickly and fix it.  A once a month check of your blog should be sufficient for catching bad links.

These are just three routine blog maintenance items that need to be checked.  Depending on your blog size, the nature of the writing content contained in the blog posts and your available manpower to address these issues you may determine that blog checks need to be done more often or less often than once a month.  No matter what other items you add to the checklists or how often you check for mistakes blog maintenance for enhanced online visibility must become part of your business’s online marketing routine.

March 09, 2012

While the value of blogging has been understood across industries as a necessary online strategy too many businesses and bloggers underestimate the importance of a meta tag description for online brand presence.  In essence, the meta tag is the first impression the general public, your customers, get of your business and the best way to create an online brand presence.  If your business is in the habit of simply copying and pasting the first sentence into the meta tag box when scheduling blog posts you may be doing damage to your online brand presence.  There are some tips you can follow when creating meta tags that will help convince customers to click on your blog post and build your online brand presence.

1)    Be concise yet pique interest.  Think like a tweet when writing meta tags.  When people scroll through search engine results they skim meta tags and will stop when the description is interesting but not over the top.  You have a limited number of words to make your case, sale your brand, and build your online brand presence.

2)    Use keywords.  You should already have developed a list of keywords to use when optimizing content.  If you have not you need to.  For the fastest and most efficient keyword determination contact a professional content writing company that specializes in building online brand presence.  Once your keywords are determined use them naturally in meta tags.  Your brand name is also a keyword.

3)    Take your time and write quality meta tags.  Even though the actual meta tag is short and may appear simplistic the most effective ones have at least an hour of thought behind them.  Once you write a really good meta tag work on replicating it by using synonyms and changing words around.  Google punishes duplicated meta tags.

4)    Do not use punctuation when writing meta tags.  When Google and other search engines process your meta tag they look at everything as a symbol.  When you throw punctuation into the mix the search engine misreads it as HTML and is not happy.  As much as it may hurt avoid dashes, colons, question marks, parenthesis and quotation marks.

By following these suggestions you will be off to a great start at writing meta tags that increase your online brand presence.  One of the best features of Google is that you are not punished for making changes to past blog posts.  Use that as an advantage and change old meta tags to reflect your goals and increase blog traffic.  The importance of meta tag descriptions for online brand presence cannot be stressed enough as is it is often an ignored online marketing strategy.

March 02, 2012

Unlike traditional forms of marketing online marketing allows businesses the opportunity to form relationships with customers while promoting an online brand presence.  This difference is crucial to understand as traditional marketing strategies do not always work when moving online.  Below are a few online strategies that will help your online brand presence grow and are unique to social media marketing.

Online Brand Presence Builders - Focus on Feelings

All good marketing campaigns take customers’ emotions into account but social media is poised to keep up with changing attitudes as they are influenced by trends.  Also, social media allows brands to appeal to more than one group of customers at the same time.  Experts recommend that when developing social media marketing goals with a focus on building online brand presence a focus be determined. This focus should not be the brand or product one is selling but rather a feeling or attitude target customers share.  An example would be a business offering cleaning services might choose their focus to be on simplifying.  This would drive all of their marketing strategies.

Online Brand Presence Builders – Easy Does It

Customers on social media websites do not want to work hard.  Rather, they want to relax, chat with some friends, catch up on news and gossip, and possibly do a little shopping.  The easier one can make the social media experience for the customer the more likely they will take part.  Building an online brand presence depends completely on convincing the customer it is worth their time to share one’s brand with others.  To convince them without overburdening them requires finesse.  Some examples of strategies include social media only deals and giveaways.

Online Brand Presence Builders – The Latest Gadgets

People who will respond to a business’s online marketing campaign are tech people. This is something to take advantage of!  Technology is constantly changing and there is no way any business can always be on top of the hottest trend but they can catch up as quickly as possible.  To build online brand presence business’s must make their brand synonymous with the hottest technology whether that be by having really cool apps or being available on the most operating systems.

Social media marketing with a focus on growing one’s online brand presence presents both challenges and rewards unlike ever seen before in marketing campaigns.  Companies ready to jump on board and ride social media to the bank will adopt strategies that embrace the differences in marketing styles and as a result see a huge increase in online brand presence.

March 01, 2012

Every company aims for their online brand presence to grow infinitely larger.  Unfortunately as the online brand presence increases in size the likelihood of being the recipient of a negative social media post or comment increases as well.  Since it is likely only a matter of time till a company with a thriving online brand presence gets hit with a negative comment it’s best to be prepared in how to handle it.  Protecting one’s online brand presence is not about preventing negative comments but rather handling them with style.

The first thing that needs to be done when confronted with a negative comment or post on a blog or social media site is for the business to react calmly.  In the majority of cases negative comments are driven by anger.  If the business responds angrily or defensively not only does it add fuel to the fire but it makes them appear to be guilty of whatever allegations are being brought against them.

Next, a business should respond to the comment, online, in a respectful manner, acknowledging any wrongdoing and making an apology if need be.  If the comment is not true then a business should express a sincere appreciation for the commenter’s feelings but not admit wrong doing.  The only exception to this rule would be if the commenter is threatening violence or if they mention sensitive topics or confidential details that do not belong on a social media page.  If that is the case the problem must be dealt with offline and immediately.

If the negative comment and reply goes further than a few posts the business should politely ask the commenter if they would discuss the issue privately.  This will most likely solve the problem, appease hurt feelings, and let the rest of one’s followers see that problems are handled with respect and discretion.

No one can keep all bad comments away from their social media sites.  Part of growing an online brand presence is taking the good with the bad.  More important than avoiding negative comments is showing one’s online community that the business is respectful of its customers and employees and handles problems in a professional manner.  That is how online brand presence results in more sales and customer loyalty.

February 29, 2012

When small to mid-size business owners set out to create and grow their online brand presence they are often met with a lack of enthusiasm by their employees. Anyone whose job falls outside of marketing usually does not care much about how the company’s Facebook page is doing or how popular yesterday’s Tweets were.  That must change, though, for a social media marketing campaign to take off which will ultimately be what grows one’s online brand presence the most.

First, whether a business has two employees or two hundred they must be educated in social media marketing and how much it influences business decisions.  The assumption that employees understand social media is a bad one and even if every employee has a Facebook or Twitter account it does not mean they understand the marketing angle of social media or how to use social media websites to their fullest capacities – all strategies for building an online brand presence.

Employees must also be trained in how to correctly post onto the company blog and company social media accounts.  This training must be customized to meet the needs of people on a variety of competency levels rather than one generic training.  A company’s online brand presence will only grow if everyone involved knows what to do and how to do it.  Training is essential.

After a successful kick-off to the revamped social media marketing campaign to build online brand presence the head of marketing (or business owner depending on the size of the business) must individualize social media assignments so that all employees can be involved directly.  This is important for taking the load off of one individual and for diversifying social media accounts.

Everyone needs a pat on the back to keep their morale high and that is why a social media newsletter is recommended.  A newsletter allows employee praise for hard work and keeps employees focused on the task at hand – building the company’s online brand presence.  It also is a vehicle for announcing changes which occur often when dealing with social media.

There is no perfect formula for getting an entire company on board when creating a social media campaign but the steps listed above are a good jumping off point.  Online brand presence takes a lot of time and devotion and should not be the responsibility of one employee or business owner.  By enlisting the help of the whole team the one holding the reigns can focus on expansion and new ways to build online brand presence.

February 15, 2012

While a company may be utilizing social media, a blog and including fresh content in their campaign to create an online brand presence they many want a little extra something to improve their game.  For many small to mid-size businesses the little extra something that gives a great advantage is charity work.  Not only does it help a good cause and the local community, it is also a proven winner at building online brand presence.

Online Brand Presence – Community Involvement

Everyone likes to help with a good cause.  Whether it is walking to raise cancer awareness or raising money for a local family whose home burned down, people come together for charity events.  Smart businesses realize their target audience is most likely among those helping and advertise accordingly.  With the advances of online marketing businesses can take local causes to the masses via the internet. 

Online Brand Presence – Online Fundraising

Small businesses with even a modest online audience have the capacity to do a lot of good when working with charities.  There are online auctions, prizes given away to all who donate and a myriad of other online fundraising opportunities.  People almost always share positive social media and blogging comments with their friends making online charity work a great way to spread word of a small business.

Online Brand Presence – Reputation Management

Most small business owners understand that reputation means everything in a competitive marketplace.  One bad comment on a blog or social media site and a lot of time and effort must go into correcting it.  Working with charities and local non-profits is a great way to strengthen a good reputation, a task that does a lot for increasing online brand presence.

There are many local charities in every community that anxiously wait for small and mid-size businesses to show interest in helping.  By focusing on only one cause and putting all one’s effort into advancing that cause through fundraising, awareness campaigns and donations a business’s name can become attached to the charity which will create awareness and ultimately bolster online brand presence.

February 14, 2012

Anyone who blogs on a regular basis understands how maintaining one’s focus on building an enhanced online visibility can become overwhelming and demanding.  For those whose sole responsibility it is to maintain the company blog scheduling regular breaks from writing is vital to keeping the intensity strong and meeting the challenging goal of creating a vibrant enhanced online visibility.  The best way to schedule regular breaks for oneself is to invite guest bloggers to write. 

Enhanced Online Visibility – Guest Bloggers Add Diversity

There is no better way to break up the monotony of a blog then to invite someone else to write.  A post or two from a new voice in a different situation will refresh the blog and catch readers’ interest.  Enhanced online visibility only works if someone (and lots of them) is reading what is written.  Even if the guest writer is has a similar view on the industry as the primary writer for the guest blog the diversity seen within the posts will still be huge.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Guest Bloggers Challenge Ideas

The best type of guest writer one can get to build an enhanced online visibility is a writer who will challenge the primary writer’s opinions.  This, of course, can’t be a mean and spiteful confrontation, but rather a well-written rebuttal of beliefs.  If done well many new post topics will be created, a series of back-and-forth ‘debate style’ posts can be developed and, best of all, a conversation among commenters will begin.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Guest Bloggers Have an Entourage

Perhaps the best reason to invite a guest blogger to write for the company blog is to increase numbers.  When choosing a guest writer it is important to find one who already has a successful online brand presence with plenty of followers to prove it.  Where they write their crowd will follow.  Even a simple link on the guest’s website or blog leading their followers to the guest post can open many doors for one’s company.  This is one of the best ways to increase enhanced online visibility.

Rather than become a devastating blow to the company website and blog, one should look at a case of writer’s block as an opportunity to help build enhanced online presence. Not only will the primary writer of the blog get a much needed break to recharge their batteries, readers will get a fresh, new perspective and new readers will be drawn to the blog. 

February 13, 2012

Many small business owners put so much effort into creating their online brand presence that once an acceptable level is achieved they begin to slack off, failing to maintain that precious online brand presence they worked so hard to build.  In order to keep that from happening to your business you must work tirelessly to maintain your online reputation. The best way to do that is to perform regular maintenance on all web content and blog entries.  An out of date or irrelevant post is all it takes to begin to crack the façade of a strong and dominant online brand presence.

Online Brand Presence Maintenance – Search Engine Monitoring

If you own a small business you should be checking your business’s name on all major search engines on a regular basis.  All it takes is one bad comment or review to seriously endanger your online brand presence.  By not only checking search engines, but also having a plan in place should the worst occur, you are protecting yourself against damages that could cost thousands to repair.  You might consider hiring a professional reputation management company to assist you in keeping tabs on your online brand presence.

Online Brand Presence Maintenance – Blog Comments

It’s easy to forget to read every single comment posted on your blog.  We understand.  Unfortunately, this is one of the ways your online brand presence can seriously be hurt.  Either spammers post nonsense comments promoting their product or someone blasts you in a hate-filled comment and suddenly your online brand presence is suffering life-threatening wounds.  Constant monitoring of your blog is essential not only for maintaining online brand presence but for creating an environment of open and positive community which hopefully will detract spammers and other negative comment.

Online Brand Presence Maintenance – Web Content

Web content is easy to forget about in the world of a busy small business owner.  You work hard to produce quality content and then are expected to update it regularly.  It’s easy to see how the updates might become fewer and fewer as the months pass by.  Unfortunately, keeping web content fresh is one of the best ways to maintain online brand presence.  If you find yourself to busy with the day to day tasks involved with running a business you might consider hiring a company specializing in web content and search engine optimization.

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