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October 08, 2012

Enhanced Online Visibility

The best way to ensure an effective online brand presence is to have a well designed website.If you are thinking about having a website designed for your business or to enhance your personal reputation, you will need to look carefully as the web design pricing to make sure that your website is going to pay for itself. You need to look at your website as an extension of your business; a shop window to the world. If it is not effective then people will not enter your business to purchase your products and services.

Too many people think that if they have a website that looks good, it will help their business. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A good website is an effective website, and you need to look carefully at your market, and what you want your website to do before you start your web page design.

Template Designs

You can save money on your web design pricing when you work off a template design. Your website will be completely unique and wholly original even if you use a template to work from. A template gives your designer the chance to really get involved in the functionality of your web page design rather than spend your time and your money on writing the code for a design template. A web page design using a template is a starting point for both you and your website designer. It means that you’ll be able to focus on improving what your site does for you in business and how you can use your site as a vital tool to improve your online brand presence in your business model.

Content Management System

Having a CMS in place when you discuss web design pricing means that you will be able to save a huge amount of money on the maintenance and updating on your site. A CMS means that you have control over what goes onto your site and you can add, edit and change information as your business grows. Having to go back to your website designer every time you need some content on your site, will not only cost you in monetary terms but in time and efficiency. Having a CMS in place is vital if you are selling products through your website. You don’t want to have to worry about changing a price tag on an item or increasing your product offering when you are in charge of your content management.

Keeping your costs down and looking carefully at your web design pricing is a part of doing business. With a template original design and a CMS in place you will be able to run and manage and effective website that will become a vital part of your overall online brand presence.

December 23, 2011

By now almost all companies of any size understand the value of having a website for their product or service.  We’ve already covered within this topic keeping the website up to date if a company’s goal is to have customers visit more than once.  While smaller businesses may be able to take care of this task themselves, or some may choose to hire a professional to get it done right the first time, all sizes of businesses must keep their website interesting and as current as possible.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Fresh Web Content

Of course there are times when web content is tweaked because of changes in one’s business practices or calendar.  That is not the kind of changes we are suggesting.  When we say that in order to create an enhanced online visibility companies must keep their web content fresh and interesting we mean every so often shake thing up a bit.  Try a different writer.  Many companies specialize in keeping web content interesting and it would probably be in one’s best interest to investigate such services.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Stay Up-To-Date

There is nothing more disappointing for customers, or potential customers, than taking the time to visit a website only to find the last time it was updated was a year ago.  That Holiday package that wowed everyone last December leaves a bad taste in the mouth come August if it is still the feature on one’s Home Page.  Every company, no matter what the size, that wants to maintain an enhanced online visibility must not let their website content fall further than a few weeks behind.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Maintain Interesting Content

Understandably not every company can afford a website with fancy intros, multiple videos and cute apps to download, but every company wishing to establish an enhanced online visibility can keep creative, fresh and (most important) interesting content on their website.  If a company does not have a designer available to keep things interesting, it would be well worth the money to hire professionals.  If a website is not interesting no one will want to visit it.

Just having a website is not good enough anymore for companies wishing to create and maintain an enhanced online visibility.  While there is no secret formula to a website’s success it does take time and experience.  Not every company, small or large, has a design team experienced in the art of creating an enhanced online visibility through the company website.  Any company finding themselves in that spot should, if nothing else, take the time to talk to an expert in the field to discover options.

April 20, 2011


Over the past decade consumers have become much more environmentally conscious and are making many of their purchasing choices, including online choices, based on companies with good green reputations. That is making it increasingly important for companies to firstly make wise business choices when it comes to the environment and secondly to manage their green reputations -- especially online. While small companies and brands are less likely to have independent environmental watch organizations conduct investigations on them, bigger companies and brands have to manage their green reputation carefully or else they could end up with a reputation crisis like Apple is currently finding itself in.

Last week, the powerful NGO Greenpeace published a report about the top internet companies and their green reputations. The 35 page report details how much energy data companies like Yahoo, Google and Apple use to create the massive internet cloud. According to Greenpeace, the internet is consuming nearly 2% of the worlds power. After looking at a number of influential companies, Yahoo was ranked the cleanest -- improving its reputation with eco-savvy surfers -- and Apple was ranked the dirtiest. For Apple, who has a reputation of being a progressive organization, this is a blow to its reputation and in order to curb the bad public relations that this report will produce, Apple should change its policies and find ways to save more energy. Additionally, the company should send out a press release acknowledging their lack of eco-consciousness and perhaps even launch a campaign to reduce their energy consumption.

Today, in an ever increasingly environmentally conscious consumer driven world, being green isn't just about being trendy. NGOs and other civil society organizations are keeping a close watch on private companies and using the net to share with the world whose really green and whose just green washing. Thus, it's important that you truly know your companies green record and find a effective way to share it with the world and keep your online reputation as clean as possible.


June 03, 2010

When working on optimizing a blog or professional site to get it high in the search engine results, there are a number of things to focus on. Inbound links, keyword density, and relevant content are all crucial to improve your rankings. But there are a slew of tiny steps that can add up to big improvements in your overall ranking as well. One of these is managing your 404 pages to ensure you aren’t losing out on traffic.

The 404 page is the default page that appears when a user types in a page on your website that doesn’t exist, or when another site links to a page that doesn’t exist. This can happen for a number of reasons, but the most common cause is that at some point along the way you changed something about the structure of your site, perhaps accidentally simply by upgrading or changing your blogging software. Since the other sites linking to you don’t know you updated things, their links are now out of date. Some search engines might even keep those pages indexed in their search, but they won’t lead anywhere when visitors click to visit so you'll be missing important connections and contacts and potentially tarnishing your online reputation.

There are two good ways to deal with 404 errors. The first is to periodically check your site’s logs to see what pages are delivering 404 errors. You can then find out where the traffic is coming from, and can contact the blog or site owner to ask them to update where the link points. Alternately, you could create a page with the name that is showing the 404, which can have content of its own, or direct visitors to another page on your site. The second, and more general, way to deal with 404 errors is to create a custom 404 page. Many site control panels have a tool to do this, and it will allow you to present relevant information to your visitors, and to direct them to an actual page on your site. 
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March 10, 2010

A typical search engine results page

Inbound links, or links that direct people to your site from other sites, are one of the cornerstones of a strong online brand. Not only do they drive traffic directly, they also influence how much weight your site carries with search engines, helping to bolster your online reputation. Many people take a passive approach to inbound links – if they appear, great, if they don’t, they don’t worry. Others work hard at getting new links, but are only aware of the links they directly solicit.

Build Your Link Reputation

Most people don’t realize that by failing to monitor inbound links, you’re actually missing a great opportunity to reach out to supporters, increase traffic to your site and build your Google CV. The internet is built on a model of reciprocity, and many people regularly check their outbound links to see if the link is reciprocated. If it isn’t, they may cull those links to make more room for people who will link back to them. Knowing when a site links to you allows you to decide whether it is a link you want to pursue keeping, and gives you the chance to take the steps necessary to keep it. Knowing when new links come in also gives you the opportunity to reach out to those people and, if necessary, ask them to improve the link text to best help your search engine relevance.

Collect Data About Your Links

There are two main classes of inbound link monitors: standalone software and web services. Both has their merits and flaws, but as both have costs associated with them, most people choose to opt for free web services. Using a web service gives you portability, and ensure you will never have downtime – rather than having to remember to open a program to check your links, it is done for you every day and you receive an email giving you an overview of new links gained and lost.

Develop a Linking Strategy

You can then use this data to develop a weekly strategy. Look at the new links you’ve gained, and visit the sites they came from. Decide whether you think that site has search engine relevance or traffic relevance for you, and if so how valuable it is. Find the context in which your link appears, and see if you think there is anything that could be improved – maybe it should go to a different page on your site, or have different link text. Then find contact information for the site operator and write them an email thanking them for the link to your site, informing them you have put up a reciprocal link (if you felt it was worth it), and if necessary asking them politely if they would mind updating your link information slightly.

You will also be informed when links to your site have disappeared. In these cases, if the inbound link was from a source you cared about, you’ll want to send an email and ask why they removed the link to your site, and whether there is anything you could do to reconcile the situation. If they decide to leave your link removed, you may wish to remove any outbound links you have to their site, as these one-way links may negatively impact your search engine rankings.

Use LookupPage Services

At some point, you may want to hire a team of professionals to manage your link reputation. LookupPage has a team of advanced SEO and linking professionals who know exactly which content to promote and how, greatly improving your link reputation. LookupPage also helps individauls and businesses get first page rankings on major search engines, under unique domain names.To start benefiting from our expertise, upgrade to our plan for professionals and follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign into your account (or create a new one).
  2. Click the "My Account" tab.
  3. Click the "Upgrade / Renew your subscription" link.
  4. Chose the "Pro" package and purchase.

We look forward to helping you manage your online image and reputation to ensure a safer and fully enriched online future.
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December 30, 2009

Google search is constantly changing. It seems this time around, Google does not share the information with the end user in the same fashion as it did in the past. Let us start with the obvious, conducting a search for the term “Tony Blair” on and on yields different Google Suggest results. That is actually understandable but one thing that is slowly being phased out is letting the user know just how many results there are for every suggested term. Searching on will still inform you how many results there are for each suggestion, but only lists the top ten suggestions without sharing any metrics.

Google Suggest - Differences

Why is it an issue if Google does not share the metrics with the users? 

Analyzing metrics can often lead to improved performance. If people knew how many indexed pages on Google have a chance of “earning” a Google Suggest spot, than they would try to manipulate these results for personal gain. Google is trying to avoid that but by doing so is eliminating an informative metric from ordinary users. The fact that this metric was available and might not be in the future reduces the quality of the search that people can conduct using Google.

How does Google Suggest affect online reputation?

When searching the term “Tony Blair “Google Suggest picks ten options it deems relevant for the time. Once again, there is no real way to know how Google decides what is relevant at any point in time. It is likely that recent queries as well as trending topics on major blogs and news services have an influence on what is suggested. but the bottom line is only Google knows what exactly dictates what is included in Google Suggest and what does not. Recent searches that we have conducted on both and for “Tony Blair” brought negative suggestions along with positive ones. A negative suggestion that appeared on both was the word “antichrist”.

If a high school student is researching the former Prime Minister of the UK for a school report and clicks on Google Suggested results for “Tony Blair the antichrist” there is a chance that these results would rank even higher on future searches, this can have a negative effect on Blair’s online reputation. Blair is certainly not alone in this predicament; Google suggestions for Tiger Woods  are mostly negative nowadays as well. 

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